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  1. I took myself through my first chalice dungeon in GOATborne last night. Amazingly fun. Can't wait to see what user generated content you can see down the line. At least the Xbox guys will be getting GOAT Souls 2 remaster on the 7th of April.
  2. There's actually going to be a Carl Weathers skin for Jax being released when Predator drops. It was confirmed a few days ago for the Kombat pass owners.
  3. They also released an Error Black trailer yesterday. Can tell already he's going to be the casuals number one choice for zoning online. Iz fine though because Ferra/Torr has a hell of a lot of armored moves to crush these randoms. Can't wait.
  4. Yeah, if you wanted to prove you were the Alpha e-male you went into game chat and completely destroyed your opponent mentally. No one screwed with you if you had good trash talk. Its like having Big Mandingo as your boyfriend in the pen. No one screws with you.
  5. No game has better trash talking than Gears of War back I'm the day. Used to mop people up all over the place and talk **** while doing it. THEN, Microsoft decided to make online this antisocial pleb fest and implement party chat. To make it worse you couldn't even **** talk people on Gears 2 because of the party chat and EPIC made it only between teammates. Biggest mistake ever.
  6. My shrunken testes, balding head, and varicose veins on my tip speak differently homie. Wanna see?
  7. Dont ever say Uncle Roids never gave you plebs anything. Bloodborne exclusive static theme for PS4 North America: J4ND-DJNH-K3C7 Europe: PBGA-HJNC-LQ99 Can be used by more than one person. Enjoy m8's
  8. Us Slayer fans have been carving SLAYER into our bodies for 30 years and these kids think they're hardcore? Lel. Should a seen what happened when LombarGOAT left the band. It was a bloodbath in the crowd.
  9. Canada has fegs like GSP. That speaks volumes for your country. We have gangsters like Chael Sonnen and the Diaz brothers. H8rs gun H8 m8.
  10. I hope Belfort wins. He's been my homie for over a decade.
  11. Kurt Angle would have been a GOAT. Its true. Its damn true.
  12. Conor looks like a starved child after his "cut". Losing 25lbs for someome his size is moronic. I don't exactly where he cuts from besides diuretics before weigh in. Looks like skin and bones. Not downing him or anything but realizing that someone like him who is already fit to begin with losing 13% of his body weight makes me wonder what they are doing to themselves. Once a severe tragedy happens maybe these organizations will realize that fighters health is more important than fifteem weight classes.
  13. Its the same thing on the Ps4 also. Some crap indie games while the PS3 is getting AAA titles. Since launch only Injustice has been released that's a big name game. To top it off Sony has the nerve to have this PS Now so you could PAY to play PS3 game son your 4. Thought for sure that the One would have had Ryse or Dead Rising 3 as games with gold but nope. I hope Nintendo throws them for five ecentially.
  14. I made Maia proud tonight as I lamed out the priest boss on Bloodborne. He came to bang and got the best of me once. I made three pur of the seven other plebs in the party chat mute me as I screamed like whitey running from Hustle Man in the pen. In the end though the Preist was slayed and I protected the Altar boys so all is good. Someone mentioned Gears of War. That was my game back in the days of college. Lots of 12 hour nights bodying fools. Too bad the series took a crap after 2 and went all third person COD. And finish him try calling Sony. Since your system is linked to your account you can use the seriel code or whatever it is to retrieve your account info.
  15. When my uncle was in WWII he was hit by shrapnel and then bayonetted in the gut and still threw those Nazis for five. These champs are all glass bodied cans these days.
  16. Remember when the Xbox One had a game score 95 on metacritic and already being called GOTY and possible GOAT? Good times homie. Seriosuly though game is amazing. I own both consoles and have no bias. I actually prefer Xbox exclusives to PS exclusives but this game is amazing.
  17. Bloodborne master race checking in. Xbox Virgins crying themselves to sleep over this game and never getting it in their hairy palmed hands.
  18. I tink Aldo gonna make him go limp homies.
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