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  1. Not to mention that golf is for betas. I could see him playing hockey or video games but GOLF?
  2. Minnesota riots break out over George Floyd's murder at the hands of cops. I'm all for riots and destroying the police station but typical blacks can't go five seconds without destroying innocent peoples property or looting.
  3. GSP, Silva, Fedor, and Hughes IMO. No one today is a GOAT. Khabib could be if he beats Gaethje and a few more wins.
  4. When you dump 4500 covid positive patients into nursing homes, you should be working the rest of your life making license plates.
  5. There aren't any GOATs nowadays. Too much talk and not enough fighting. Silva and GSP destroyed all their competition when they were Champs. GSP had one stumble and then regained the belt easily.
  6. I hear Mexico is the new epicenter. Rip @VertFTW
  7. Cleaned the bathrooms tubs. Had a water break the other day and the water was disgusting and built up a lot of crud in the tub so I steamed it, kaboomed it, and then used comet. Came out pretty good.
  8. Even CNN can't hide the truth. .
  9. Cz collection so far. Have another P09 and two P07 tacs on the way. I also have a 75b laying around in the back of the safe somewhere.
  10. Had my 10ty test today. Don't even feel it anymore. We get tested twice a week.
  11. I have five big safes in my basement and a nightstand gun safe for a handy. The big safes are too heavy to trust being supported on regular floors so I have them in the basement. They house most of my guns.
  12. I liked it. It wasn't as slow as I thought it would be. It was enjoyable. Would I watch it a second time? Probably not. I give it a 6/10.
  13. I just feel like Justin will get sloppy. He looked good against Turd (which doesn't take much considering Lee and Pettis looked like GOATS against that idiot) but he picked his shots. I dont feel like Beeby Baby commits fully to his takedowns unless they're against the fence. I'm a realist m8. KHABIBS stand up is severely underrated due to fear. Gaychee is brain dead so he doesn't have fear so that's a plus I guess.. Only way Khabib doesn't win this fight is if he gets caught by a knee or kick. He will smother Justin when he gets him down and gas him out. Justin has no offense from his back. Three endings to this fight (which probably won't even happen anyway) 1. Khabib submits him 2. Khaib point fights him on the feet 3. Justin lands a headkick/knee KO.
  14. MMA wrestling is different than amateur wrestling.. Sambo is way different than other forms of wrasslin'. Gaychee will get taken down and smashed. Hell, with his sloppy stand up he might be the one getting planted like a tree. 🤷‍♂️
  15. I_Take_Roids_m8

    Jones vs Ngannou

    Jones isn't that fast. He has good technique though but he has the weakest punches in the UFC. I can see this fight ending the way the Cain fight ending. With Jones diving for ankles and Jones getting plastered.
  16. This reminds me of the launch where I bought 2 and sold 1 and made like 300 bucks on it.
  17. I just wanna preorder bother consoles already. I'm more hyped for PS5 than I am the Series X surprisingly. I'm hoping these Demon Souls remastered rumors are true
  18. Exactly my point. People want the country shut down forever. Can't live in fear or let politicians run your life. I've had 2 days off the past 3 months practically. I work around these people and get tested twice a week. Its amazing how far proper hand washing and PPE use will take you
  19. that's crazy talk. How dare you ask for people to work.
  20. If I got it, there's about 4 more handguns...
  21. I agree. It would be even better if it wasn't on every channel rammed down my throat. 🤷‍♂️
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