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  1. Ahhhh good choice m8. Buds stock changes every 20 minutes. I usually find what I want and then ill hit notify me and as soon as it is in stock they notify me.
  2. Which one are you looking at. Check BudsGunShop. I buy all my chit through yhere and have it sent to my ffl
  3. Thats why I bought a case of 5.56 and 9mm every month back in the day. I'm stocked good on everything I need. 9mm, 5.56, 7.62, .308, and 10mm.
  4. I didnt leave anything out. It was the bottom one only.
  5. Good fight. Got homeboy Khabib for this one.
  6. PA is bad too. These idiots just plop down a new coating of asphalt every year wasting tons of money and by the end if winter its a chitshow. Its funny because the city streets look like hot garbage while the private township i reside in look immaculate for the most part. Its almost like the government can't sustain muh roads
  7. Waiting for thd Fauci stans to come in here and try to defend this. Gonna be hilarious
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