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  1. He didn't lose. However I agree that his mid cage wrestling is subpar. He depends on his aggressiveness to pressure his opponents to the cage and then dominate from there.
  2. One was on roids and was being passively defending and got his eye busted apart and the other kept pushing forward. All of your tears quench my thirst.
  3. Destiny 2 is a grind. I've dumped thousands of hours onto both games. Its addicting and grindy
  4. Khabib is knocking that retard out Saturday. Third round.
  5. Big fan if Khabib 2.0. Easily gonna win multiple titles
  6. Not in that sense it isn't but someone who is actively coughing and hacking it is.
  7. Lesser due to no one dying from anything besides covid. 😅😅😅😅
  8. We use N95's and surgical masks. Nre protocol is to wear a surgical mask over the N95. We aren't wearing useless cloth masks, gators, or bandanas. Even surgical masks are borderline useless, especially around someone who is symptomatic and has covid.
  9. Didn't Kamala Harris group get infected with corona?
  10. Not one democrat here answered my question about their opinion on the Hunter Biden/Joe Biden bullchit in the Ukraine. I'm curious to hear everyone's takes and hear them backpeddle.
  11. Wasn't it all about Russia this and Russia that like 9 months ago when it came to Trump only to find out it was the democrats taking money from them and now Biden is tangled up in some Ukraine chit. No one wants to hear it now that its the liberals who are the ones being exposed WITH evidence. Kind of hilarious.
  12. She just proved how unstable the left is mentally.
  13. I don't know if a television broadcaster who is biased has any credentials to fact check anyone.
  14. Id like to hear what the forum democrats think about the whole Hunter Biden and Joe Biden situation.
  15. Whats the point? Its a waste of my time to argue this when its a ****ing FACT that both parties are ****ing trash. As a matter of fact im gonna say that my Libertarian party is ****ing trash too with that trash bag ho Jorgensen as a candidate. They care more about politics than the American people. People are starving, businesses closing, people losing their houses, people dying and all they care about is waving their c0ks around like some flaming ****ing hom0.
  16. I'll be posting these updates daily. He posts a video every weekday at 1pm eastern
  17. There's only been one person who ls been unbiased about the stimulus and calls them both out on their bullchit. ClearValueTax on YouTube. Veen watching him for months now. Gets right to the business daily. No click bait, no biased bullchit.
  18. You're wrong but whatever dude. Keep sucking them Liberal nipples. I've been following this closely, daily. Both are cancer and are out of touch with reality.
  19. I can honestly say I hope I live long enough to see all of their obituaries in the newspaper. Hope theyre all painful suffering deaths too. Just so they can recollect at all the lives they ruined and all of the blood on their hands. McCain got diggled good like the piece of chit he was. Hopefully the rest get served the same piece of pie.
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