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  1. Testament > Slayer > Megadeth > Exodus > Anthrax > CANtallica
  2. No offense but I don't think Conor is the strongman type. Seems like he focuses more on weight cutting than actual strength training. I'd like to see him pull a BBC Rumble ans bulk up a bit and move up to 170.
  3. No fooling. But of you remember correctly instead of pushing Bad Company 3 they pushed out that turd Medal of Honor game the year before BF4 came out. From my understanding is that we will continue to have alternating years of the actual Battlefield franchise and then some offspring of Battlefield such as Hard line. Instead of catering to the COD community with these games stay faithful to your BF fans. If Bad Company 3 was announced it would put a major dent in the FPS industry.
  4. There's a reason why people dropped Hard line after a week and why there are more people playing BF4 still. EA needs to stop this crap and just let DICE in control and let us have our Battlefield and Bad Company series instead of these horrible offsprings every other year. People having been begging for a BC3 game for years and all we get is MOH and this Hard line crap.
  5. Can I join in on this? I'm a noob when it comes to betting but could learn a few things from you GOATs.
  6. You want a serious answer? Unless you absolutely feel you've reached your pinnacle of fitness and are obsessed dont even think about them. I can let you talk to my friend who went into liver failure and was a half away from going into a coma from his bilirubin being close to 25 when the normal is around .5. Also, donr expect results unless you grind away at whatever you're doing. They're not going to make you big by doing what you do now. You need to push past that limit. From a heatlcare standpoint and a former user. Don't do them. It's expensive, deadly, and you are a fake and everyone and anyone with a brain will be able to tell. Good luck.
  7. Hi I'm Chris Cansen, can you please have a seat over there?
  8. Rousey via br00tal arm bar
  9. Yep, it will be Saturday at some point. Can't wait. Showed Kenshi off the other day.
  10. Jeez, didn't even see this thread. Ill post some of my goals. 1. Had a dirty bulking season this winter and gàined 20lbs but crushed some PRs for squats, deadlifts, bench, and shoulder press. Currently sitting at 240.7lbs and around 19% bf. Goal is just to cut back down to 220ish and keep my gains and PRs. If I go below 215lbs I feel like garbage and look emaciated. Was down to 201lb at one point and felt like death. That was even on a good cut over a period of 6months. 2. My other goal is to really start tracking macros more and play around with them to find out what's best instead of going by the stamdard for my height and weight. During a good cut last year I consistently hit 220g of protein a day, 300g of carbs, and 40g of fats with good cardio workouts. I wamt to try to cut the fats down to 30g and up my protein to 240g. Gotta watch the kidneys with the protein however. Hope everyone crushes their goals this year!
  11. Goro Gameplay trailer finally https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LlvFd3GDmHM I'm gonna have four arms to give out four combs. Hype
  12. Welp, there goes 1\10 of the active members.
  13. And ElderGOAT games always deliver. Oblivion was the reason my palms were hairy for four months.
  14. Destiny was the biggest scam ever. I grinded that gamefor 6 months made about thirty different characters and beat hard crota first day. It was addicting for the grind but once I got all my exotics and raid gear I finally snapped out of it and deleted all my characters. Even recorded it and sent it to my m8s. Broke free from that chain of dispair and misery.
  15. Its more of a tactical game. The first three are at least. Judgement was just a third person COD. If they go that route then I'm leaving Earth.
  16. We will have to teach 12er the ways of the wallbounce, two piece, smoke tag hump when downed, and all the other goodies.
  17. This is indeed true. The minute they announce another Gears for the XB1 I'll be dusting it off in preparation for all the bodying that will ensue.
  18. I never see him online. I'm usually on from 6pm until 3am doing various things and he's never online. Casual confirmed. He should go play the Can-U.
  19. Wait until you get to new game plus. Took me fourth five minutes to take down the cleric beast with the Hunter Axe fully maxed. It's glorious.
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