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  1. I will take the hippie on any bet. Do not be scared, homie. Volk is the #1 contender and not the champ. Max is going to destroy him if he squeeks past Ortega. Write it down. It's happening.
  2. So they need to fight twice? I'm assuming you were meaning to say that you want to see Max school that midget again.
  3. Blessed really did beat the hell out of Kattar but that scoring is whack.
  4. Volkanovski should be arrested for impersonating a champion. Zoom training Max will feed him to the canvas next time. The judges will not be needed. That said he's going to get the hands from Ortega who will hand that belt over where it belongs.
  5. Mur mur mur mur mur shut the **** up. Khabib got smacked in the mouth by Nate and didn't do **** about it. His goons started throwing chairs in one of their many brawls.
  6. Overeem 8.0 would mop the ****ing floor with Gane. If he doesn't tap him out he pounds him out.
  7. Kneegrow please. A man with a no notice win over McGregor isn't losing to a dude just because he gets kicked in the leg. Justin looked the absolute worst out of any of Khabib's opponents recently. He gassed halfway through the first round getting walked down by a man with a 70 inch reach. Nate would slap the chit out of him, feed him a one two biscuit when Justin gasses and strangle him on the ground. Swinging from the hips with your eyes closed is going to get him countered. Justin wouldn't last a round with Nate's last opponent. I was actually embarrassed by Justin's performance against Khabib because I thought and told people he would make Khabib work for it. Then he went out there and didn't do a goddamn thing except look like a rookie.
  8. Oh yeah outside of the leg kicks Justin's stand up is trash. He was winging looping punches from his hips with his eyes closed against Khabib. Knocking out Vick... yeah cool Niko Price did that off of his back against a hydrated Vick. Tony Ferguson is washed up and cut weight twice in 3 weeks because Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to do that dumb ****. Multiple times he's admitted that he's a welterweight that fights in the lightweight division. Now Justin is the king of violence but that doesn't mean Poirer and McGregor wouldn't straight starch his **** when they use range/reach and counter him when he overextends. Nate beat Conor. Dustin ducked Nate so who is the real man here? Cash can continue his never ending hating on the Diaz brothers and you dummies just follow his lead. His pressure with the cardio/reach/weight to match it all would break Justin Gaethje especially if it's 5 rounds. No need to even check those baby leg kicks.
  9. Hall will flop around looking for a leg lock and hopefully Ige takes advantage of top position and smashes him with ground and pound. Ryan Hall will not fight on the feet. This fight will most likely suck.
  10. Justin got walked down, pressured and gassed in 3 minutes while catching Khabib's hands. His hips were trash, his ground game is trash. Nate will smack him in the mouth and have him shooting for his life!
  11. Yeah those buildings weren't the capital building where the electoral count was taking place. Those buildings didn't have secret service inside armed with 33 round fully automatic Glocks. You're a goddamn idiot.
  12. Could you imagine the body count if 30 thousand naggers stormed the capital and started breaking inside? It was take days just to get an accurate body count of how many got smoked by Glock 18's. One white woman is all that got killed... ****ing amazing. White priviledge is real. I don't understand how they don't have non lethal anti riot rubber bullet bombs like a US Embassy. You can definitely count on that building just being surrounded by them now. Quality is beyond terrible and it's dubbed in Spanish lol. Look at Dave England's face though. His anxiety is so bad he backs out. Knoxville has to talk Bam and Dunn into getting in there with him. It doesn't show that part but Bam gets lit up so bad he goes down, stays down and starts crying.
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