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  1. Goodluck. He's on the wrong side of 35 with a faded chin. Mike seems mentally checked out of the game though. I'm surprised how well he handled those questions that some reporter repeatedly ask about abuse with horseface.
  2. He's already lost to a couple. Max Griffin and Alan Jouban. The best part is he was on a main card after losing to Max while they buried that can on the prelims. Look at where Alan Jouban was buried tonight. The EARLY prelims lol.
  3. Tim Means chin is shot and Mike is going to ragdoll him in the grappling department.
  4. lol at WeidGOD... is that you WTG? A God isn't relegated to fighting someone he knocked out in the 1st round over ten years ago.
  5. Shut up loser. If Tim Means wanted the fight cancelled it would be cancelled. Instead he gets 30% of Mike's purse which is more than his entire purse from his last fight. He also gets Mike Perry with no corner to give him any advice. Sounds like a good day to be Tim Means.
  6. 4.5 genius. Dude is mentally checked out of the game IMO. I don't think he understands the guys making the big last minute weight cuts are water loading. Wants to train with Yoel Romero. Goes and trains with Yoel Romero. Misses weight for the first time in his career. Sounds about right.
  7. Even then I'm still a better poster than Chris Weidman is a fighter. USADA really did a number on that guy. Well that and the ridiculously late stoppage when he coughed up his title to a sick Rockhold.
  8. They're both bums but Hall might knock him out. Weidman will probably stall his way to a decision though. Hall is a trash grappler.
  9. Are you going to stand for this aggression, man? I'll have Flossy B smack some b!tch. Just say when
  10. I would steer clear of Antonina. I forgot she lost to Chook and Modaferri who both suck. She's 36 and terrible on the ground. If anything I might toss a dollar or two on the other can. Val/Fig/Buckley is -105
  11. I think those odds are about right. Tim Means is a dog and he's tall/long for that division. Mike Perry is the Antonio Brown of MMA. I don't even know if this guy is going to show up with a corner. I know he'll show up to fight and if they clinch he can send Dirty Bird for a slam ride. I just can't gamble a legitimate amount of money on him. I liked the way he matched up with Lawler who is nearly 40 and likely to walk into a right hand as a southpaw. That's if they engaged that much. I had a strong feeling that fight was going to suck because they were both going to be afraid of the power punches/counters. I thought Robbie would spam body kicks.
  12. Garbrandt had to pull so they gave it to this dude. What I don't understand is how he's not favored in similar fashion to Valentina. Now that sports betting is legal in TN I'm going ham on fanduel. -300? lol he's going to kill this kid. This should not be a PPV though because both title fights are flyweight mismatches. Shogun is nearly 40 and should've lost another bout to Rogerio. Paul Craig is a total random. Mike Perry vs Tim Means is the only fight on this card that I even care to watch. They better be getting some sort of bonus just for people to illegally stream this crap.
  13. lol all of those scorecards were wrong. Should have been 49-46
  14. **** you RDA. When a man cuts 30 pounds in 4 days you should fight like a man. The bulk of that "control time" was straight stalling.
  15. This river ape needs to fight. He's not throwing strikes when he gets a takedown.
  16. I wanna play with myself - Khaos Williams.
  17. Dude has bodied 2 fighters in 57 seconds. Hassan is a good W for a 26 year old.
  18. Goddamn homeboy doesn't **** around.
  19. @Bubba_Sparks You absolutely suck.
  20. I'm finna queef on ya before someone breaks the combo. Rat lip might straight up end Gunnar Nelson's life. The chump needs to train at a real gym and drop to lightweight. The only reason anyone knows Gunnar is because he sucked McGregor off for a few years. Then Artem carried the load.
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