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  1. He's in a division with no real threat. A 36 year old Joe B still beats these other guys.
  2. He'll smoke Moreno and try to move up for a bantamweight title match if he can. Looks like Sandhagen is already sitting in a position to wait on Yan/Sterling winner. He might have to get rid of Moreno and Garbrandt if Cody really wants to move down. If he puts on mass to move up to 135 he might be stuck up there because he turns 33 next month. From what I was hearing though he showed up this fight week at 136 while he normally shows up at 143. No wonder he kept missing weight. Cody only rehydrated back to 142 after a 135 cut for his fight in California against TJ who was 149. Fig looked about 142 after a 125 cut.
  3. Moreno will get knocked out. His strong suit is the ground and he doesn't want to go there. I'd rather see Garbrandt who definitely won't be shooting. Cody at 125 will likely be just like I called TJ down there. Chin even worse and gets knocked dead. I don't see any flyweights taking that strap. You know Cejudo wants nothing to do with him or that weight cut to 125 ever again.
  4. Why not? Fight lasted no time. I can't believe Perez even wanted a takedown.
  5. Nice. Put everything that had paid on God of War inside the distance at -120 last second. Saved Mike Perry's blunder. That Perez kid should have kept kicking. Why would you grapple with a dude that choked out Benavidez?
  6. God of War better kill this kid.
  7. lol because of Mike Perry losing if Figuerdo wins I'm going to net about 17 bucks. Should've smashed that decision prop on Val. I didn't realize she was going to wrestle and didn't even know she was coming off an injury. Octagon changing size from Fight Island to Apex is something I keep forgetting to consider.
  8. **** I should've put something on that positive decision prop. Get back my Mike/Val money.
  9. If they landed it. It was there for about a minute.
  10. Valentina by decision paid well into the positive. Something unheard of when a fighter is even -400. You'll never see it at -2000.
  11. Holy **** live betting Shevchenko is -300 on bovada right now.
  12. From Tim Means. If he showed up in this shape Robbie would've knocked his **** out.
  13. Don't feel bad for that idiot. 2017 Perry would've knocked Tim Means head clean off his shoulders. If he doesn't want to train or pay cornerman he'll be fighting Julian Lane in BKFC next year.
  14. Jennifer Maia looks like a dude. A very ugly one.
  15. He's done. He started to regress two years ago.
  16. ****ing idiot has to cough up 27k of that 90k show money. If they were to get a FoTN bonus (probably won't) Tim will get all 100k. This man does not need to be a father.
  17. Doubt it. He's just out of shape and I knew he planned to wrestle as you can see by my comment at the top. You could tell by interviews that this guy is mentally checked out. A lot of those punches were just embarrassing.
  18. Mike looked like absolute ****. Wtf was he doing in the southpaw stance? He showed up with a white belt in hands.
  19. He did it to Gall. He slammed Felder.
  20. Mike's done. Hurt him with the right hand and trapped against the fence and he shot a TD. SMH
  21. Curtis Blaydes should be free money but I don't trust that guy. I loaded up on him in the Francis rematch and he didn't set the takedowns up at all.
  22. I think Mike is finna wrasslefook Tim.
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