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  1. Ten to twenty years ago and this is a "When keeping it real goes wrong" moment because Tyson probably kills him with his bare hands on live television.
  2. lol the guy went full retard with a question about something that supposedly happened 24 years ago. The question did not make any sense and this uncle Tom must not have any common sense. That question is guaranteed to set Tyson off. You think when Dana or Jones are kicking it with Tyson that they go out of their way to be like "Hey Mike, since you're a convicted rapist let's talk about that incident from over two decades ago"
  3. I've been busy working so I didn't have to squat in the abandoned house just down the street. It's good to see the old timers haven't given up on this place yet.
  4. Dana would love that **** too. If there's video evidence he puts that in her highlight reel while promoting her next fight.
  5. That's what I would bet on. She doesn't throw a single punch but instead opts to toss him on his head and break his arm.
  6. Your kidding right? Jon Jones finishes every middleweight he fights.
  7. Wait a minute... so the guy that squats in other peoples apartments carries an iron around? What a boss.
  8. I don't think I even own a iron. I'm pretty sure the ex wife took that **** with her. She's the only one that ever attacked me and I just ate punch after punch right on the button all while laughing at her. They didn't even rattle me especially in my drunken state but my jaw was messed up for about 6 weeks. I was getting tagged with my mouth open talking **** and taunting her like the great Nick Diaz. One of my finer moments in life...
  9. ^^^ This guy has clearly been attacked by multiple women over the years and it's just all in a days work.
  10. Well he is the champion you ****stain halfwit.
  11. I highly doubt she could one punch KO a man with the exception being Schaub and Overeem.
  12. Why didn't Rockhold tell Spits that he knocked out a legend like The Dean of Mean?
  13. Being the light heavyweight twin brother of Rodrigo is getting him lumped into somehow no longer having a chin. Rogerio just can't stay healthy and make it to a fight but he isn't the brother that has been either getting KOed, TKOed or beat up in fights that he wins for the past decade. Not many guys at 205 stop him that quickly.
  14. Rogerio is way past his prime but the only time he was ever finished quickly with strikes prior was not taking a can like Sokoudjou seriously at all. That was him getting caught. Rumble just ran him the **** over. Lil Nog doesn't have the mileage that his brother does and IMO could still beat most of the guys outside of the top 10 and especially outside of the top 15.
  15. Yeah just looked it up. 5 speed automatic? lol this isn't 1998.
  16. Goddamnit it is so ****ing annoying that the rest of the world can get turbo diesel anything and in the states you have to build the **** yourself. Looking to get a little buttplug like a Suzuki Samurai and throw a VW turbo diesel out of a Jetta in it because they will go anywhere lifted, geared, bigger tires and diesel torque.
  17. Talked this jew down to $13,800 3 years ago and this ten year old vehicle still makes that Chrysler look like crap. http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=561338
  18. You want a 40 thousand dollar CHRYSLER?! That's almost as bad as this one idiot in town who spent over 60K on that piece of **** luxury sport sedan HYUNDAI makes. You can have all the horsepower in the world but at the end of the day you are driving a disposable car that costs 40 grand. May as well just grab you a Dodge Dart while your at it. 40K buys a very nice slightly used beamer or benz.... you know a car that's not smoking when it has 70 thousand miles on it. Dodge/Chrysler is absolute crap. In the 90s and 2Ks they had mitsubishi motors and now FIAT makes those piles of ****.
  19. Really? This fight didn't make sense 7 years ago because Fedor would end Randy's life in roughly 30 seconds. One big casting punch where Fedor breaks his hand on Randy's skull and the old man never wakes up. Couture trying to wall n stall against the cage wouldn't work back then and it would not work now. Put them in a ring and good luck even getting that sanctioned. 90% of Couture's game plan involves holding you against the cage and he struggled with Brandon Vera who dropped him. If you calculate Big Nog's fight mileage the man is 106 years old and he stomped the **** out of Randy.
  20. If Lauzon wasn't crippled during TUF 5 this would have been your finale. He was so banged up with multiple injuries that he managed to lose to Gamburyan in the semifinals.
  21. Deflated Vitor has no chance Weidman will stop him inside of 3 rounds but Jacare could make for a good 5 round fight. Weidman would win though.
  22. Carmont got Jacare with one arm. He wouldn't survive round 1 otherwise. Gegard fought a healthy Jacare
  23. Yeah just saw the interview but he's trying to be humble. He could have still went out there and clobbered Horsemeat for 2 more rounds if needed.
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