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  1. 1 hour ago, LennyTheBat said:

    Right on.  The US and its military are good at that.  Those retarded hillbilly trump-lovin' fascists didn't even show up. The question is -- will they resort to domestic terrorism? 

    How does it feel to be on the same mental level as Terri Schiavo? 



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  2. 18 minutes ago, -idyb- said:

    it was never gonna get built anyways

    we got too many tree huggers here in canada

    there was all kinds of protests against that stuff in BC and Montreal last year.  it put a halt to our commerce because protestors were camping out on train tracks and refusing to move!  they held our economy hostage for like a month because the police were too soft to arrest them.   and then the pandemic hit and they all went home.


    I think I read this cost each person in Alberta almost $2000 in the long run.  Sucks but this is to be expected. 

  3. 39 minutes ago, MoZZez said:

    Sock boy rolled over to Biden. He's a cuck


    But to be fair, Biden just eliminated 11000 jobs and 1.5 billion dollars for your economy just in construction. 

    So we both lost on this decision. 

    Yep. Oil and gas prices are skyrocketing in my area the past few weeks. I guess we will be working just to drive to work lol

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  4. I'll give Biden a fair shake like i give them all. I expect more of the of the same lies, wars, taxes, stripping of liberties, and ignoring 99% of the constitution (and only using it when they see fit) for Biden as much as any other President. 


    I could be wrong and would be pleasantly surprised. 

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  5. Wait, I noticed something strange on the news with the national guard. A few of them were carrying a SCAR-H (17).


    Maybe 12er can confirm this, but I didn't think the guard carried SCARs??? 


    Seems more like they have some special forces mixed in with the guard. 

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