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  1. Mexicans are alright IMO. No issues. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=282340526486135&id=100041305689321&d=null&vh=i
  2. Yeay exactly. I'm for me and my family at this point in my life. **** these protestors and **** the government. I'm not going to lose my life for people who are marching to strip me of whatever is left of my rights just a couple months ago. Anymore as long as they stay out of my area I don't care. That goes for rioters and government alike. I just don't care anymire.
  3. Most won't, few of us will thats for sure. I dont depend on the fudds aka Republicans to do anything.
  4. Lol at thinking either are different from the other. They flip and flip according to how the other goes.
  5. 13% of the population commits what percent of the violent crimes m8? Let's play a game
  6. Also, lol at thinking we only have guns. Maybe Fudds do, but I don't.
  7. If Target cared about their stores they would have armed personnel there like some local businesses do. I dont see anyone destroying those stores.
  8. Tanks don't win wars. Boots on the ground does and i hate to tell you but even the most casual gun owner can outshoot a military cuck. Not sure what area you're referring to about eh haircuts, but my area barely was effected by the shutdown. Most people either work in Healthcare or warehouses/plants. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  9. Also, all liberals and gun grabbers should just throw the notion out the window that citizens don't stand a chance against police or the Military. These idiots are getting bodied by literally the dumbest demographic in the country without even a single round being fired. It reminds me of the 20 year Middle East war. I'm surprised these Blackie aren't throwing rocks at police choppers yet.
  10. I hate police and nigs all the same. Attacking anyone for no reason is grounds for getting your head caved in with a baton. Protest all you want, off the street and without damaging private property. I dont care if you burn the police station down. Just leave citizens out of your chit.
  11. So what your saying is that we should be able to have whatever firearms we want to fight back against the tyrannical police and government? I'm glad you came around m8. If you ever visit PA let's goto the range and have a couple beers together. ❤❤❤❤❤
  12. Nigs can't even get a job let alone build any country. If we depended on them to support the country and build it up it would look like some 4th world chithole like yours m8. Well, if we look at the cities they inhabit it practically does.
  13. We get it, you're a jig lover. Now go **** off back to the AARP forums.
  14. Defund the police too IMO. If they think being clubbed over their skulls is bad or having a knee to their neck is bad, let's see how they like being dragged behind a rusty F1Fiddy by their necks like the good ole days or having their spleen blown out their back by someone who doesn't **** around and will kill you for stealing a piece of grass off their front yard. Police are actually saving their lives and should be deep throating their boots. Without the pigs, their barbaric ways wouldn't last long or be tolerated one bit.
  15. They're a joke. The cut of the members is laughable. I watched a video where they tried to gangup on some dude and he diggled five of them at once and he was some scrawny twig himself. I could only imagine what they'd do if someone pulled out a piece and started waving it around at them, they'd chit themselves
  16. Part 2 to the infiltration. These soyboys training are gonna have a bad day trying to use some of these tactics on someone. My 16 month old would strangle the life out of these stringbeans
  17. Project Veritas once again bringing the news by infiltrating terrorism group Antifa.
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