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  1. Isn't Andy Anderson the reason why eye pokes are illegal in the UFC now? John Hess was a punk.
  2. Yeah, I'm not getting it. Not seeing my comment as being gay.
  3. The only thing I don't like about it is the lay off for both of them. It has been too long. The longer lay off for Cain can help Werdum though.
  4. I shouldn't have even made "no" an option in this poll. There should have been only a "yes" option.
  5. Dana inducted Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock who were in the first UFC. An apples to oranges comparison with fat sumo/skinny guy fight. Bonar/Griffen fight # 1 drew millions of viewers the UFC never had before. It was major turning point for Zuffa's profitability.
  6. Leben didn't win anything or beat anyone. Don Frye did. That is an apples to oranges comparison.
  7. He tried to remove Tito from the site completely. I am thinking more about Don Frye though. He dislikes him enough to keep him out thus far.
  8. Unless Dana is turning it into the "Zuffa HOF" in which Pride, WEC, and Strikeforce guys can be considered.
  9. Should Don Frye be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame even though Dana does not like him personally. He won two UFC tournaments, and was runner up in another. He beat notable fighters in his career (e.g., Ken Shamrock, "Tank" Abbot, and Gary Goodridge).
  10. That is not a bad idea. At least its not just one person deciding.
  11. I agree with probably all of the nominations, but it's lame because he doesn't wait any period of time from retirement before he just plugs someone in there, and because he doesn't let the fans vote on it. Guys that Dana does not personally like will never get in. lol
  12. Wanderlei says the UFC Hall of Fame is pointless because only Dana decides who goes in when really its the fans that give the fighters their fame. Even though he has not reason to be pissed about how much money he made, he is onto something with the HOF. http://www.mmamania.com/2014/10/7/6934857/wanderlei-silva-has-message-ufc-dont-induct-me-hall-of-fame-wont-go-mma
  13. Uhhh... you like that pic huh, dude?
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