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  1. It's a special kind of mad to be mad at someone for something they haven't even done lol.
  2. The only bet I'd ever make on Tottenham is Mourinho going ape **** in the post match interview.
  3. I think this is a rare case of 'why not both'? I'll be honest I'm basing quite a lot on the Netflix documentary, and while Netflix definitely have their agenda, it left me with a real feeling of the pedo ring being quite large scale tbh. Ultimately though, whether it's money talks, or the other, it's a great summary of why the world is ****ed
  4. Dude I hate conspiracy theories but I'm quite frankly baffled that you have this stance. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind Epstein was covered for lmfao. The dude 100% has videos of some extremely powerful people sleeping with children.
  5. I'm about midway through heroes. I love bwemer lmao, he's great. Bank incident? I'm loving heroes mate, it's brilliant. Then I'll read the last standalone then onto a little hatred.
  6. High level trolling, will show it to my best mate who's a Brighton fan, need to talk him off the edge. We will see, I'm not buying their wolf tickets, but it's been reasonably remarkable the difference Bruno has made. Think they need a top quality attacker though, their best striker is 18! Will be interesting to see you next season. It'll take a HUGE effort to keep up the form next year. Weirdly, I still think you played better football last season lol. I think top four will be Chelsea, United, man city, Liverpool next year. Will make my decision on who will win based on summer recruitment. City DESPERATELY need a quality Centre back, but they'll probably spend 60 million on a **** full back again lol.
  7. Just to rustle a few feathers, United looked outstanding last night. Looking forward to Liverpool Vs City. Liverpool could make a real statement by beating them (and I think they will).
  8. Well you've done enough here to convince me Zaksame is a Zerk alt m8. That's all fair points though dude. I'll be honest I find politics in general extremely toxic, so I genuinely just come in here to lol at you guys going at it. It's harder and harder to have any form of meaningful debate because everyone is so polarised these days. I spend a lot of time on Reddit (lurking) and tbh everyone on this site is reasonable well adjusted in comparison lmao, which is a scary thought.
  9. My honest take is that the term 'TDS' has started to become extremely ironic, as it's mainly used as a defence mechanism to defend trump regardless of what he says/does lol. It's not TDS to quote stupid **** Trump says. Obviously there are some posters that focus on the negatives of trump, that's their politics, but I don't see that as hate/derangement. I kinda just see it as another place for forum banter. That's just me though, it doesn't help that while I am pretty neutral on forum politics, trump is someone who's values are extremely different to mine lol, so once again objectivity might be difficult. One thing I would question @StompGrind and i ask this with sincerity as someone who I like. You call a lot of people out on trump, but how come someone like Zerk gets a completely free pass on just blatantly spamming propaganda all day lol? He's about as biased as you can get, and you talk a lot about searching through the narrative and independent thought, but never question any of his stuff. Is it just because you agree with the majority? Again no hate homie just curious.
  10. All banter aside, what an absolutely amazing season. Klopp has solidified himself as the best coach in the world in my opinion. Pep might've won more, but look at what Klopp has done. Won the title with Dortmund, and now this. It's easy to forget after two miraculous seasons what a ****ing mess Liverpool were in when he took over. They were essentially in a current United/arsenal situation, and he's turned them into this. Absolutely outstanding.
  11. Lol Alisson is class but he made like 2 saves max in the match lmao, not sure what match you were watching?
  12. Liverpool look **** lol. Hopefully this post ages badly and the game actually gets some life to it.
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