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  1. I didnt leave anything out. It was the bottom one only.
  2. Good fight. Got homeboy Khabib for this one.
  3. PA is bad too. These idiots just plop down a new coating of asphalt every year wasting tons of money and by the end if winter its a chitshow. Its funny because the city streets look like hot garbage while the private township i reside in look immaculate for the most part. Its almost like the government can't sustain muh roads
  4. Waiting for thd Fauci stans to come in here and try to defend this. Gonna be hilarious
  5. Hey @MoZZez, here's the world renowned infectious disease doctor at the game yesterday after throwing out the first pitch:
  6. But m8, if you cant see you can't see the microbes m8. Check and m8 m8
  7. Hes the best one out of all of them honestly. Yes hes still a hack but a better hack IMO.
  8. Lol you're such a moron. I guess thats to be expected from someone who rides a bike and brags about how drunk and high they are all the time Congrats, youre a loser.
  9. Sigh, Rand Paul routinely practices medicine. He provides free eye surgeries and services to the community. He also volunteered his services to his local hospital once he was quarantined and cleared of the virus. Hes also one of the only politicians to question the wild spending during all of this and the long term effects. Out of all the politicians to attack ajd you attack Rand? Why? Lol
  10. Taking precautions isn't sending 4500 covid positive patients into nursing homes forcibly like Cuomo has done. Shutting the economy down over a virus with a average mortality age if 77 years old isn't being precautionary, its being spiteful.
  11. About 120k of them were on their way out ti begin with. Pneumonia or the flu would have killed them just as easily. But you know what? Hollar at me when you have a functioning braincell.
  12. Doctors who are paid off by political parties is whats the problem. I can tell you from first hand experience in a level 1 trauma center ICU, that this is mostly bullchit. We are max capacity 99% of the time. The virus is deadly in the right conditions but way overblown and a fear tactic used during an election year. Nobody and I mean nobody can convince me otherwise because I live it. I will go in depth more later once I get some sleep.
  13. Although the video is a year old, Reid hits the nail on the head. Good watch
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