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  1. I don't know how they did it, but the online is a step down from other NRS games. Especially with the need to do run cancel combos for most of the cast. After playing over 100 online matches I found that even if the ping is green bars its unexpected to know the connection. Very disappointomg. Trying to punish players for button mashing is hard due to at least an 8 frame delay. That's one thing Killer Instinct got right is the online. It was almost as good as offline.
  2. If you want to get good at the game head over to test your might forums. Guides and combos and strata for every character and matchup.
  3. Get MK you can. We are already breaking the game and finding vortexes for characters and whatnot. Finna be 100% resetting people.
  4. Your trophy list tells me that you can't even beat the Cleric Beast. *takes sip of tea* But that's none of my business m8.
  5. GOATS like me and you only come to bang. These plebs like carnages can't Eben beat the first GoatBorne miniboss
  6. My jimmies can't contain the excitement for MKX anymore. Im gknan have to perform a Fapality soon.
  7. I was talking to some of the Attemdimgs today at the hospital about this. Pretty much the nest way to go about it would be to remove the spinal cord with the head and plant it into the donor body. Then you have these issues with connecting the proper nerves from the spinal cord to the nerves in the body that branch off. It would be a crap shoot either way and most likely cause the guy to be a quadraplegic and on a vent the rest of his life. I can't wait to see the outcome and this guy should go down km the history books as having big stones and also a contribution to science. We might get something useful out of it even if this doesn't work.
  8. Me too. There's enemies in No Mans WARF that if you have a torch they try to point fight you and run doe m8.
  9. I'm assuming that when they separate this guys head they will have his head dpretty much on life support and he will be awake during all of this. Could imagine having your head separated from your body and someone carrying it with about ten tubes coming from the inferior part of your head/neck? I really wish they would stream this procedure or televise thus. It would be amazing to watch IMO.
  10. Read this the other day. People saying its impossible said the same thing about heart transplants in the 50's.
  11. Just saved lives in a level one trauma center all weekend. Nothing compared to your benching your tranny but I'll take my beta status like a beta would and go cry in a corner.
  12. Aldo gonna Brazilian drug cartel this can via chainsaw.
  13. I came to bang with the fourth boss and he just jumped off the platform like a can. He knew my standup was too stronk. What class you make m10?
  14. Where do I rank in the Plebarian Weight Division?
  15. While Bloodborne is hard. Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1 have it beat by a long shot in toughness.
  16. Didn't you know that us fighting game players are swimming in 10\10's and hentais on a daily basis m8?
  17. If a man would have done this he would have gotten the death penalty. Same thing for Andrea Yates and Casey Anthony.
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