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  1. When I wear my "Don't be scared Homie" shirt people come up to me so I slap them upside the head.
  2. What's Vegas odds looking for on this fight? Curious to see the favorite. I like both fighters but my guts saying Diaz on this one.
  3. I'll clap with my dorito cheese filled hands.
  4. Abs on a skinny dude are like big boobs on a fat chick, they don't count. Gus reminds me of Fedor. Fedor had that muffin top action going on for years.
  5. I like both. Heart is with Silva but gut is with Diaz. Want to see a war and a ton of trash talk from Diaz. Hope someone gets dusted though.
  6. Nah, Gus got dusted and I'm a Gus fan. Soom a sthe BBC had him cornered it was over. Gus was already grabbing for the comb.
  7. I'm a Gus fan and always will be. But, I will stand by anyone who will crush that druggie, eye poking rapist. I look at it this way. I think it's better that Rumble faces Jones, crushes him then Gus can fight DC OR get a rematch with Nose for #1 contender. Either way Nose has a train wreck ahead of him and there's no escape. First Rumble, then Gus or DC again for sure. Good luck Jonny Whinehouse.
  8. Swedish justice system is a joke though. He'd only get 25 days to a month and only have to grab the comb one day a week.
  9. I don't know how anyone can hate the guy. True sportsmanship after the fight. I hope he comes back 150% and gets a rematch with Rumble for the belt.
  10. Arsenal for me. Back before the gun scare of 2013-2013 They were the best AK platform rifle for the dollar. Nowadays not so much, although prices went down.
  11. I'm afraid that the main event is going to be screwed by these refs. Hope HendGOAT didn't break a hip on that fall though.
  12. Wish they would have the cam on the ring girls instead of these two jokes. They should both be cut and sentenced to be GusGOATs luggage boy.
  13. After GusGOAT is done witht hat black can, Cumble will have to return from work release and grab the comb from mandingo im E block. Blee it.
  14. CowGOAT by testicular manslughter.
  15. Silva is in my top 5 favorite fighters of all time but I don't think he deserves a shot right away. I'd much rather see a Machida rematch or Rockhold shot. I wouldn't mind Silva moving up to LHW either if he got serious. Although I don't know how he'd fair against Gus or Rumble. I think Gus would make him grab the comb.
  16. I don't know man. That looks like one of them Chris Hansen specials. I think 25-life is in store for that one.
  17. KatGOAT IS P4P mandingo taking queen. Undisputed.
  18. I vote JJ is on Coke. Seemed like the logical choice.
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