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  1. Cain is done m8. This will set up the super fight between PitGOAT and RamGoat.
  2. Seriously though thought ArlovGODS glass chin was going to haunt him there.
  3. You're all just mad because you're all betas and can't reach natural Gawd levels of test.
  4. I_Take_Roids_m8

    Truth IS this

    People want to forget about this but spew every other "this fight beat this fighter so then that means this fight is gonna beat this fighter." They're just tew hurt because they can't have amazing genetics like BelGOAT
  5. I_Take_Roids_m8

    Attention forum

    The only juice Weidscum is on is juicy juice.
  6. Weidman would kill him and Vitor will make him grab the comb if they fought again.
  7. I_Take_Roids_m8

    HEY DC

    DC by too much cake.
  8. From experience with anabolics you can retain 70-80% of what you've gained while on them with proper diet and training. So if Vitor is training he is keeping his gains and also his agility too from when he was on TRT. He might not have the explosiveness as before but to assume you lose all your gains(strength and agility wise) when you lay off the gear is pretty ignorant. Don't be surprised if he looks almost as lean and almost as big as before.
  9. Howard Stern called, they're looking for Beetlejuice.
  10. I_Take_Roids_m8

    Faber and Edgar

    I like both. Gonna be a good fight.
  11. I goto Champs fitness and we are known for our deadlifts and roid injections near the squat racks. We are top 10 p4p
  12. ButterGOAT would crush that Somoan Mongrol in a Super HW fight. Add in Ronnie Coleman Vs ButterGOAT for the "Ain't nothing but a Peanut Super Heavyweight" title and its draw of the century. How am I not a UFC employee?
  13. GOATbull vs Dos GODtos after ArlovGOAT crushes that brown can and wins the HW title setting up the super fight of the millennium. Just wait.
  14. I_Take_Roids_m8

    **** stipe

    The only one to stop Stipe is Junior Dos SanGOAT. He's our only hope.
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