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  1. He beat the guy who everyone said would kill Jones easily. He's the real champ. Get over it.
  2. The only way Jones fights for the belt again is if DC gets busted holding up a Popeyes and gets 25 tew life and they throw down in Alcatraz. Even then Jones has to beat Hustleman to even get the title shot.
  3. As one of the biggest Belfort fans I must say e is full of crap and got beat to a pulp. He had better ground game against Jones and at least had a chance against him. He needs to just hang up the gloves and the needle and call it quits. There's money out there for him to be earned in MMA besides being a fighter.
  4. What a GOAT. Blackest guy at 185lbs.
  5. Because they're still putting triple antibiotic ointment on their rectums from the beating he gave to Bumble
  6. Big Country would melt Rumble and Jones.
  7. Weidman will finish him in the first.
  8. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality.
  9. Reported for being a beta.
  10. Only one that will beat DC now is PitGOAT if he shaves his beard and moves to 205. THE UNIVERSE would implode.
  11. Let BelGOAT juice up and crush that can for paying off the ref in the Hendl fight.
  12. DC fan since strike force days. Always liked him and respected him. Hated Canor since he started running his lucky charm lips. Hated Jones since he almost killed ShoGod. Hated GSP since he is a point fighting Canadian Hate Rumble because he's too nice and too white
  13. Wow. I wish I made 500k to take a beating like Rumble did. Considering he put in minimal work, no cardio, no wrestling, etc he probably only trained at the Canages School of Humble because he's such a nice guy.
  14. My eyes strain from watching him run all over the cage and I get a migraine.
  15. Rustled after Vitor lost. Unrustled after DC made Rumble tap.
  16. Been a fan since his jungle fight days
  17. JDS/Pitbull needs to happen.
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