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  1. I predict that Trump will win narrowly. I think is my home girl Jorgensen gets some steam she can cost him the election tbh honest
  2. Trump is going to smeshyour boy
  3. Last of Us 2 is good but nowhere near a 10 like a lot of places are scoring it. I'd give it a 9. It has a lot fo flaws like pacing and plot holes. Great game still
  4. Picked up my final CZ gun for a while last night. This makes 6 in a month and a half
  5. Lol the nakker Nascar driver did it himself.
  6. Dude was bodied every second of the fight minus the last 30 seconds of the fight. Dudes getting pied.
  7. Till would destroy Perry with ease.
  8. Shooting someone in the pelvis/leg is more deadly than shooting them in the chest.
  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. If someone gets aggressive or violent with me in any degree there is no throwinf hands anymore. The hands going on the gun and you're getting one warning only. Once I have to pull my firearm out its being used. Period. I'm not a cop and I'm not here to appeal to anyone or any political organization. I will do everything possible to protect myself and my family and if that means shooting someone, so be it. I dont know if that person has a knife or gun or if their buddies are lurking in the shadows.
  11. All unprovoked/mutual violence should be met with deadly force.
  12. Taking a chit at work right now in your honor m8
  13. Day 1 preorder PS5 jo questions axed. I'm probably going one console this gen so PS5 will probably be it.
  14. Where did I say that was my main grievance you moron? Bubba asked if we got pulled over so I told my story. I know youre a LIBTARD BUT LISTEN UP LIBTARD
  15. and regarding the cop that got his mirror taken off, it was his first two weeks on the job. He was as scrawny as Mcgagger. That car would have hit him so hard they could have used it as a fatality in the next MK game
  16. I dont answer questions by the way. If they feel the need to pull someone out of their car while wearing scrubs and a lab jacket then so be it. I wouldn't mind suing my city for millions after claiming back injuries.
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