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  1. Snoop is 6'4" and weighs about 118 pounds. That nagga ain't fighting nobody. Oscar was in the booth for Mir vs Cunningham last night coked out of his mind. Tyron could sit him and Jake down in the same night.
  2. Let Marvin eat a d!ck. That idiot spammed record takedowns against Big Mouth. Costa would have him shooting for his life as soon as the ref says fight.
  3. Fatslelum nearly KO'd that skinny nagger with a head kick. Izzy is 6'8" and Kelvin is 5'4" how is that even possible? Brittle Knuckles is going to beat the black off of that boy.
  4. Tell Banham I'm going to fight his ****ing **** in the co main for Jake Paul vs Dildo Danis. I heard Evander Holyfield and Steve McBride was trending to suck d!cks for dollars during a Triller special event since they can't ****ing fight. Tell that little twerp he better be putting in mad rounds at Planet Chitness or Ima knock him the **** out inside 60 seconds.
  5. I'll fight this ****ing rapist kid and won't even make him cut weight to 175 to do it!. I woke up 165.2 pounds after a night of getting hammered and not eating heavy to be massive. I've been at Planet Chitness twice a week making gains and putting upwards of 17 miles on the Rocky Mountain weekly as well. I'll straight dogwalk this kid in hands. Yo Triller holla at ya boy. I want Snoop to rap and Oscar to twerk in fishnets before I lay this bum out with a 3 2 counter.
  6. Gane is going to get destroyed. As for Tai vs Greg... lol who cares? They both suck.
  7. I picked Overeem to beat Volkov not realizing he gained 28 pounds on that 6'7" frame. Now he cuts to the limit and won't lose to cans like Derrick Lewis in the last 11 seconds or even that ape that holds the belt.
  8. If Ben loses to Jake Paul I'll just have to quit watching this chit. Mike Perry just got his **** beat by Thicc Diaz. My only hope is Jorge taking Marty's head clean off. Even then he will turn right around and cough the belt up to Wonderman. Who everyone seems to be ducking. Gilbert Burns is going to get clowned I need to check the odds for that.
  9. Ducking can. Yan is going to knock him out cold in the championship rounds.
  10. Volkov knocks this bum out cold.
  11. Dude I'm a Masvidal fan but if they fight when there are around age 30 or so I pick Askren every time. It was an epic knockout but it would NEVER happen again. Not even now those dudes are the same age.
  12. Lewis would get smashed as well. No more hail mary knockouts for him against Volkov. Derrick Lewis is actually one of the worst fighters on the entire roster and I say that while liking the guy. If you didn't invest on him as a massive dog against Curtis Blaydes who cannot set up his takedowns than you're a ****. Francis is showing improvement but he put that can away twice already when Francis was nothing but a puncher. This Gane dude sucks. His fight against the guy Francis killed in 20 seconds was painful to watch.
  13. The new 275 pound version of Volkov is going to smash this scrub.
  14. Wonderman will destroy that can. It will not be the least bit competitive. Everyone in that division is ducking except for Steve. Marty is ducking Colby and Wonderman. Leon Scott is ducking Wonderman and has now accepting a fight with Nate Diaz despite ****ting on Thompson's recent resume. Jorge is ducking Colby. Colby is ducking Wonderman and for some reason that bum Leon Scott. We have given Wonderman **** in the past but he clowned Luque and Neal. He's the only one with a pair in that division.
  15. Dustin is 5'9" walks at 180 pounds with a 72 inch reach and couldn't put Max away. Pitbull is 5'5" with a 65" reach and walks about 160. He's a good fighter but I think Max Holloway just completely destroys him. I've said it before that Pitbull in the UFC would need to fight at 135 to be a champ in the UFC and I stand by that. AJ is going to prove my point when he remains undefeated and takes that strap.
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