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  1. Lol. The only way theirs going to be a death in the ring is from Tiago getting dehydrated chasing that pleb around the cage causing his heart to implode m8.
  2. BelGOAT by God. Then he's gonna step in for an injured DC and win the LHW belt. Then he's going to goto the prison where Cokey is and turn that boys life around and get him back on track.
  3. Yes, I live in fantasy land where we have one of the highest self defense rates per capita. We don't produce victims, we produce bodies. Keep making smart remarks because you live in a pussified area filled with cowards.
  4. And people think we don't need the second amendment with these hood rats running a muck? If this happened in my part of Pennsylvania they would be shot before they got to destroy our homes and businesses. People need to grow a spine in these areas and start throwing lead their way. They want a warzone? Give them one.
  5. Uncle Tom confirmed for buying a Vette Real hustlers like myself buy Vipers. I don't need to crash into pregnant wimmenz cars to get their attention. Panties be flying through the window at me at every stop light.
  6. Let him fight Rumble and let Rumble save the tax payers some money.
  7. How many toddlers did he have with him is the real question...
  8. He's coming back for that #1 BBC ranking. AND HE WANTS HIS BELT BACK!
  9. Vitor finna body him again and Weidman finna retire him. They're just tew much for him m8.
  10. BelGOAT will come in more juiced up than 70's Arnold.
  11. BelGOD finna stomp Weidmans head in and then knock ****holds head off again. Blee dat.
  12. Simple solution. Don't like it, don't buy it. I didn't pay the $50 for BF hard line premium because the game doesn't appeal to me. Now, MKX I know I'll be playing for at least three years maybe four until the next game and I enjoy it so I bought the Kombat Pack. I like to support developers because in the long run $30 won't break me and I get hundreds of hours out of it. Now, people who pay to goto the movies on the other hand are paying $13 for two hours plus food and drinks. Once those two hours are over, that's it. You want to watch it again? Pay more money. Some of you pay $60 yo watch cans beat each other to death in a cage for three hours so....
  13. Have you played online at all yet? Its hit or miss. Even if you have green bars with the other person good luck nailing run cancel combos. I'll play with you later if we can. The game is region locked so I don't know if we will be able to connect and how bad the lag will be.
  14. carnages is a delusional can but I <3 him. Pat likes GOAT fighters and puts canages in his place so I <3 him too. The rest of you I don't care for and just farm you for likes to keep my 2:1 like to post ratio.
  15. If you find someone who knows what they're doing you can get some good matches in that are a bangfest. I try to stay away from fandom's though and try to get matches from people who play the game professionally. Its crazy how good they are. Otherwose the game is great. There's ton to do, the story is great, and the character variations bring in something fresh and interesting. The best MK to date overall.
  16. MK is amazing online. Only problem is running into noons who use the same "jump punch" tactic that's been going on since '92 and then bodying them to the point of them rage quitting. Games really only good when you're playing against equally skilled players or at least people who know how to block some strings. I give it a m15\m8
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