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  1. I think Machida has been drinking the Diaz brothers urine. He's stoned.
  2. Let JDS polish off Weedmang once and for all. End his miserable existence.
  3. JDS finna go on a genocidal rampage.
  4. I like WTG's heavyweight fights. I expect it to be more busy now that Cain isn't there to defend the title once every US Presidential election.
  5. DC beats all of your favorite jungle fighters and when he beats Jones there will be excuses like there were excuses for Cain after he was stomped.
  6. Agree. As much as I love Arlovski and no matter how great he is performing I am biting my nails because one shot and it could all be over. The whole Browne fight I was waiting for Arlovski to be faded.
  7. Can't we all just get along
  8. If you can't adapt to the conditions then you're slacking on your cardio and diet. It's not like Cain was forced to wear an altitude training mask and Werdummy was giving O2 through a nasal cannula. It as equal playing field.
  9. Lol. At the people saying he's a butt scooter. He killed that flabby racist in his feet. WAR WERDUMMY
  10. Arlovski is the new champ. Great cardio, better striking, good submissions, and his Glass chin turned to granite. Just hand it over to him.
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