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  1. I'll pass. Have Lewis fight Overeem if he can beat Sakai. Ngannou vs Blaydes 3 for the vacant heavyweight title after DC and Stipe both retire next weekend. Stipe might as well follow Daniel into retirement since he takes 13 month breaks the past few years.
  2. Yeah because Moreno and Askarov are going to sell. You can't have Shevchenko and Figuerdo both fight randoms when Fig is a random himself. It's time to get rid of that division anyway. 95% of those guys are bantamweights cutting an extra ten pounds. Demetrious and Joe B were the only known guys that didn't cut crazy % of body weight to get down there. DJ is gone and Joe is going to get fed a retirement W in his next fight.
  3. In 15 minutes I think Francis threw 7 strikes.
  4. So Derrick Lewis just retired? He said he's not taking anymore fights until he gets down around 245. Well at least he made history in his retirement fight.
  5. Francis Ngannou. Look at his last fight. He charged forward flailing haymakers with his eyes closed. He missed, missed, missed and killed the man. Francis also lost to Derrick in a fight were Derrick's back went out.
  6. Weidman has 2 wins in 8 years both over blown up welterweights. Calm down m8
  7. Thank you Derrick. That finished my 5 leg.
  8. No ****. He could've flattened him in about 25 seconds if he didn't clinch and go to the ground.
  9. Goddamn the small cage is designed for Derrick to kill this bum and he started wrassling...
  10. I enjoyed his post fight interview. He basically said that his performance was garbage (it was) and then said he's coming for the top dogs. No welterweights want to fight Geoff Neal. Let him move up and knock Chris clean out.
  11. No... he wasn't. He's boring as ****. Are you Weidman's father by chance?
  12. He's trolling. Weidman is so slow he gets sniped and knocked out early. He throws wide, misses and eats the canvas hard.
  13. ??? I had never even heard of this random he was fighting. Can't think of a single fighter that I'm a fan of that Weidman has defeated. Costa would kill this man in about 12 seconds.
  14. If he could've finished the fight maybe. Omari has been stopped by the likes of Gunnar Nelson, Sergio Moraes and Elizeu Zalaski Dos Santos.
  15. About as well as Weidman has aged under USADA drug testing. This Dagestani has fought at welterweight. Weidman's previous fight was light heavy.
  16. Chris Weidman is BACK! Izzy, Costa, Yoel, Jared, Bobby and Darrell... you're all gonna get it!
  17. Officially 4 to 4 and Weidman has shot 15 takedowns... lol!
  18. Wow... Chris Weidman has to be one of the worst fighters in the modern era to ever hold a UFC world championship. Hey Chris tell us more about how you're a bad match up for Jon Jones. You're slow as **** and can't even defend a takedown when you grab the cage.
  19. That scumbag piece of chit is not going to fight DC at heavyweight. Multiple times he made that very clear. I believe his words were "That's DC's zone" Jon only wants to fight a depleted Daniel. Even then he's terrified to fight an old man 7 inches shorter with 13 inches less reach without taking steroids.
  20. lol this Dagestani is retarded. He cracked Weidman with back to back right hands and then shot a takedown...
  21. lol bullchit. If he beats Stipe he wins the trilogy 2-1. Retires as a 2 weight world champion 2 different times. He's not trying to get in there with Francis Ngannou even though he could wrassle him. The problem is Francis could also knock him dead in the first 20 seconds with zero technique haymakers like he did to that other African.
  22. This dude he's fighting only has 1 loss at middleweight. It was his 3rd pro fight ten years ago. He beat Heinisch and went to a draw with Vettori. I'd pick those guys to knock Weidman out cold.
  23. Why is that? He's 41 years old and a multi millionaire with about 8 different jobs outside of fighting.
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