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  1. They probably make more money off of incarcerations
  2. Lol.at the idiots thinking Biden won't raise taxes on people making less than 400k a year. This clown is gonna raise them on peoole making 30k a year. Eliminating Trumps tax cuts hurts EVERYONE, not only the "rich". You clowns were played.
  3. It's true. I'm here LIVE
  4. Lol Khaz is gonna rip his Angus to shreds
  5. He just twisted his ankle.
  6. And thank GOD for THUG ROSE putting that commies lights out.
  7. King Colby is going to smash that idiot in the rematch. Beating Masvidal is like beating up your local school yard bully.
  8. That's what Weidman gets for ducking Vitor for years until his natural testosterone level went down to practically nothing
  9. You predict these tings m8
  10. I think I heard somewhere they want to do 4 more. So here's hoping. I remember seeing the original movie in theaters in the 90s and even the second one. People complained about the second one but it was a fun movie.
  11. There are thousands upon thousands of posts on Twitter making retarded claims that the cop should have tackled her or used a taser. Also tons and tons of morons who said, "I'm sure the girl in pink would have rather she been stabbed than that other girl dying" And my favorite is BLM leaders and NAACP leaders saying that it is all part of childhood having knife fights. Also big lipped LeBron practically making a death threat towards the pig.
  12. Mortal Kombat 7/10. Kano was the best part about the movie. Good movie with decent but short fight scenes. I'm a huge MK fan so I enjoyed it.
  13. See we have a **** problem in this country. They only make up 13% of the population but commit 52% of the murders and close to.80% of all violent crimes yet they are labeled as angels and martyrs. And about that 13%, if you take away the old blacks and the women (for the most part), and kids its roughly 4%. So we have 4% committing most of the violent crimes in the country but it's always whiteys fault. It pretty much makes places like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, St. Louis etc uninhabitable for normal people. Here's a glance at Chicago. @cashfl0w is more familiar of this place but i remember this video from a while ago. These our angels m8
  14. Savages gonna savage. Hiw about her "father" kicking the other girl in the head and then crying about shooting that hoodrat?
  15. AMAZING SHOT to save the girl in pinks life. Not only did this hood rat try to stab the girl in pink, she tried stabbing the other girl moments earlier and her dad kicked her in the head while she was down.
  16. This was just a ****ed up situation from the beginning. Fentanyl (which is a respiratory depressent), Fentanyl Floyd being aggravated, the position he was in (in my opinion the neck wasn't the concern so much as being on his back. He was able to yell = sufficient air supply for a normal healthy person. The tidal volume of the lungs were probably restricted. Was it enough to cause damage, I don't think so but I wasn't there), cardiovascular issues, Chauvin attitude when it all happened, etc. This is my final word on this matter as a blacks life and a cops life being ruined means nothing to me. I will be interested in the appeals and how Water's and Bidens words are used and if they effect anything.
  17. I agree on that. I do however have a problem with interfering in a trial of this magnitude when it comes to media, politicians, and the mob. Threats were made against witnesses and one was doxxed. Being afraid to give a verdict should NEVER happen in this country, one way or the other.
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