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  1. I like Stipe but in reality he got dusted in the first fight by DC and then was losing every round of the second fight until he cheated and hit DC in his weak spot (the gut). 


    The only one that's gonna stop Francis is a roided Reem tbh. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, SVTContour98 said:

    no way she can be considered the GOAT now...right?

    She had an incredible Olympics 4 years ago and then couldn't back it up, then quit on her team when the pressure was on.

    Unless there is someone that is considered the GOAT in their sport that was mentally weak/quit/etc that I don't know about.


    Well Conor fans constantly think he's a God after tapping to stringbean Diaz and then a neck crank from Mcgagger. So there's that. The quitting mentality is where we are at. 

  3. 7 hours ago, classicboxer said:

     Trump increased the deficit more than most presidents, so I don't think conservatives really care about your money, either. 

    Imagine thinking Trump is a conservative. Republicans haven't been conservatives for about 40 years. 


    Libertarians are the conservatives of the right wing. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Bwana said:

    Barber clearly lost that fight, as did Paiva...they need to get rid of boxing judges, that don't understand MMA.

    I disagree about the wet back decision. I think it was a draw. Probably thr most clear cut draw in UFC history. Easy 10-8 for Phillips in round 1 and 10-9 for Paiva the last two rounds. I guess Phillipw has an argument for round 2 but he was getting rocked and I believe either dropped or wobbled pretty good. 


    I wanna see that fight again. Both looked good.

  5. 5 hours ago, classicboxer said:

    The poor use unemployment as a scam, the rich use bankruptcy as a scam.

    Not just the rich that use bankruptcy as a scam. I'm a member in the fico forums and see people filing for bankruptcy that shouldn't be. They are very capable of paying off their debts but choose not to. 

    The poor use their lack of ambition as an excuse to scam unemployment. My woman is finishing up her nurse practitioner degree this year. Schools didn't close. While these people were on unemployment they could have went and got an education. LPN school is 1 year, pays anywhere between $27-40/hr. 


    But no, let's sit around and collect unemployment, food stamps, not pay rent, and now they're getting food cards for their kids for the summer. Why? Why is it everyone's responsibility to support these people and their kids but theirs? To top it off there are people that I work with who's significant other NEVER worked or haven't worked for 10+ years collecting unemployment. The fücked up thing is they got it IMMEDIATELY while people who got legimately laid off during covid had to wait 3-6 months for their unemployment.


    Am I living in some kind of twilight chit man? This country is backwards and slipping fast. It wasn't great under the past few presidents but it is looking more and more bleak as the time goes on. 

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