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  1. They do kill more whites than blacks.
  2. They'll be begging for the police to come back when they realize that the Kyle Rittenhouses will just blow their brains all over the place. I truly believe we need a purge.
  3. Lol so they're calling to abolish the police in Chicago. @cashfl0w is this reality?
  4. Paul is knocking this idiot out COLD. Me and @Banham discuss this chit indepth via an exclusive xbox live party. Askren stands NO CHANCE
  5. But he didn't pack thw court. He replaced Ruth Bader finsburgs position after she died. The democrats want to add four more.
  6. No one is really talking about how the dems want to add more scj.
  7. I feared for my life and my families life.
  8. If blacks put as much energy into bettering themselves instead of crying and rioting all the time, they might not be laughed at all the time.
  9. I'm hearing that Blackie had a warrant out for his arrest not just for an "illegal" weapon but for robbing a woman at gunpoint.
  10. This is why all gun laws are unconstitutional. He died because he had a warrant for an "illegal" firearm. There should be no such thing. Period. And unlike the Floyd trial, this cop should ge the book thrown at her. If it was anyone of us that "accidentally" shot someone fleeing we would be sitting behind bars. "But only cops are trained". Lollll
  11. Executive actions means absolutely nothing. Its just a wishlist. And if he does follow through with it, there's no point in not drilling the third hole or putting an actual stock on a pistol. Already a felon. Duck it
  12. Me and the homies heading to the gun store to buy moarrrr gunnnnsss:
  13. Lord Colion drags these idiots
  14. This is considered a "ghost gun". https://www.rockeybrass.com/80-Percent-Frames.html
  15. Nope because that's just an upper receiver and lower receiver parts. You still need the lower receiver which is the only thing considered a "gun".
  16. Nope. Theure talking about 80% lowers. They have some parts that need to be removed, some added, and some holes drilled. Lower receivers have serial numbers and you just need to put the parts in. Usually only a hole punch is needed and some other minor tools. You.need a background check for them because they have everything drilled. The main difference is the polymer removal and the holes being drilled. Otherwise without the holes its just a piece of polymer.
  17. I have six safes and need a seventh. When we move next year I want a full blown gun room with a safe door on it. That's my only need.
  18. And here's the thing. The ATF is only supposed to keep background check forms for 30 days and then they are to he destroyed. Serial numbers are only used for the gun manufacturers and nothing else. This is one step closer to a registry and one step closer to attempted confiscation. Good luck with that.
  19. Yes yes because ghost guns are the problem. I love this video I saw of some left wing limp wrist cuck from one of the newspapers try to put one together and stated that it was easy to put together all while showing him using a drill press and other tools that aren't readily available to the public. They also said in the article that right wing white supremacists are using them at an astronomical rate. Lmfao. Yeaaaaaaaahhh
  20. From what I watched Pyro starts off slow and then gets really good in the late game. I'm running devastator and just hit level 22 last night solo. Gear and mods mean a lot in this game. Also, there isn't one set of skills that work for everything. I noticed if I'm going against beasts I switch up my skills differently than if I'm going against human type enemies. And unlike in Destiny, Devastator really is a tank. I can run into a group of enemies and keep myself a live and healing constantly with the right load out and if I die it's on me and mistakes I make. Game is great and I hope to hit 30 by Sunday.
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