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  1. Black on black crime. Mike might kill the poor bastard.
  2. Did Kevin even make weight for that fluke ****? Mike would score his slam KO on this kid.
  3. If he punched Luke on the chin... yeah he has a shot. He would never ragdoll Luke Rockhold. Dude beat up 3 unranked bums. Not a single person to ever even challenge for a title. Chill out
  4. I'm so high it took me a moment to get this one.
  5. Colby would destroy this turd.
  6. lol dude got put on skates by Nate. Leon Scott is not getting a title shot. Marty Juiceman will do anything to duck Wonderman and Colby. It's why he's trying to fight Nate.
  7. Luke could probably find a way to get himself knocked out. He's a specialist but Rat Lip knows he can't ragdoll him.
  8. Platinum Mike Perry needs an easy fight. They won't risk letting him smash this kid on the last fight of his contract before he leaves to beat up Tyron Woodley and the Paul brothers in boxing.
  9. Marlon gets his walking papers when he gasses after one round and gets wrestled in 2 and 3. He better hope he gets an early knockout otherwise his nutsack will get inspected by this dude.
  10. I think Jorge could go switch and replicate exactly what he did to Darren Till against Leon Scott.
  11. If it was 6 rounds Leon Scott would've ate the canvas face down and **** up. Dude is a bum. Nate's getting old he's our age and he put Leon on skates worse than he did in a average sized lightweight Conor McGregor. They need to just let Jorge end this winning streak. They can't promote this bum. Dude barely scrapped by Gunner Nelson and proceeded to get pieced up backstage and then didn't fight for two years. He's a decision machine that won't be able to take Masvidal's best shots if Nate is rocking him. Jorge has been KOed once and Leon isn't about to do that training under the same people unlike Marty Juiceman that switched to a better coach/camp but kept the same chemist.
  12. Why did Maynard get knocked out? Why did Conor get put one skates and panic wrestle only to get choked out? Why did Leon Scott look like Bambi on ice? Did you not see that British nagger running for his life the last 65 seconds?
  13. If Oz and Cash say that Leon Scott is a bum it's the fact, Jack. Nate should've put his bum **** on skates earlier
  14. I'm a Chuck fan but he shouldn't be allowed to ref this fight. Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter are both crackheads with HEAVY hands. They gonna be swanging and banging. Chuck shouldn't be in the middle of these animals.
  15. A bit overboard but this goof should at least have a friend or several that are kind of inclined to help him. I won't touch my vehicles for basic stuff but I trust multiple people to do the easier jobs. I'm not going to let them change the timing belt for instance but a fuel filter or even fuel pump and radiator. Belts, hoses, plugs, etc. The kinda **** that as a man I should be able to but would rather pay to make sure it's done correctly. The most recent issue I had with my toilet was the wax ring causing a very mild leak but still a leak at the base of my toilet. That would eventually rot the wooden floors over time but I bought the wax ring replacement kit along with an oversized wax ring that apparently is 40% larger! Homie wouldn't even take my money. We simply toasted a Daviess County bourbon and ripped the bong. You're a loser Bart.
  16. TJ will get wrecked without his needles. His chin is just as trash as Marlon's and Cody's. Arguably worse he gets wobbled in every fight which is why I told you dummies Triple Cringe would spark him in 1. You can't have a chit chin at 135 and not expect to get your head put in a pinball machine at 125. That goes for Cody as well he needs to stay away from Fig at 125. Beavison isn't pillow fisted like Rob Font
  17. I'd rather get knocked out cold than have a brittle leg that causes me lose fights. Sean is actually far dumber than Cody which is absolutely amazing. Chito smashes his face in and Sean says repeatedly that he's still undefeated. Every blunt Sean smokes has crack sprinkled in it.
  18. He did but only in the first 2 rounds. After that he was tired and got jabbed up. Font has a chin because Cody landed a few bombs that wobble most of these turds. None of it matter Petr Yan puts a savage beating on all of these fools.
  19. The brittle can would TKO himself with a leg kick in the 1st.
  20. You're talking 8 years and like 12 fights ago. Rose was 21 years old. She'll box this ugly can up.
  21. Rose gonna feed this erudite the hands and tap her out if she gets taken down. Mr Zhang was throwing kicks after getting manhandled in the 1st round... smh.
  22. Carla's face looks like an erudite from 1999 Everquest. Wicked forehead.
  23. Mark Hunt should just body this white piece of ****.
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