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  1. Pettis is a total can but Diego is the perfect fight for him. One that he can actually win. Oh wait Fat Pettis left the promotion to go B league for a million dollar tournament. Where he can roid and still lost. Yet he killed himself to make 145 for Chuck and FINISHED that chump with ease.
  2. If you are serious Dustin and will dominate finish the fight. Chuck will experience a strength gap.
  3. Pull that up. I MIGHT have had Tony beating Chuck just because he's crazy and had a good ground game. Well **** I can't say he has a bad one he let his arm get broken and kept fighting for 2 more rounds. Still wasn't stopped. I have mad respect for Tony Freguson but the man is nearly 40 and Justin Gaethje took like 7 years off of his life in a single fight. There's NO WAY I picked that bum Michael Chandler to become UFC lightweight champion. If I did I was on a ****tail of drugs, homie. Chandler got a dude that no **** was punched in the head at least 400 times in his previous two fights.
  4. You know what? You're right. Conor can't even flash KO 60 year olds sitting at a bar When Mike Perry hits a 60 year old man they don't ****ing move!
  5. Against two washed up bums Dustin is either going to DP you with the hands or d'arce choke your bum ****. Say some dumb **** below Cashfl0w.
  6. More than a temper tantrum. Conor really needs to stop doing cocaine and getting punched in the head. He was threatening to have Dustin and Jolie killed in their sleep while sitting there with a broken leg. Silva and Weidman couldn't even speak let alone conduct a post fight interview. The man has lost his goddamn mind he tweeted a picture of Dustin's daughter that said "gonezo" and of course deleted it within minutes. I think it's well known that I think Jon Jones is just an absolute scumbag. I never thought it was even possible but Conor surpassed him in that department.
  7. This only happened because Hooker took savage beating from Felder and Poirier and then didn't retire or take a long time off. YEARS off of that man's life in those fights. Dustin has more power and in both hands. Chuck is going to get bodied badly.
  8. Dustin is going to destroy Charlie. Mr Olives was nearly stopped by that 5'7" midget Michael Chandler who ****ing sucks. Chandler's win over Hooker is meaningless and Pitbull who is 5'3" on a tall day sparked that bum. That was Hooker after two 5 round wars with Felder and Poirier. Fights where he got punched in the head 400 times and probably needed to sideline himself from fighting and sparring for at least a year. Charles Oliveira is actually very similar to Conor. Conor at least makes weight but they are both unprofessional and they have no heart. There's no dog in them. Cub Swanson punched Charlie in the face and Charlie tapped out to a punch from a featherweight. I'll say that again he tapped out of a fight from a singular punch. He didn't get dropped he just straight up quit because Cub gave him a smack. Dustin hits WAY harder than Cub Swanson. IF you weigh in at 155 pounds for a 145 pound fight and still managed to get guillotine choked by an old Ricardo Lamas. Well you get the point you probably need to watch your neck around Dustin. Poirier has faced better competition and has less losses by submission than Oliveira. 9-0 against 8 bums and a 40 year washed Tony Ferguson that Justin Gaethje beat to near death. Amazing.
  9. Speaking of Mike Chiesa he should want to get that one back. Have a clause in the contract that the ref can't stop the fight until he's unconscious or dead. I want to see the neck flexing I can't be choked defense. That dude is a crybaby. He taps against Jorge and then throws a tantrum because there was only one second left in the round.
  10. I see one common opponent 5 years apart in different weigh classes and Kevin finished Matthews in one round. I'm not saying he's some lock to win as this is poor management of the fighter IMO. Someone else Kevin finished in round 1 jumped to welterweight. Beat 4 washed up potatoes and they got Chiesa ranked 6th.
  11. I don't doubt his talent. If I managed him his return fight wouldn't be 5 rounds against a former champion that is huge for the division . Luke is a monster on the ground. Let him knock out Leon Scott. Nate exposed that bum.
  12. He didn't take that rematch seriously. It was supposed to be a Weidman rematch and Bisping stepped in on 4 weeks notice. He didn't have time to overtrain. Add in that Jason is his boxing coach and Luke Rockhold had a glaring weakness. Bisping could very well put this kid on a stretcher with the hands.
  13. Black on black crime. Mike might kill the poor bastard.
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