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  1. Thank you I'll beat this. I'm not even joking but some good bourbon puts it in it's place. I just listened to my 70 year old father rant and rave about how so many politicians and police officers should be strung up by their nuts for over an hour on the phone. He gassed out before I did. The Kung Flu doesn't match up well against a good neat Kentucky straight bourbon. Plus that breathing exercise that the British doctor posted on YT helps boost the power of the bourbon. It supresses the cough almost completely you just gotta make sure you drink plenty of water. MAYBE take one or two hits from the Helix. I have basically invented the cure for the Chinese virus. I think I should be able to sell my guide for 1 small payment.
  2. It it makes you feel any better though there's chanks that will squeeze 2 or 3 more people in that townhouse over the Mexicans.
  3. If it makes you feel any better the hispanics in Chattanooga, TN make up like 15% of the population but had like 48% of the cases. Something like that. Probably from a dozen people living in 2 bedrom 1.5 bathroom townhouses.
  4. This **** ain't killing me. It stands NO CHANCE
  5. What's the narrative? That opening **** back up too early and bar hoppers that work at my facility didn't contract it in ****ing poolhalls that didn't set up any social distancing measures? Thanks m8 I grabbed a few hours of sleep and at least for me you gotta get upright. You gotta move around some. As I said laying down especially directly on your back causes pain in both lungs. I would like to make something clear though the symptoms aren't exactly the same for everyone. My mother knows a family of 4 and everyone of them had it. The father and surprisingly the 2 children weren't hospitalized. The mother was. It can depend on position like I said. I would say the worst thing I had when it really smacked me in the face besides being short of breath was being disoriented, slightly confused whatever. Fatigue is definitely real. Muscle aches are definitely real. Chest pain real but diarrhea probably the worst. I was on the toilet a lot but I'm passed that point. I did buy some hydros though which will stop your angus up and obviously help with pain. Never had a horrible headache but as of right now I still have had this lingering minor one that's more annoying than anything. The runny nose was bad but clear. No vomiting but I have enough of a cough if not taking Dayquil severe that it can make you kinda gag like you're about to throw up. It definitely sucks but it's not as lethal as the media portrays it IMO. However I didn't have the worst of all symptoms. For me personally the worst part is the strange waves that can hit you. I thought I recovered in a single day and hadn't even been diagnosed the test took 2 days to get back. 4 or 5 hours after I thought I was 85% I felt about 55% and I was in the cargo area of my mother's new 4Runner to go get the test. TLDR for you. Short story is it depends on the area and the type of people. Here everything shut down and when it opened back up the bar hoppers went wild and I had to work around some of those idiots.
  6. It's chitty but I had spinal meningitis when I was 7 which that couldn't even kill me. Don't get me wrong this sucks but it's not on that level. One of the symptoms I don't really have is a fever. I normally run around 97.5-98 and I was only 98.7 yesterday.
  7. Oh yeah let me further that. Hundreds of people work there and some travel an hour one direction from like 15 different counties at least including North Georgia. Georgia and Tennessee have small counties. Georgia has like 168 which is second in the Union behind only Texas and we have 95 which is like 6th.
  8. Yep. Everything opened back up too soon and in a week that cases tripled in my area. I could no longer lay out of work and hundreds of people work there. The building is 1.2 million square feet.
  9. She looks like a **** **** that's been passed around enough to have a red eye. The other one looks like this young little Mexican host that's a dude with one deformed arm at this Tex Mex joint. Well with long hair. I would stop going but there's a few pieces of brown sugar in there that got big asses. I'm trying to figure out how be Catholic. I'm gonna go all Mother Mary and ****. I just gotta kick the Kung Flu. I'm trying to look on that bright side that I'm getting paid to watch random 6 part Netflix series. I'm on episode 5 of this one called Win The Wilderness. I really can't believe I'm watching this ****.
  10. Chinese Virus got the King old m8s. It's ****ing sucks and hits me in strange waves. You can't sleep on your back at all otherwise already difficult breathing becomes even worse and much more painful. You gotta change sides. I've been awake 22 hours because it's much more pleasant sitting up. I might have to try belly down. I think I'm past the point of pissing out of my **** every hour or so at least. That's ****ing test if Dana says he prefers the nose over the throat. Then the throat most really suck. The do both nostrils and I thought the b!tch hit my brain.
  11. Mother****er went to Angels games and ****. lol ****ing dork.
  12. He was the only idiot here that actually watched baseball!
  13. Mauro was a well known child and you can eat a ****, homeboy. Nyte is a slave to Jeff who is human garbage. If I wanted to relocate for L4 or L5 spot I could. I turned down an L4 spot with a 10 grand relocation fee in Macon, GA because it's a ****ing dump. More likely to get shot there than Atlanta. Notice how Nyte is never here? Dude is pushing 12 hour days for a similar hourly rate. I told that idiot he wouldn't have a life and even told him what shift he would get stuck on clean across the country! **** you and **** Jon Jones. ****ing diicks.
  14. What?! I thought Pat and Carn were the only OG children on the forum. Listen up, pal. I was born in 85 and I would **** kick you all over my mountain top. ****ing millennials Dude... @cashfl0w
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