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  1. Looks good. I hope business booms for you
  2. Why bring up Trump? We know he was no better on spending. We are talking about the here and now. The administration that claims to be for the people yet less than 10% of the stimulus package is for "the people".
  3. We can be mad at it all. No reason to just be mad at one or the other.
  4. Like @MoZZez said, we are 30 trillion in debt. our government has no right sending other countries money on the sweat of tax payers of not only today but many future generations.
  5. See where most of that money is going and see if you change your tune m8
  6. Local pizza restaurant owner shot a guy back in 1997 and his uncle put up $2 million cash and got it back. I'm sure there are cases where they keep it.
  7. The book "Unmasked" that came out touches on that subject quite a bit.
  8. Nope. Its real. I didnt believe it myself until it was confirmed.
  9. Oh I fully understand this. Let's get going with this reconciliation. I know they're in the midst of the process but don't promise "immediate relief" when its months away.
  10. People forget that the runoffs were solely won on the promises of Biden, Warnock, and the other cuck for $2,000 stimulus checks, student loan forgiveness, increased minimum wage etc. Two thirds of that may not even happen and the stimulus checks are in limbo. Certain posters here are so brainwashed its extremely laughable.
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