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  1. Khabib did manhandle Dos Nachos who tapped out Kevin Lee and beat Robbie Lawler at welterweight. Hell Robbie Lawler got his superstar series wrestling medal when he threw Ben Askren for five. I'm not even a fan but have you seen training footage of Khabib with former middleweight champion and someone big enough to fight at light heavyweight? Luke Rockhold is having to go 100% to keep Khabib off of him and is getting shoved up against the wall. The wrestling heavy division is welterweight and Khabib chooses to avoid those 200+ pound guys. The fact stands that he mauls men that can grapple. Poirier can grapple he actually threatened with a submission. As much as people want to **** on McGregor's abilities on the mat he can also grapple and has good takedown defense. Outside of the Mendes fight where he was fighting on one knee no one took him down. He shrugged Eddie's attempts off with ease, put his hands behind his back and floored that idiot 4 or 5 times in a 7 minute fight.
  2. If Kevin Lee could put together a win streak. If Gregor could avoid getting knocked the **** out by Kevin Lee. If Gaethje didn't have the same terrorist rat manager as Khabib...
  3. Gaethje is a small lightweight. Khabib is an actual welterweight just look at his first 16 fights and his walking weight of 190+ pounds. Although not D1 or D2 the dude that exposes himself to teenage girls via text wrestled throughout high school and college at the highest level. Khabib took him down 229 times in one "fight" What does Ferguson offer? Recently got his black belt at 10th planet? Does dumb **** in training? Blows his ACL on extension cords wearing sunglasses indoors? He gets floored in every fight. Conor McGregor would take Tony Ferguson's head CLEAN OFF. He would also do it inside of one round.
  4. Or boxing. I doubt they could explain scoring in BJJ or tell you weight classes. 122/129 I was just a scrawny newly 17 year old when I got my blue belt in late 02. Cutting weight got me strangled with my own Gi at 122 so I went 129 and came in a pound under with ease and made semi's
  5. Ain't no sunshine when he's gone.
  6. It's even better that like a year or more ago Soup posted that using Google was cheating. That you gotta live in the 1990's and it seems that's what these MMA journalists are doing! Cash do these guys actually get paid anything? Like I'm talking early 90's $4.75 an hour. If it's strictly their free time with no money involed they're still stupid. However the wage is a bit low. I was involved with a site over a decade ago and the AD revenue was 100 bucks to put in 5-7 hours a week!
  7. It's ridiculous. You know there's not a lot of news now but when I only have my phone... ya know before corona I would just punch mma news into Google and mania would pop with a good but often very misleading headline. The others aren't that much better. That guy Jesse Holland on mmamania is so completely full of chit it's unreal. When Mike Dolce said Nick Diaz tried to attack he and Johny Hendricks while they needed to cut another pound for the Lawler fight. Someone like yourself who is not a Diaz brothers fan says that doesn't seem like them, unprovoked over Fat Rigg needing to use the extra hour or two. Dolce said it was a crazy situation like 6 years after the fact and nearly a riot. So anyway Jesse who thinks he's a fighter said "I was in the parking lot in Houston and Nick was only heckling Johny in the parking lot while Johny was running the weight off, hardly a "riot" So hold up a minute. What was Hendricks doing cutting to championship weight in Houston? Did they hold the weigh ins for that fight in Houston? Then drive the fighters to Dallas where the fight took place? I could grave dig that pretty easy because it's less than a week old.
  8. What makes it even worse in Gaethje's case. He was the main event in all of those fights.
  9. How do these people get these jobs? Seriously I can't count how many times they just type **** and don't even know what they're talking about. A recent example was I'm reading an article about Justin Gaethje. The idiots says although he's scored 2 back to back 1st round knockouts does that really put him in a position to make demands on a 2 fight winning streak? Okay he's knocked out 3 men in a row all in the first round and he has to be corrected by a fan in the comments section. Felecia Spencer on getting a title shot against Nunes at 145. This dude basically says there's no one besides Megan Anderson to fight. Despite just picking up her first UFC win she showed how tough she was in her UFC debut against Cyborg. Her UFC debut was actually against Megan Anderson who she submitted... which is why she got the title shot over Anderson. Yesterday with Cejudo talking about wanting Cruz if Aldo can't make it. The guy says time is not on Cruz's side as he turns 35 in September. I thought wait were we born same month and year? Yeah didn't think so Cruz already turned 35 just recently in March. What was he looking at to determine what month Cruz was born in? What was this guy looking at to determine Felcia Spencer made her debut against Cyborg? What was this idiot looking at to determine Justin has only knocked out 2 men and not 3 in a row? Oh mmamania half those dudes don't even proof read for spelling mistakes.
  10. To think he's afraid of Tony who not only is NOT an elite wrestler is also insane. Could he cut Khabib with an elbow off of his back? Sure but the man gives up too many bad positions and that's not going to work against Khabib. Kevin Lee had staph infection and was tossing Tony around. If anyone could MAYBE keep Khabib off of him it would be Gaethje. However Justin would have to pack on more mass because the in cage weight is going to favor Khabib by 10+ pounds. If you look at how weight classes are structured say instead of 145 and 155 it's 150 and 160. Guys like Gaethje and Conor could and would need to drop to 150 to win a title. Holloway, Volk would be forced up, Little Frank could drop down. Khabib and Ferguson wouldn't even have that option as they would be forced up to 160. I kinda wish that's how they were structured. So many lightweights that have either been taking WW fights or permenantly moved up could come back down. Masvidal said it was the last 4 to 5 pounds that killed him to make lightweight and once USADA got rid of IV's like idiots he no choice but to go up. I would also predict Gaethje to knock Tony Ferguson into next week. Tony gets dropped in every fight there's even a youtube video of all the times he's ate the canvas. Another obstacle with Gaethje and Khabib is they both have the same rat manager. What is terrorist Ali offering these Americans like Cejudo, Gaethje and Marty that he manages? I don't understand how that guy manages so many contenders and champions.
  11. Like 17 years in the making! Just imagine all 18 in attendance. We will definitely be getting the cops called on us. Not exactly a big deal we got guns too. The homeless winner of the Royal Rumble we turn into like to fiddy dollar assassin. We got outs.
  12. Dude I'm pretty sure the Young King of the backyard Masvidal either has the same manager. Or he has the manager of the brother that manages Jon. We could give the people Jorge vs Ray 3.
  13. I dug into gambling stacks and bought a ton of 9mm ammo because of 2 handguns and a carbine. If people start buying toilet paper the natural reaction is to buy ammo.
  14. I haven't stolen anything yet. I've worked 7 hours this week. ALL in a single day.
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