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  1. LOL! Cub Swanson when he was younger as a black belt in BJJ got strangled by an old Jens Pulver! That was WEC days and Jens was old and shot already. The fight lasted like 22 seconds. Cub Swanson NEVER beat a top fighter and Jens went on to compete at 135 and even took 125 fights as a 40 year old man on the regional scene. Cub Swanson the black belt got choked out by Holloway when Max was a blue belt. Cub Swanson got knocked the **** out by Jose Aldo as soon as the referee said "fight" That dude is a bum. ONE right hand and Charlie staggered away and straight up quit. He laid down on the canvas and quit. He wasn't knocked down. He laid his body on the ground and quit from a single punch. Tony is going to torture that boy.
  2. Actually... MORON. I trashed him in this thread as well! Slap yourself.
  3. Shut the **** up you idiot. He's been slamming guys and hitting takedowns for over 2 years now. He hit the DC high crotch slam on Felder. He showed the world that black belt Gall is a blue belt at best. Gall has ONE submission. It's the one you can teach a 3 year old. Pay attention to the event thread, dipchit. I trashed Perry for showing up out of shape and simply not even bothering to make the weight. He clearly didn't train and he didn't water load like these guys that make huge last minute weight cuts. He was by far in the worst physical shape of his entire career and he wasn't sniffing a crotch you ****ing moron. He took Means down, he took his back and he nearly had the one submission that Gall knows locked in twice. Why don't you go suck a d!ck you filthy ****ing casual.
  4. I'll be back when Tony puts a serious beating on this kid. The only way that retard Charles stops Tony is with illegal strikes.
  5. lol who wants on that wagon? It's rare to see Cub Swanson punch a man one time and the dude straight lays down and quits. He got strangled by Pettis who couldn't eat for like a month to make 145. He weighed 155 eating McDonald's the day before the weigh ins against old Lamas for a 145 fight. Got strangled. He fought Paul Felder. Got his skull caved in on the ground. Beating a bum like Kevin Lee doesn't mean you are walking through Tony Ferguson.
  6. Geoff Neal is going to sleep Wonderman in that small cage.
  7. lol no. He wouldn't get him down. He would eat one good punch and quit like he did against journeyman Swanson.
  8. Oh yeah well done m8. I hope you hit a homerun. I didn't realize how badly out of shape he was until he looked the worst ever, physically. He did what I predicted which was wrestle but didn't have the cardio to win another round. My friend that wrestled in school but knows jack chit about fighters ran a Means/Val/Fig +220 parlay last moment really. Only the main card fights were left. He ask me what the good bets were and I said he missed them on the prelims. I hope you got Tim before he lost a lot of value.
  9. Why would he get a title shot over Poirier/McGregor winner? They would both knock him the **** out.
  10. He might be younger and on a streak but Felder caved his skull in. He got hit one good time by journeyman Swanson and laid down. He weighed in at 155 for a 145 fight against an old Lamas and got strangled. I'm giving him zero chance against a lunatic like Tony. He's going to get sliced up and look for a way out. Kevin Lee is more mentally checked out than Mike Perry. The man tattoed his entire head ffs. And it's worse than the Alan Belcher tattoo. I hope the odds on Tony are decent because Chuck cannot handle pressure fighters. His 7 fight win streak is cans and dudes that were decent ten years ago.
  11. Robbie should've just shown up injured. He would've knocked this Mike the **** out.
  12. If they would stop pulling the damn prop bets when the final fighter to make his walk takes his shirt off I would've smashed that. Mike was in good shape against Gall. Rogan for some reason said he looked in good shape tonight when he's never been that soft with love handles before. I BARELY got the Fig inside the distance bet in just to cover the loss on Perry/Shevchenko parlay that I put more money than anything on. I KNEW Mike was going to wrestle and I thought he could keep it up long enough to win 2 rounds. One judge didn't even give him the 1st round. Yeah he landed less strikes but had a takedown with like 3 minutes of control and threatened 2 submissions. He's one L away from knocking Julian Lane out in his BKFC debut. That's if he even fights at 170. I'm calling it right now. Before 2021 ends Mike Perry is in BKFC at middleweight against Phil Baroni or Chris Leben. Write this chit down. It's happening unless he decides paying for trainers is worth keeping a 90/90 contract. The UFC clearly like him because they put him on main cards. The same events they put guys he lost against on the prelims and for this card the early prelims. This nagger doesn't understand how well he has it for a mediocre now .500 fighter in the UFC. No one that is 7-7 in the UFC is making 90/90.
  13. He's in a division with no real threat. A 36 year old Joe B still beats these other guys.
  14. He'll smoke Moreno and try to move up for a bantamweight title match if he can. Looks like Sandhagen is already sitting in a position to wait on Yan/Sterling winner. He might have to get rid of Moreno and Garbrandt if Cody really wants to move down. If he puts on mass to move up to 135 he might be stuck up there because he turns 33 next month. From what I was hearing though he showed up this fight week at 136 while he normally shows up at 143. No wonder he kept missing weight. Cody only rehydrated back to 142 after a 135 cut for his fight in California against TJ who was 149. Fig looked about 142 after a 125 cut.
  15. Moreno will get knocked out. His strong suit is the ground and he doesn't want to go there. I'd rather see Garbrandt who definitely won't be shooting. Cody at 125 will likely be just like I called TJ down there. Chin even worse and gets knocked dead. I don't see any flyweights taking that strap. You know Cejudo wants nothing to do with him or that weight cut to 125 ever again.
  16. Why not? Fight lasted no time. I can't believe Perez even wanted a takedown.
  17. Nice. Put everything that had paid on God of War inside the distance at -120 last second. Saved Mike Perry's blunder. That Perez kid should have kept kicking. Why would you grapple with a dude that choked out Benavidez?
  18. God of War better kill this kid.
  19. lol because of Mike Perry losing if Figuerdo wins I'm going to net about 17 bucks. Should've smashed that decision prop on Val. I didn't realize she was going to wrestle and didn't even know she was coming off an injury. Octagon changing size from Fight Island to Apex is something I keep forgetting to consider.
  20. **** I should've put something on that positive decision prop. Get back my Mike/Val money.
  21. If they landed it. It was there for about a minute.
  22. Valentina by decision paid well into the positive. Something unheard of when a fighter is even -400. You'll never see it at -2000.
  23. Holy **** live betting Shevchenko is -300 on bovada right now.
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