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  1. Smh, flexing when Rousey has bigger arms. Typical manlet syndrome.
  2. There's going to be an interview with Nose monday on fox sports on that one on one show. Not sure what time.
  3. Bird legs better watch CowGOAT doesn't deport Siver sunday back to the motherland and step in after cutting 25lbs in five minutes and beats him half to death. Wouldn't want to see CowGOAT on death row doe.
  4. ^ The bro above me needs to serve 25-life.
  5. CiganGOAT will destroy that racist when they fight again. He wouldn't let that new nose get hit once before dropping him 10 seconds in.
  6. What a GOAT. After the bums are done fighting for the belt JDS wil swoop by and knock them all out in gauntlet fashion. On a side note, is it just me or does his Doctor look like the portrait on Baraos chest?
  7. BelGOAT gonna nail that heathen to the cross in the first.
  8. Browne looks pretty to JDS. I predict a guantanamo style beat down from JDS in the form of a broken ribs, fractured jaw, and he'll knock all the beard lice off that cans face.
  9. I wish I was as much of a boss as CowGOAT is. Damn he's a beast. At this rate, in another year he will be fighting twice on a card, maybe for multiple titles a night. Hope he takes out that Rousey fella while he's at it also. What a GOAT. ????
  10. 1. Fedor/Big Nog - Not UFC but damn Fedor hit Big Nog so hard that Little Nog got more ugly from it. 2. RamGOAT/Sardine 3. Gus/Nose- Single handedly made Nose turn to the yayo. 4. Silva/Griffin 5. Dos SanGOAT/Nelson- Became a fan of Big Country after this beatdown he took.
  11. Hendricks better BRUSH up on his combing skills.
  12. http://www.foxsports.com/ufc/story/johny-hendricks-faces-matt-brown-at-ufc-185-wonderboy-vs-thatch-main-event-in-colorado-011315 Just saw this pop up on facebook. Hendricks better goto salon school so he can comb those chest hairs reallllll nice. Discuss mortals. Edit: Didnt see the other post. Mah bad.
  13. HustleGOAT Height: 6'2'' Reach: 85" Ape index: Silverback What a GOAT. Seriously though, I hope Siver knocks him tree years into the future.
  14. http://www.foxsports.com/ufc/story/benson-henderson-was-never-asked-or-even-told-about-fighting-cowboy-cerrone-011315 Bendo was never told about him fighting Cerrone. Lmfao.
  15. After he gets thrown in jail for three consecutives some prison guard whose wife did a congrigal visit with H-man will beat him like JDS beat Big Country to take away the pain.
  16. He'd be a good villan in Boondock Saints Tree. "rule of tumb."
  17. He has Gawd on his side. Of course these heathens don't stand a chance. BelGOAT is a prime example of that. For Halls own safety I think he should chip a tooth so he can back out gracefully.
  18. I'm waiting for the day someone knocks Cana Whites head into orbit. That will be the day I quit the gear for good.
  19. Anyone who beats the Undertaker at Wrassslemania is a GOAT. Schaub doesn't stand a chance.
  20. Habib needs to go back to pumping gas before he gets sent to Guantanamo bay for terroristic threats.
  21. Matt Brown and Hustle man would be fighting over which can would be combing their chest hair in the pen after Brown murders Hall and gets 25-life.
  22. Looks like Leatherface to me. If it is suppossed to be Leatherface then kudos I guess.
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