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  1. @VertFTW you better watch posting that video or your might offend people because those people have white privilege. They don't want their neighborhood destroyed or houses looted. Thats racist!!!
  2. The ones not getting looted or our houses burnt to the ground.
  3. Picked up two more CZ handys last night. P09 and P07
  4. Guy definetly want FBI. My cousin is in the FBI and saw that video and just by the way that guy acted proves he isn't. Probably some kind of undercover pig or something.
  5. I have never met or talked to anyone that was polled in me life. I honestly believe they pull these numbers out of thin air. Its selective statistics. Of course polling numbers are higher for Biden in democrat controlled areas. Just like Trumos numbers would be higher in areas like mine. Its all garbage.
  6. All this proves is that cops are worthless, we need guns, the government will use the military against its citizens, and blacks are useless trash, and white jogger lovers are even worse than blacks.
  7. I'm sorry Liberty offends you m8. I thought that's what you "fought" for. Smgdh, I'm sick in the stomach over that comment. I do like how you know better than to mum a word about Ron. You know he is the Lord.
  8. Frankly I don't care anymore to be honest. At this point I want this to escalate apocalyptic levels so we can get this show started for good.
  9. Wait, you actually think Biden will dunk on Trump in the debates? Lol. Even if Sniffing Joe was a genius he will get slaughtered. If intellect and a good debate were indicators on the next President, Rand and Ron would be our kings right now.
  10. Keep letting jigs doing what they're doing and Trump will be reelected with ease. People hate nigs and seeing the democrats try to shove the blame on Trump over this is digging a hole deeper and deeper. He may be polling low in chitholes like New York and Minnesota but no one cares about those areas at all.
  11. Whether anyone likes it or not, Trump is gonna be the President the next four years. So, as a healthcare professional id recommend not letting it get to you too much. Smoke some cigarettes, inject some maryjuamas and relax. Its not good for your health.
  12. Agreed 1000000% on everything you said. I'm not too concerned about my area. We have blacks here but they are out numbered 100:1. We have more guns and ammo than the Army so let em try.
  13. Lol they organized a protest at my counties courthouse yesterday and only 10 people showed up. It lasted an hour and they ran once the local biker gang showed up with 100+ people open carrying AR's and handguns. They barely got a word out. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  14. Face the facts bud, niggles are uncivilized subhuman pieces of trash that should have been shipped back to Africa the minute the shackles were taken off. One group works. The other leeches. One group has morals. The other burns their own projects down. Lmfao. I hope they come to my area. This chit wouldn't last 10 minutes without bodies hitting the floor after some jig tried looting a mom and pop store.
  15. Kind of different when one is burning down private businesses and attacking innocent people and the others are standing their peacefully.... Also, I didn't see the pigs shotting tear gas at the ones with AR15's strapped around their necks... i wonder why... 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  16. Working and posting here. I've been wondering where you've been since you're country is the new megacenter for the r0na m8
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