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  1. He needs to fight a couple of bums? He destroyed Brandao who submitted Bermudez. Bermudez decisions Garza and Siler, split decisions Holloway and Grice. He subs Guida and some other bum while Tkoing Hettes. Cub couldn't finish Dustin Poirier when Poirier had to cut 30 pounds for a short notice fight. He won a close decision while Conor just raped Poirier with a injured hand. Swanson should never be able to live down getting choked out by a past his prime can like Pulver. Think about this for a moment. Since then Pulver hasn't beaten anyone of note but has dropped down to the bantamweight and FLYWEIGHT divisions... You guys need to wake up. He KOs both of these bums because their ability to run away or hold on for dear life is just not good enough. The true test to see whether or not someone can run away or hold on for dear life is clearly Frankie Edgar. That's the answer homie and the answer still gets knocked the **** out with a crisp counter punch.
  2. Exactly. They will toss her someone that isn't a threat on the ground and she will violently knock the bum out.
  3. It's almost like he didn't even give a **** to hide it. He fights once every 2 years anyway.
  4. I love how Cung Le explains this picture. Something along the lines of his just had a really good workout where he lost 6 pounds during the process. He probably threw that crap line in there that people were defending Vitor with not even a year ago. "He just cut weight and it's the lighting" Everyone knows by the age of 42 you know your body so well that you get super jacked with the quickness.
  5. lol Kennedy went full Greg Jackson at that point. He was thinking about how Condit survived against the mixed martial arts master.
  6. So all mods are stuck in the same timezone? Solution?
  7. Juicing up just to get the beating of his life from Count Pillowfists... What a can.
  8. He may be implying that there are male nurses that rape old ladies during sponge bath time in nursing homes. Weidman is the Megasoup and Belfort is the old senile lady.
  9. Randy destroyed him twice. The first time was against the young and roided up Belfort while Couture was of course still an old man with pillow fists.
  10. At least he won't be a 17 to 1 dog being a weight cutting can from the men's division. I'll never forget how terrified he was of Diego Brandao. That was really funny even though he probably did threaten to stab Caraway a few times during filming.
  11. Brutally knocks out the reigning champion who gets an immediate rematch despite his lengthy medical suspension... lol he had to wait on Anderson's brain to get medically cleared for the rematch! Damn homie... do you even UFC bro?
  12. Jesus Christ himself had to slice Couture's eyelid just so he could get himself a belt for a few months. After winning the title a 41 yrs old man with pillow fists comes back and beats him like a drum for 3 rounds. Prime roided up Belfort could only last 15 minutes against old man wall n stall Couture. Anyone giving old and deflated Belfort a chance against Weidman is as crazy as Belfort himself. Jesus doesn't even think he's going to win... that's when you know he's ****ed.
  13. Cat is not even the rightful number 1 contender in the women's bantamweight division. Bryan Caraway is... check him out he's the best in the world. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mma-cagewriter/ufc-s-bryan-caraway---i-m-the-best-in-the-world-on-the-ground-142034832.html "I think I'm the best in the world, on the ground. I don't think anybody can hang with me when we get in scrambles, and stuff." Make it happen Dana. He already said he would knock her teeth out but now he's claiming he is the best in the world... on the ground. WAR Caraway the only **** out there with a chance!
  14. If Cat went to train with DC she might last 2 minutes. That old woman can't grapple with Tate and gets smashed in the 1st round by some bum that Alexis Davis knocked out... get real homie. Ronda don't need this ****. It's just another can to pad her undefeated record before she retires in a couple of years.
  15. Cat lasts longer than Davis and not as long as McMann. Ronda by submission 30-45 seconds of the 1st round.
  16. Jon Jones ducked him in 2012 before accepting a fight with a different middleweight named Vitor Belfort.
  17. Does Cat get a baseball bat or some sort of bludgeoning weapon so a commission will sanction this beating?
  18. Gabe Gonzaga destroyed Chris Tuchscherer's jimmies with a brutal kick. After several minutes he tried to continue but was TKOed immediately. Being a heavyweight fight it was the worst groin strike I have ever seen. Gonzo was channeling his inner Cheick Kongo.
  19. If Megasoup wasn't squatting in the ghetto I would point my finger at him but... he's a bum.
  20. It's comical how much the mods give a ****.
  21. It is his natural weightclass based off what most people cut down to but he walks about 170 at 26yrs old . He has a big reach for 5'9" and his punching power would translate up at least one weight class. He just clowned the number 5 guy in the world who is very big for 145. Poirier started his career as a lightweight cutting 20 pounds at 20 years old. He seems pretty confident that he's going to be fast tracked to the top of this division. We'll see how it goes. I could see a a couple of guys being able to hold on for dear life.
  22. I wish they would let him retire Canchez while we wait on Aldo's kidney transplant.
  23. Imagine the jimmies that will be rustled when he starts knocking out everyone's favorite 155ers.
  24. It gets interesting when he goes up to lightweight in the future.
  25. lulz even a crippled 40 years old Anderson would knock that can the **** out while he was still sitting on his stool.
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