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  1. Put black plates on one of my PS5's and got a new stand to try out to replace that God awful factory stand.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/8385350002 Anti-Smoking drug Chantix causes cancer. But but but trust the FDA. There's no way that science can be wrong and no way that a drug can be unsafe.
  3. The media and left wing 'tards like conjuring up propaganda than only someone mentally disabled would believe. For example, they came up with a little tiktok or some guy who posted on Facebook he is antivax and kept showing his posts until they showed the one where he said he was in the ER. The follow up one said something like, "my spo2 level is only 60% so they're taking me to ICU and going to have to most likely put me on a ventillator." That's heart warming and all except for the fact that if he oxygen level was 60, he wouldn't be able to function enough to even form a coherent sentence let alone make a facebook post about it. When I called them out on it, they banned me from the page. The left is desperate and straight cancer and don't want anyone with a functioning brain to question a word they say no matter how wrong and moronic it is.
  4. It's good. I think it's probably not for everyone but if you like dishonored and bioshock give it a whirl. It's on PC too
  5. Larratt is gonna snap this retard clean in half.
  6. The flu is still around but what is hitting hard right now is RSV which usually effects children but can be rough in adults too. Had a 2 year old come into the ER the other day with RSV. Kid was sick to begin with. He got admitted primarily for dehydration and to treat the symptoms. Few days after being admitted, they did a routine swab and came back positive for covid despite testing negative on admission. Turned out fine but could have been worse BECAUSE of RSV. I'm sure it would have been labeled a covid death. And people don't know how often hospitals and nursing homes lie on documentation for high reimbursement. Stop thinking they're Saints.
  7. It's quite evident that certain people on this forum don't know how age, obesity, comorbities work. Someone like classicboxer has a higher chance of mortality than any of us in our 30's, just from.age alone and also probable health issues. I also find it funny that there are nurses on reddit who are glorifying the deaths of people with covid. These are the same people who claim to know more about biology than I do while they take a microbiology course as a prerequisite, which isn't even a college level micro course but a nursing level course which most struggle with. So to me it's laughable. My women is almost finished her NP (June actually) and had to take courses on par with mine and research on par with mine. Kind of funny how most upper level nurses who have more than an associates or bachelor's degree tend to side with the "the vaccine should be a choice not a mandate" crowd. Although it SHOULDNT be that way. Coming from the same people who want to be able to abort a baby after its born, you would think they would be more in line with their whole "my body my choice".
  8. Tbh, New Hampshire might be my destination shortly.
  9. There's no hope for Cali. It's a chithole littered with idyb drones. Unfortunately they spread their leprosy to Texas and Arizona. Friends live in AZ since 2008 and the place literally California lite.
  10. Also, why are the vaccinated so worried what the unvaccinated do? In their peabrains, only the unvaccinated transmit the virus. So here's some scenarios I'll give out. 1. Vaccinated gets covid from unvaccinated = No worries for them unless they are around immunocomprimised, elderly, etc. 2. Vaccinated gets covid from Vaccinated carrier= once again, no issue 3. Unvaccinated gets covid from Vaccinated carrier = 98.7% survival rate generally. The Vaccinated need to shut up already and mind their business.
  11. 98.7% survival rate. 99.6 eliminate the 60+ crowd. Lol....
  12. "Racial justice". Throw all those jigz in a woodchipper for all I care. Then throw the cops right after.
  13. And the same junkie that's claiming I said because I went to school for 6 years makes my word gospel... lol, you take the word of people who went to school not much longer than me, and ARE PAID to be on TV TO push a narrative. Gone are the days of unbiased science. It's all political. You morons want to spew this and that about "science" but can't even read a simple data/statistic sheet about mortality rates, demographics, comorbidities, etc. Weird, 3,000 Healthcare workers in my county got Covid and 3 died. 1 was a 56 year old with severe preexisting conditions such as htn, dm2, afib, etc. The other two were 70+ with their own conditions. Take the Vax, don't take the Vax. Who cares? It's your choice. That's the whole point. I took the vaccine. I believe it works, but It doesn't prevent you from getting covid and it DOESNT prevent you from transmitting it, just like any other vaccine. Stop spreading the lies. Yes, most people in the ICU are those that didn't take thr vaccine but these people would have ended up in the ICU if they had gotten pneumonia, flu, etc etc. Some got covid while in the hospital while they are already vulnerable. I know a lot of the nurses in my hospital aren't vaccinated and have until October to get their first shot. They won't and I stand behind them 100000%.
  14. So it seems that you're now labeled antivaccine if you refuse to take an unproven vaccine? Lol. Yikes. The media is really brainwashing this junkie
  15. Bad my copy of Deathloop since yesterday. Great game. The reviews confirm my initial impressions. Once again, Sony has a top tier exclusive.
  16. Wheres their evidence that people are doing this? I work at a level 1 trauma center and have yet to come across someone who had ingested Betadine. As a matter of fact, it's pretty hard to overdose on an anti parasitic/anti,-viral drug such as ivermectin.
  17. It's effective against a few viruses. That's a fact. Go do your own research. I spent 6 years in school. I don't need to cite my sources.
  18. Was hyped until I saw some sjw man hating feminists is the lead writer. They're redoing the story from thr ground up. Hard pass.
  19. Now just get rid of the ATF and repeal the NFA and we will be OK.
  20. I think I saw the breakdown of voters too. It was 500ish Dems, 350ish Republicans, and the rest were independent. Seems like a broad spectrum of people don't like him. 🤷‍♂️
  21. People keep saying ivermectin is a animal dewormer is a retard. There is a human equivalent. Just like there are animal/human equivalents of almost EVERY prescription drug on the market. Are you morons who keep repeating this say that you're taking an ANIMAL antibiotic when we prescribe you Keflex or Bactrim? Your narrative is as retarded as the mother who birthed you.
  22. You clearly know nothing. He had an agreement to leave in May. He detailed this to the Biden administration. It's just that the Biden administration was too busy stomping all over your rights to care. I mean, only a complete retard would bring the troops out before getting any US citizens out AND just leaving their equipment there. Although I shouldn't be surprised from someone who was involved in selling weapons to Mexicsn drug cartels. Wake up.
  23. Lmfaoooo Trump literally handed him a layup and he still missed and ****ed it up. It's hilarious how badly you want Biden to be made out to be a savior.
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