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  1. I like the hillbilly that nearly castratrated himself. I won't eat my words if he subs Fili I'll eat the 20 to 30 bucks I tossed on him by decision. He's slick and I really didn't even realize it. I mean he headlines for sawing his nut sack up. That was before dominating a solid fighter.
  2. PlatinumClegg

    MTP is cringe

    Edson isn't even in the division anymore. However if he came back up he would absolutely destroy Michael Chandler. Judges would not be needed. Little Pitbull is 5'4" and just recently fed that juice monkey to the canvas in the 155 division. Pitbull would have to fight at 135 in the UFC because the top featherweights are so much bigger than him.
  3. I might go heavy for the first time in a while by decision. I think Fili has spent enough time with the Team Alpha Manlets to avoid the submission. I'm usually wrong when I decide not to nickel and dime it. Maurice Greene and Greg Hardy both suck but I don't think Hardy should be a -315 favorite. Greene is a big nagger that actually has sub skills. I might toss something on him by sub since I murdered the prop bets for UFC 254. I only risked roughly 50 dollars (including a couple of missed parlays) and came out 320ish in the positive.
  4. PlatinumClegg

    Suck it

    Those guys aren't bad on the ground. Just like McGregor isn't the terrible grappler people make him out to be. He lasted longer than the two previous interim champs. Gaethje may have wrestled since age 4 but never used it during his UFC career. Only defensively and he didn't even have to do that often. He fell in love with striking but forgot that Khabib could do this to most welterweights. Outside of Marty and Colby I don't give the welterweight division much of a chance against him.
  5. Fair enough he did pass his drug tests. However just because other people were taking more steroids doesn't mean Georges wasn't taking some. You can't even medal at the Olympics without steroids. I don't think you can defend your title a dozen times during the steroid era without them either.
  6. This is a good one. The sociopathic **** up does whatever the **** he wants. No consequences except that 12 to 6 elbow before he was champ.
  7. Okay @I_Take_Roids_m8 was Georges 100% natty during his reign? I'm not taking anything away from him because look at some of the dudes he fought. Thiago Alves was no doubt on steroids. Look at him try to drop to lightweight for Jim Miller, managed to hit 163 and still lose to a high mileage vet. When he was a top contender he missed the 170 mark a few times. Do those ridiculous traps lie? It's like Vitor who at age 37 was just naturally jacked as ****. Then he has to pass drug tests and in less than a year looks like he skipped all weight lifting.
  8. Even flexing while doing an exercise you can see what HGH has done to his stomach. Look at a strongman like Eddie Hall who is twice the size of Georges. Look GSP had and likely still has the most well rounded skillset. He did what he had to do to win. In his era everybody was on steroids. While not singling him out I kinda am. He managed to pass all of his drug tests but he only had 1 in the USADA era. Go back to 2013 though and this man was convinced that Hendricks was on a lot of steroids. So much so that he wanted WADA or VADA testing and I believe was going to pay for it himself. Hendricks straight up refused and became a total can when USADA rolled into town. Georges beat some great fighters. Dudes that aren't given the respect the deserve for the era that they competed in. Do I think he was all natty? No. Is he a scumbag piece of **** sociopath that has been popped multiple times like Jon Jones? **** no! I didn't like greasegate but I was a fan of GSP before he was champ. I think it had something to do with me not liking Matt Hughes. He wrote Penn off and got stopped in the 1st and was still just a piece of **** human being. The dude couldn't even successfully get killed by a goddamn train because his truck was too big.
  9. PlatinumClegg

    MTP is cringe

    If Edson Barboza didn't go full retard he most likely would've finished Lee. That wheel kick had Kevin performing the ultimate stanky leg. Instead of maintaining his distance he rushed into range where Kevin could grab and recover. That's the best Kevin has ever looked and Edson is down at featherweight somehow. I don't know how he loses that much weight but maybe Kevin should give him a call because he can't even ****ing make lightweight. The delusional turd called for a 165 class in every interview for two solid years. All because he doesn't have the discipline to set himself up to make lightweight without nearly dying. He's admitted to walking heavier than Masvidal who on 5 ****ing days notice cut 21 pounds for Marty. While flying all over the goddamn planet in the process. Move up or lean out. Charles Oliveira has been finished 7 times and journeyman Swanson made him fold up and quit with one punch. Lamas finished him after he missed weight by ten pounds! Kevin Lee absolutely sucks.
  10. PlatinumClegg

    MTP is cringe

    He's also ranked 10th. 2-4 in his last 6. Missed championship weight by over 3 pounds in his last fight... still got choked out. Kevin Lee will never even fight for a UFC world title again so we can stop this nonsense about him winning a strap. Gaethje and Poirier would knock the kid clean out. Hell DP might sub him.
  11. So he's not even in the conversation with roid cheats? Georges may not have ever popped but that HGH gut doesn't lie. Jones and Anderson were geared up for their entire reigns.
  12. PlatinumClegg

    MTP is cringe

    It 100% will be for the vacant title. Ferguson is coming off a loss. Now Gaethje is coming off a loss. No one cares about Michael Chandler.
  13. PlatinumClegg

    MTP is cringe

    I do, at least at lightweight. They can't get away with letting him miss weight again. He had weight cutting issues in his twenties so it's not going to get any easier. He wants his boy Islam to reign.
  14. Jesus ****ing Christ. That fat fook is only a few baconators away from a heart attack. I personally wouldn't vote for someone that gives zero chits about their own personal health. At least Trump doesn't drink.
  15. The mixed martial arts master. Nick Diaz.
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