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  1. I had a cousin in Warner Robbins, GA threaten to drive up here to give me the hands on FB. I rarely get on but a friend that tends bar at a fine establishment put out a post that whoever got closest to calling the electoral college gets 2 free drinks. Old fashions I need to collect because I predicted Biden 301 and there's no way any one beat me because they were all calling Trump in the 320's. Anyway the only thing I said that set him off was that Donald Trump is hilarious. I asked what did he even campaign on? I said I watched some rallies just for some laughs because all he did was make fun of Joe Biden. He actually said he doesn't have to make empty promises and that not being in bed with the establishment was enough. I said people that believe that type of chit need to be slapped because there's photos of him with Bill Jeff that look like they are from before Bill was even president. He came back and said I wish you would try to slap me and went on a tirade. I said brother you're 50 and fat. He then goes off privately to the point I just block him.
  2. At least Holland fought that 41 year old. Khamzat is over here getting spoon fed a bum with a number next to his name.
  3. This ****ing guy... Khamzat has 3 fights in the UFC. The first and most recent were at middleweight. They aren't going to risk letting the terrorist catch the hands. They want to ship Leon off to Bellator for Douglas Lima to beat up. That's exactly how much they care about that random. I remember the Till/Masvidal pre fight press conference. I kept thinking who is this lispy nagger talking chit to Till the whole time?
  4. Geoff is the only man to knockout Mike Perry, man. That was in shape and motivated Mike.
  5. Jake Paul will knock Conor out worse than he did Nate Robinson. He couldn't even spar for a 3 time slam dunk champion. If he can put it on a athlete that can jump out of the gym I'd say even heavyweight Jones gets the hands. Jon is a bum at this point and probably the only 6 and a half foot tall black man with 9 feet of reach that cannot dunk a basketball.
  6. My pick of Ferguson was based off Charles being a quitter. The only way Conor will change his bum life is if there's a title on the line. You know one that Conor will win but won't defend. He'll be off boxing Pacman and the Paul brothers for TRUCKLOADS of cash.
  7. I don't think he could get him down, honestly. I've been telling these goons on here saying Ferguson is a bad match up for Khabib for years that he stood no chance because he gives up bad posititions. Gaethje doesn't wrestle so no one got to see it. Charles is a much better fighter than he was at featherweight where he had less heart than Conor and would just ****ing quit. If you think a guy that quit because he got punched in the face by Cub Swanson is beating Conor McGregor I don't know what to tell you, pal. If you think a guy that weighed in at 155 pounds for a 145 pound fight and got subbed by Lamas is beating McGregor I don't know what to tell you, homie. If you think a guy that got strangled by Fat Pettis the ONE time he died making 145 pounds is beating McGregor I don't know what to tell you, m8. Now Gaethje based off how badly he did against Khabib I could see that. He stopped wrestling in fights for bigger checks and because he forgot how.
  8. LOL you don't sound to confident in the karate instructor, m8.
  9. Wonderman will try his gay **** where he stands sideways with his hands down throwing gay kicks and proceed to get KTFO. He'll run out of real estate. Fat Pettis killed this man in the full size cage.
  10. If Chuck sees either of them let's bet it all.
  11. I was wrong about Ugly Tony. The other guys aren't 37 and shopworn though. Charles would het the hands from DP.
  12. Charles gets KO'ed by #1, #2 and #4 at lightweight. Charles is a good fighter but with a lot of luck he might challenge for an interim title at best. Crazy Tony is 37 and took major damage against Gaethje.
  13. How many times did I tell you that Tony gives up bad positions? It wouldn't have worked against Khabib and once these were title fights Khabib for championsip TKO win. EASY. Khabib would straight up ragdoll Charles and it wouldn't even be competitive.
  14. Thank you I knew with a point lost but he gets 4 rouns it's a 2 point spread. These judges are ****ing retards. He didn't win 4 rounds.
  15. It was a 48-46 I believe with a judge taking a point from Fig. Horrible call but the judging for a draw was the correct score, IMO. Only do to minus a point that shouldn't have been called.
  16. He ate some leather that would sit some bantamweights down.
  17. In a title fight it shouldn't be a point. Moreno is big brothering this man though.
  18. I think he's holding his own and was controlling grappling exchanges.
  19. Fig better get his **** together. @Decompoze You win. Fig tried to stop him after 2.5 with a brutall nut shot.
  20. Moreno is a savage. Fig has landed harder shots but he's getting pieced up at times and taken down.
  21. I don't care if Moreno gets KO'ed 10 seconds into the 2nd round he's a tough dog.
  22. I don't think he wins but I actually stopped betting against Moreno and bet on him in his last fight. Tonight I think he gets slept but with Fig such a favorite I'm not going to bet on it. O/U are not a specialty of min in the fight game but I think Moreno might see the championship rounds. He needs to get out of the 1st without doing some dumb chit. Like I said I am not invested in this fight. Fig needs to face plant this kid and then I'll bet it all on him. Even at bantamweight.
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