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  1. People are just rustled because DC beat Crumble. He is an all around great fighter and an iron chin. If he can take br00tal ahots from crumble that send him flying and get back up no ones KOing him. His standup is sloppy though. I think someone like Gus could point fight his way to a win with his reach and also good TDD.
  2. After last night I think it would be a good bout.
  3. I think he looked good last night physically. He's not as shredded as he was in his early career or even during his downward spiral a few years ago. A few extra pounds seemed to help him. Id like to see him fight Jds next tbh.
  4. ShoGOD cleans out the LHW division with some new knees from God. Maybe BelGOAT can pray for some for him.
  5. Gus would destroy Crumble in a second fight.
  6. Could have been DC vs Gus for the belt or Gus vs Jones II instead of that no cardio can. Discuss.
  7. DC has a hell of a chin. Not only to get hit like that and pop back up but also to not be rocked at all.
  8. I was just thinking that. Tonight could have been the night Jones became a carrot.
  9. Cain knows it's over after seeing ArlovGod goto war with Browne. He just pulled a muscle waving to the camera.
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