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  1. He should fight another bum like Masvidal next. Two idiots and two useless fighters imo.
  2. Vitor via any way he wants. Hes gonna show this idiot why they call him the PHENOM
  3. Leon is terrible but Nate is one of the bottom five worst fighters on the roster.
  4. I was saying this tonight, Bobby knucks is gonna melt this idiot. One of the worst Champs in history. Commentary was biased tonight as **** also, more than ever before. And did you see Dana put the belt on Izzzy before the scorecards were even read.?
  5. 4-1 Marvin. Izzy might be the worst champion in the history of the UFC. So now leg kicks and wiffing shots wins matches and not octagon control or pressure? UFC is a joke.
  6. Lol. No good Mexican fighters like I said. Ponz is future world champ
  7. Larratt is the GOAT IMO. I believe he is Canadian too so he must have GSP bloodline
  8. There are no good Mexican fighter's
  9. WE don't want communism we want democratic communism!!!!!!! Cubans don't know what they're talking about!!!!
  10. Explosives shouldn't be illegal either.
  11. If it was found molestation was going on then yes, he deserved to be arrested and sentenced to death. But no one should be arrested because they have "illegal weapons." All gun laws are unconstitutional. Period.
  12. They didn't raid the compound for molestation. They raided them for stockpiling "illegal weapons." Like SVT said, there was no proof of molestation. Only shat the government said I think.
  13. From the guy who was standing on top a pile of still hot ashes of kids at Waco:
  14. This is mine and @Banham teamkilling page. I'm slowly uploading all of our clips. So check it out. I uploaded some of the best so far.
  15. Congrats to George Floyd for being drug free for one year. That's a big sobriety milestone.
  16. Bye bye Capitals. Yas suck
  17. Bingo. The whole Epstein situation is proof of this.
  18. I_Take_Roids_m8


    Hasbulla Magomedov would knock that pearly white fruit cake out cold. In fact, he would beat everyone in the top 10 not named Islam.
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