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  1. Honestly I can see that you are retarded.
  2. That's Costa vs Israel... nice I can't take 25 minutes of Tyron not doing chit. I guess this is co-main he might swing and miss with 3 overhands per round.
  3. Tyron is very eager to lose back to back to back fights. He'll throw that overhand right once or twice a round. Colby will retire this race baiting crybaby.
  4. He's replacing Geoff who was nearly killed by the Chinese virus. Calm down Robbie has been fighting for 2 decades. He has more knockouts than Geoff has fights. I like Geoff but his best wins are Perry and Price. The last guy you declared future champ was Zabit and that clown ran for his goddamn life in the 3rd round against Kattar. A main event that he refused to fight 5 rounds. Now he just ducked Calvin and ran back to Russia.
  5. Junior seems to have dealt with injuries and didn't age as well. Hell they fought nearly 5 years ago and I tossed a little coin at Overeem because he was +275 and I could tie him to Nate Diaz who was +325 against Michael Johnson. It terms of risk to reward that had to be one of my best nights. I might've put 50-60 bucks in play and won well over 700. He also seems kinda slow now. I think Junior and Alistair should both be lining up bouts to end their career on a W. Junior took so much damage from prime Cain and Overeem has been knocked out at least 17 times just in MMA and K1.
  6. lol some woman that's 5'3" has dubbed herself The Brazilian Gangsta. Is Junior training at ATT in Florida? They got several locations and wikipedia doesn't specify.
  7. Is there a good dog on this card? I want to keep a streak going. Tim Means was nowhere near the dog Brunson was but I had supreme confidence in the 4 favorites I tied him to. Something I blundered with Bobby Green and even worse Brunson because apparently some kid trained by Edmond was supposed to roll over him. I don't even think that turd could beat Weidman and he was moving in slow motion last night.
  8. Yo @cashfl0w does Felice give that dude the hands?
  9. ... I can't believe Junior and the African that knocked out Horsemeat have to take a backseat to rainbow O'Malley and Cheetos Vera.
  10. So you admit that Jorge had to carry the sales for Snoozeman now? Because before the fight you said no matter the opponent Marty couldn't sell. The fight against Burns will be proof that Jorge brought in the bulk of the PPV sales. Volk is another unknown champ to the casual market. I like Max but he didn't sell that PPV. I like Yan but once again unknown outside of beating up a 41 year old Faber. I doubt many people cared about skelator and battle worn Aldo on a 2 fight skid. Personally I would rather watch Figueredo fight over Marty because Marty doesn't fight. Wall and stall with foot stomps is 100% avoiding a fight. I think him being jacked, black and fighting in a grown man's division probably pulls more eyes though. The casual probably thinks Demetrious Johnson is still the flyweight champ.
  11. Who the hell is buying Garbrandt against the unknown flyweight champ co headlined by Valentina running over a total random? Marty pushing Leon Scott up against the cage and stomping his feet sells more PPV's than this ****.
  12. This shook can Zabit turned down Kattar. He's tucking tail and going back to Russia. Calvin had this b!tch running for his life in the 3rd and final round of a main event. Zabit doesn't want that championship round smoke.
  13. I'll pass. Have Lewis fight Overeem if he can beat Sakai. Ngannou vs Blaydes 3 for the vacant heavyweight title after DC and Stipe both retire next weekend. Stipe might as well follow Daniel into retirement since he takes 13 month breaks the past few years.
  14. Yeah because Moreno and Askarov are going to sell. You can't have Shevchenko and Figuerdo both fight randoms when Fig is a random himself. It's time to get rid of that division anyway. 95% of those guys are bantamweights cutting an extra ten pounds. Demetrious and Joe B were the only known guys that didn't cut crazy % of body weight to get down there. DJ is gone and Joe is going to get fed a retirement W in his next fight.
  15. In 15 minutes I think Francis threw 7 strikes.
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