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    GSP vs Masvidal

    Georges doesn't have a glass chin you idiot. He ate bombs from pre USADA Hendricks for 5 rounds. He doesn't need to fight anyway especally someone that isn't champion. If Jorge is going to fight a crotch sniffer it's either Marty or Colby. Nice bait though.
  2. lol we're talking about Dustin Poirier you nitwit. Jorge just happens to also train at ATT. That picture was also just posted TODAY on a goddamn MMA website and I think yesterday on social media by Dustin. You're acting like Dan Hooker is going to hulk smash Dustin Poirier because he's so much bigger. Guess what, pal? After tipping the scales at 155/156 you can only rehydrate so much unless you're pre USADA Tibau who was on every steroid known to man. Post fight press conference for the Holloway fight Dustin said he was 176 pounds in there and that's after making championship weight. Nearly 6 years ago after he lost to Conor and posted the video that he would move up to lightweight it was him standing on a scale weighing 180 pounds. Dan Hooker is going to get the hands. Dude nearly got killed by Barboza and is coming off a split over Paul Felder. A dude that gets beat up by Maximo Blanco and Hick Diaz is not beating Dustin Poirier regardless of size.
  3. It should be literally anyone but Jose Aldo. Bryan ****ing Caraway is more qualified to fight for the bantamweight title. Hell with Little Frank stepping in to get killed by Jung let Yan rearranged his face in his bantamweight debut. He only fought for a title last year he's long overdue. Hell put Holly Holm in there it's been a hot minute since she got a title shot as well.
  4. Well... we do have weight classes for a reason. Anderson has 4 fights at LHW. His first one against James Irvin he took the one pound allowance and came in at 206. Out of his own mouth walks around at 225. Conor is about 175 so that's 50 pounds. Anderson is also 5 inches taller with a 3 inch reach advantage. Regardless this fight is never going to happen.
  5. Hooker is not as heavy as Darrell or he couldn't make 155 and would've never made 145. Oh yeah and look at how goddamn tiny Dustin is in a cage with Jorge. I can't believe they're even allowed to spar with such a massive size difference.
  6. With the PPV platform pretty much being relegated to the Conor McGregor platform he wouldn't be missed by many. Without being juiced up and pulsing picograms he's terrible. Also if you look at his pulls on PPV in the past they weren't that good if his opponent wasn't Daniel Cormier. **** Jon Jones.
  7. **** they would've thrown our asses underneath the goddamn jail. Jon was getting smacked around in his last two fights. If he gets hit by Francis he's hitting the canvas. I think he might want out so he can go roid and try to take Bader's belts. At this point Bader might just sleep him.. He's also ducking giving Reyes his rematch and he knows he lost that fight. I did enjoy how he couldn't even be bothered to use Google to spell Deontay's name right.
  8. Have you seen their fights against Nate Diaz? Conor got stopped by Nate with no training camp whatsoever. Jorge beat Nate like he owed him something. They also both fought Cowboy. Jorge got the unbeatable welterweight Cowboy that was 4-0 with 3 knockouts and 1 submission in that weight class. He proceeded to knock a 33 year old Donald out two times in one fight. Conor got the 37 year old washed up just got his **** beat by Ferguson and Gaethje version of Cerrone. They gave him a layup because he hadn't won a fight since 2016. He doesn't want those problems and it's not that Jorge is too big. Size is fairly close same reach. Jorge fought at lightweight until they banned IV's and he's two inches taller. Conor knows he doesn't have the gas tank and that Jorge is the better kickboxer. He's the better wrestler. He actually has submission wins and one in the UFC over a BJJ blackbelt. Conor won't even speak Masvidal's name.
  9. You would know all too well about hitting the turn pipe. You toothless loser that lives with Granny Wickles.
  10. I would like this post BUT... LEFT HAND OF TKO! Conor sits this EPO bum down in 1! Never forget the shoulder strikes. He's breaking noses and orbitals with that chit.
  11. I'm telling you mother****ers right now. You are underestimating how Mike Brown is getting Jorge ready for this crotch sniffer on steroids. I saw Marty get wobbled about 3 times from Colby's hands. That dude hit Robbie Lawler 400 times and couldn't hurt him. I also saw Marty get kicked in the liver and Goddard save him via fake nut shot. He's going to get stopped and then test positive for EPO.
  12. He's not just a division 1 wrestler. He's a 4 time finalist and 3 time D1 champion.
  13. Conor knocks that bum out.
  14. i know Hooker is huge for LW but so is DP. They'll be 175 pounds when they fight.
  15. Nigerian Nightmare will get knocked out.
  16. Yeah... under gay rules. In the backyard Jorge would kill that idiot.
  17. lol ****ing idiot. He was talking about how Jorge violated Dan Lambert's no trash talk policy among teammates not that long ago. A couple of days ago he gives an interview threatening Jorge if he saw him in the streets. lol said he would spike him on his head and probably kick his teeth out. The other major major gyms where he lives. Marty trains at one and Lawler trains at the other.
  18. I wanted to point this out because it can affect who or what you bet on prop wise. Stats show 20% more strikes thrown and like 14% more fights finished in the small cage.
  19. This is HUGE! UFC Apex events which host the contender series will use the 25' cage! Yo @cashfl0w what's up mother****er?! Make Wonderman fight a killer! Something like when Machida accepted a small cage bout with Romero.
  20. Marty ain't ****. The dude fakes nut shots when he gets kicked in the liver. He gets poked in his left eye so badly that he claims he got poked in his right eye. He took the belt from a bum. Tyron Woodley was old and he sucks. Who did he even beat besides Lawler and Till? Till was the only good performance he had recently. His fights with Wonderman and Maia aren't watchable. Marty is not invincible. He cuts a ton of weight. He uses performancing enhancing drugs AND he still lost rounds 1, 2 and 4 against Colby.
  21. Dude... are you guys really listening the terrorist scum? Okay I'll let you in on something. Nate posted to social media that he was p4p the baddest mother****er in the game. Jorge responded that he begs to differ. Then he said they can run it back. Jorge is not ducking Snoozeman who will try to suck his d!ck as soon as the ref says fight. Marty is on steroids, EPO and the crotch sniffer is still getting laid out. The ref isn't going to be bailing him out like Goddard did against Colby. When he folds up from a body kick he's not getting to take a time up for a supposed nut shot.
  22. The **** is Israel talking about fighting light heavy and heavyweight? This video is proof he probably takes a dump to make 185. There's no way he's even 200 pounds.
  23. Dude they've both competed and killed themselves making featherweight before. Poirier will rehydrate to 176 pounds. There's not going to be a real size difference other than a little height and reach. I think it's a solid fight but seeing as how it wasn't that long ago that Hooker nearly died against Edson I'll put my money on Dustin. I don't think Hooker could throttle Holloway at lightweight the way Poirier did.
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