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  1. We will have to teach 12er the ways of the wallbounce, two piece, smoke tag hump when downed, and all the other goodies.
  2. This is indeed true. The minute they announce another Gears for the XB1 I'll be dusting it off in preparation for all the bodying that will ensue.
  3. I never see him online. I'm usually on from 6pm until 3am doing various things and he's never online. Casual confirmed. He should go play the Can-U.
  4. Wait until you get to new game plus. Took me fourth five minutes to take down the cleric beast with the Hunter Axe fully maxed. It's glorious.
  5. Pathetic people still argue over this ****. Who cares? Move on with your lives. Im an Atheist and don't care about what anyone believes as long as it doesn't harm me or my family. Maybe its because I work in a field where I am exposed to all types of religions and cultures in a daily basis that I accept everyone's belief whether I liked it or not.
  6. At this point he has nothing to lose beside sa few more brain cells in my opinion. I don't take sports seriously anymore since baseball was ruined for me with all the juicing going on. When you have high school "athletes" juicing up we have a problem that no one wants to address unfortunately. I've done them, my friends have done them, people at the gym do them. I stopped because my friend was in liver failure amd had drug induced hepatitis from the gear. Just as I said with the weight cutting ordeal going on. Its going to have to be a death like that Cincinatti Reds player who died from those weight loss pills years ago for any real action to be taken. Sorry for the long post.
  7. Nope. Actually a Belfort fan since he started. There is such a thing as fan loyalty and not jumping on bandwagons homie. I was actually pleased Weidman beat Andy but gotta go with my homie.
  8. I think they'll drop it to 349 like they did with the XB1 especially since XB caught up to PS4 in sales or are fairly close. I think it all depends on E3 this year.
  9. Good. I hope he's using TRT, hGH, prohormones, cocaine, PCP, and meth just to crush that can and then retire.
  10. Put me down on this list. He's not a juicer judging from his 12 inch arms. Can't stand him.
  11. Jus5 beat Bloodborne and started a ng+ mode. Me tinks that the original play through was just a learning playthrough like past souls games. The real nightmare begins.
  12. I'll be on new game + before you get it mate. Did you have it shipped from the states?
  13. Goro will most likely be unlocked via story for casuals like yourself. He couldn't be a strict preorder bonus because it would ruin the tournament scene and rustle jimmies of Goro players like the Kratos exclusive did for Ps3.
  14. See you on MK in 14 days random. You're lucky we never played during the days of MK9 with 100% Cyrax resets. Oh the tears of the fallen.
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