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  1. End Game was a very good popcorn flick and then some. I'd rate it a 9-10/10. There was so much to love about this movie. It does have some flaws/plot holes though. Also, there's some cheese.
  2. He even brought up fortnite in order to draw attention there. COD or Firewall would be more believable, but Fortnite is the king at the moment and he's trying to cause as much attention as possible.
  3. She also mocked "Thoughts and Prayers" when the people who died were actually meditating and praying. Probably not the time to make fun of religious people. Quite the wrong words for her to use there.
  4. Crazy **** AOC quickly took advantage of those deaths and blamed the NRA.
  5. Oh chit, didn't know her name. I dunno why she still has a job. A Wesley Snipes news story popped up for me an hour ago stating he owed the government 23 million.
  6. Prolly because the government gets nothing if he can't work.
  7. He said that the **** hit him first.
  8. Based on that picture, someone here got small fingers and an extra finger per hand. 6 stubs on each hand.
  9. Geesh, what a ****. Unfortunately, I had to vote for her. Her opposition was worse (dem vs dem). Pick the lesser of 2 evils.
  10. Seems like it is logically sound, if we are to accept absurdity. Judge's arguments against it were from emotion and not reason.
  11. I wouldn't seriously support picking Judge Jeanine Pirro, but could you imagine all the heads exploding. He should do it just for fun. Then he could pick just about anyone else and they will be happy. While it wont happen, I'd like Ben Shapiro.
  12. Right. There are stories about the individual candidates who flipped things from red to blue. I don't see stories at those publishers about candidates who flipped blue to red. Why can't both stories be newsworthy?
  13. Was a supporter and now no longer care for: Jon Jones - FFS Weidman - Ever since that hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey he's been meh. Johny Hendricks - Whined too much. Tyron Woodley - Whines too much. He's getting less cringey, but still manages to be a ****. Ronda Rousey - Once she became mainstream, she created a bad girl alter ego that was too cringey. Was glad when she lost. Many more, I'm sure. There are also some fighters I was earlier opposed to, that later I started appreciating and supporting.
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