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  1. What's Evans going to do spam overhand rights and hooks. LOL it would be funny as hell if his chin got cracked by a featherweight and he did the stanky leg 2.0
  2. What just straight kickboxing? Evans may be a lot heavier but he's 2 inches taller with the same reach. The speed difference would be drastic. What's so good about Evans stand up?
  3. JDS with a win over Miocic definitely puts himself in a position to challenge the winner of Hunt vs Werdum. He finished both of them.
  4. This **** with Cain is not fair to a lot of people. The winner of Werdum vs Hunt should be the heavyweight champion. **** the interim bull ****. It's not fair that a 40 year old Mark Hunt is getting 3 weeks to prep for a title fight. It's not fair that Cormier has removed himself from HW title contention to avoid fighting someone that can't make it to a fight. Even when Cain fights and crushes someone he gets injured every time.
  5. I'm a Hunt fan but I don't see him beating Werdum except via 1st or 2nd round knockout. If it goes past 2 Werdum will finish Hunt. This is not going 5 rounds with Hunt getting 3 weeks to cut a bunch of weight. He'll gas and eventually be taken down where Werdum submits him.
  6. After Cormier mops the floor with Jones he should campaign to fight for the HW title as well. I'm a fan of Cain but he's finished. This will be something like his 8th or 9th surgery since college. He's holding his older training partner back. Someone who went down a division to avoid him even though he never fights. Vacate the title and take the time to get healthy if it's even possible.
  7. So Hunt gets a 3 week training camp... god damnit Cain this is getting ridiculous. Hunt better put hands on Werdum early. He's not getting enough time to prepare.
  8. Saw this earlier. Golden. I like how Mendes admits he would just wrestle with Conor aka hold on for dear life.
  9. Royce is seriously rustled over Bravo tapping Royler out over a decade ago. He should just let it go. He's making himself look retarded by bashing marijuana smokers when he has been popped for roids.
  10. You need to lose 9 pounds? You're a lean 218? You don't have much time. Diuretics are probably not an option. The best thing I can think of is make the weight and just rehydrate once they think you're 209. Eat several very small meals and run. Find a sauna. Maybe just pay the extra charge. How much is it?
  11. I would've delivered a crushing knee to the dome as he was ground and pounding the ref.
  12. He's only 5'4". Dustin Kimura is a former featherweight that has missed the bantamweight limit before.
  13. He wrestled at 121. His first MMA bouts were at 135 and he made weight. He would come in at 128 for flyweight bouts. 135 will not be an issue.
  14. Oh and the boxer in blue is also a punk *****. He just runs away and jumps out of the ring.
  15. lol dragged out of the ring like the punk he is. They should have stomped the **** out of him.
  16. He's a little guy he can make 135 easy. It was the last few pounds trying to make 125 that was the problem.
  17. Nice he decided to not be a total WCC and fight at a weight he can actually make. Renan Barao should take notes.
  18. Of course I am homie. I will never sell you a handful of wolf tickets. I respect you and your family too much to poison them.
  19. Rockhold beat Kennedy who dominated Spits. MMA math for the win homies.
  20. Voted fraud across multiple states cheated him out of the nomination. This is a prime example of political parties not mattering at all. When Paul held a rally he filled the venue every night. If the place could seat 4,000 people that's how many were there. Outdoor venues commonly had over 10,000 people. Romney held a rally at the Detroit Lions stadium (seats nearly 80k) and maybe 800 showed up. He couldn't fill the fold out chairs on the field. Moderators intentionally ignored him at the debates that he dominated. Continually trying to move on to the next topic without letting him speak. When corporate media would mention him it was always "He's too radical." What's radical about returning to the constitution? They knew Paul vs Obama would be difficult to rig in Obama's favor without the controversy of 2000 and 2004 elections happening all over again so they just straight up robbed him of the nomination. Post debates he was mentioned once on the 5 major networks while the other 3 were mentioned 70-90 times. When he was the winner of a poll they put the loser (Romney) at the top and go in reverse order putting the winner (Paul) at the bottom. It's all bull **** folks and it's bad for you.
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