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  1. I've just deactivated it too lol! I cba to go into delete it fully though, Zuckerberg already has all my info!
  2. Yeah I know it's really pathetic that I would allow social media to actual have a negative effect on my day, but it's been hard not to. I suppose I'm just struggling with the world at the moment because there's less and less place for actually THINKING! Pretty sure today ends with me just deleting facebook or at least deactivating it until the world goes back to not being insane lol.
  3. @Bubba_Sparks almost everybody on my facebook who were CRUCIFYING Dominic Cummings for breaking lockdown rules are actively praising and promoting the protest this week. You really ****ing can't make this **** up. I've actually for the first time in my life found myself being actually angry at social media. To the point where it is actually affecting my day. Seems there's less and less place in the world for a person like me, who think there is a place for some kind of protest, but definitely NOT NOW and definitely NOT in the way it's been done. I SMH the world has genuinely gone to ****.
  4. It's FDS mate (Fora Derangement Syndrome) - some idiots were talking about TV in the Cycling thread the other day.
  5. Flagged for off topic. This is the emoji discussion thread now mate.
  6. That dude is throwing out 'confuses' like @Eclipse76 (before he became an inactive stingy can) used to give out likes!
  7. I'd love it if FH still actually lurks on this piece of ****. You can just imagine how much he would be RAGING right now.
  8. I'm not convinced I've ever given out a 'thanks', so there ya go!
  9. Don't EVER disrespect my boy FH by comparing him to a can like @TUF
  10. I love how we are still beating you and literally everything here is shut lmao. Get good nerd.
  11. There is definitely a competition to be the most woke right now, and to feel the most pain for people, that much is undeniable. Seems like we no longer live in a world where you can be both against a man being unlawfully murdered by the police, and be against mass rioting lol.
  12. Genuinely had no idea you guys used 'quid' in the vernacular, thought it was a valid term for UK Sterling only lol.
  13. I said this almost word for word to my missus earlier as something that really just made me laugh. All we were hearing for weeks and weeks was 'STAY AT HOME' 'SAVE LIVES', but now the chance to be EVEN MORE WOKE has appeared everyone is jumping on it.
  14. Because it's his favourite book mate, haven't you been paying attention?
  15. Pretty sure you are now an honorary and founding member of the TDS crew after this post mate.
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