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  1. Spambot Zerk has been on FIRE this morning.
  2. Guaranteed meltdown whoever wins. Beautiful.
  3. Lol I kinda agree that it seems a bit enhanced in the speed of technological advances, but I’m happy to forgive this tbh. i actually have a theory that the technological advances will be stunted somehow. Like I think Bayaz will be pissed off he’s being replaced and he will contact the other side and the world will end lol.
  4. I’m a pro lurker my friend, not so good with actually adding meaningful content lmao
  5. The fact that you don’t understand just how racist this is just proves that you are ‘PART OF THE PROBLEM’!
  6. Sometimes I sit and think about how much money I would have if I didn’t move out at 18 lol. It makes me sad.
  7. This is soon to be one of three threads worth visiting on this chit hole, HYPED!
  8. Yeah that’s the real travesty of COVID tbh mate, all the financial and emotional hits people have taken. He will bounce back homie.
  9. He’s lucky to be out of that chit hole in the long run bro.
  10. You would feel like that you racist piece of ****.
  11. When we eventually find out his name you are welcome in the fan club mate.
  12. As a casual I have no idea who this guy is but he’s a psycho legend as far as I’m concerned.
  13. Does la Liga actually have any say though? i think it’s FIFA’s decision to make. It’s no surprise they want to keep their poster boy!
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