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  1. This card has some nasty looking meth head types on it as well. Lauren Murphy looks about 56 and like she hasn't laid off the turn pipe for a good 20 years.
  2. I'm implementing a rule that we are not even allowed to speak about that photo. What was seen cannot be unseen. Goddamn dudes on mania talking about it in that article where apparently she makes a bunch of money didn't tell me just how nasty it was. Eww... If you haven't seen the photo consider yourself lucky.
  3. transgender championship of the world at stake.
  4. It's not a hoax you drunk bastard. I don't even know why you care because you will need a new liver in about 3 years. How do I know that? Actual science and the fact that my liver enzymes were bad 15 months ago. If you want to be vaccinated with the knowledge that you are currently given then get vaccinated. If you aren't comfortable with the spike proteins they put in your body and overall lack of general knowledge it should be your choice to not get vaccinated. I had Covid twice. It did permanent damage to my heart. I thought I might die. Yet here I am. You should focus more on yourself. One of the people you posted that died was 74 years old...
  5. 3 years prior. Virus spreads like wildfire. If you question him you are questioning science. lol science always says "take my word for it." because that's how science works. You're another toolbag that's not capable of critical thinking and this dude has been caught lying multiple times. This is exactly why I don't come into this thread.
  6. Obama was talking about it in 2015. How did they know? Dipchit
  7. Yes in early 2017 how did he know the Trump administration would get hit by a "pandemic" Pretty ****ing simply you halfwit as it took 3 ****ing years for it to happen.
  8. Normally I stay out of this but what do people think about this political scumbag Dr. Fauci? Video is getting harder to find but in early 2017 he predicted that Trump would face a pandemic. How did he know? Shouldn't he have to explain what he knew, meant and how he predicted what ended up happening? Now the unvaccinated are causing variants and are putting the public at risk. How can we get immunity from an injection where the manufacturer clearly states does not confer immunity or prevent transmission? Why are vaccinated people considered to be any safer to the public than unvaccinated people when both can be infected and both can transmit the virus to others? Now this walking corpse actually said that if you question him that you are question science. Aren't you supposed to question it? Am I lost now that I'm mostly sober? Science never said "Take our word for it." I won't even get started on Camel Toe Harris whose politics are terrible. She's put people away for marijuana offenses and then laughed about smoking it. Couldn't even get her timeline straight when she said she was listening to Snoop Dogg before he recorded an album. Loud, obnoxious, minority, female... yo @cashfl0w it seems as if they were just checking their PC boxes. Am I wrong?
  9. Tanner Boser knocks him completely unconscious. First exchange.
  10. If Eddie Hall would stop the heavy lifting he wouldn't be hurt. Especially lifting big during the actual boxing camp. I had him just bulldozing Thor even with sloppy technique.
  11. Yeah that looked like a 46 year old and coming off his previous training camp it should be expected. For Michael Todd he just put on as much weight as he possibly could while traveling Canada and constantly pulling everyone. He did some grip exercises and that was it. He knew had to be huge though so Todd couldn't even employ the King's Move. Pretty much all of that weight was in his gut.
  12. I would like to see this for 10 bucks if dad can order it through satellite cable. He's somehow only 6 miles from city limits and still can't get legit high speed internet. Tomorrow is my 36th birthday he'll take me to a steakhouse and get half sweet/half unsweet tea. I'll get a water, a bourbon and a bottled beer. Then we were going to see watch Romero debut against someone who will panic wrestle. Horrible matchmaking. Oh yeah he'll have a card signed by step mother, sister and him with a Ben Franklin inside. Mom and I don't care about birthdays or holidays anymore.
  13. Man I hope so but I just watched a little of that video Soup posted. I don't like it. His elbows are so damaged that he can't physically throw a straight, not even the jab is a functional move for him. I kinda hope Thor will be able to maybe end it early so Devon doesn't get hurt. I won't act like Devon has never used but Thor is on all of the right PED's He's leaned out enough to probably not gas super quickly. With all of that said though I won't forgot Thor's first exhibition where he landed zero punches.
  14. He's WAY too ****ing slow. Francis would take this dude's head clean off with the patented bull rush where he's just throwing hammers until he kills you. Now I realize you said excluding the top guys. Alright if you even know who this is Tanner Boser would beat the absolute **** out of Thor in any form of combat and he's a light heavy that doesn't cut weight and fights heavyweight around 230 and 6'2". It wouldn't be the least bit competitive against an unranked heavyweight.
  15. Burned pancake Devon is not a small man btw. With clothing he weighed 292 for the match against Michael Todd. He can come into this leaner on purpose and still be 270. He's 6'5" with a massive wingspan.
  16. Devon was 20 years special forces. All of the behemoths that can lift way more in the arm wrestling community are afraid of him. He's old with destroyed arms from being champ both right and left. Thor is a bit awkward and just goofy. When I look at Thor I see stiffness. He's stiff as a board. @cashfl0w could roll off the bed and give this weight lifting Bell's Palsy can the hands.
  17. Honestly Conor can be as delusional as he pleases. He'll never have to retire into a commentary gig every weekend to put the kids through private schools and college. 3 different podcasts will not be required either.
  18. You forgot TWO promotion champ champ and he's as rich as Dana. These other broke bums will always want that payday. Dustin said fook that belt and the rando quitter that holds it. I'm actually trying to get paid to do this ****.
  19. Oh something did happen. Since Megan was dressed in plastic wrap Conor asked MGK how much for Fox? There was no trying to take a picture with a dude that has stupid **** all over his face.
  20. That wrist watch on Conor is worth more than every bum pictured here.
  21. Swinging on trannies with pearl necklaces on their face?
  22. lol look at this ****. He's wearing the gayest suit and he does have a pearl necklace all over his face! She went full Rose McGowan from her Marilyn Manson days. She's also clearly doped out of her mind hanging out with that Kardashian sister. 35 and already having surgery on her face.
  23. He isn't just wearing makeup but appears to have fake glitter pearls on his face...
  24. He was in the Netflix White Snake movie as Tommy Lee. He had a diss track that blew up on youtube, so yes.
  25. I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. I had absolutely no idea who this kid was until he dropped that track. I'm not chitting you m8 the Eminem diss track followed by being the drummer in the Bon Jovi movie on Netflix made his "career" Then he kinda followed up that "career" by banging some woman that was sucking Shia off like 15 years ago. Then she got herself impregnated multiple times by a 50 year old man who hasn't had a "career" since the early 1990's.
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