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  1. Leon's brother is a pro fighter at middleweight in Bellator. His trainers despite age should know something about fighting. How do you catch the hands, get split open and then threaten assault when it was 4v1? Hey Leon if you're going to step you better step correctly. NO ONE... absolutely no one would know who Leon is if Jorge didn't serve him. Not even Cash and he watches this ****. I only watched Till get SPARKED. I checked the results and was like who is this dude that beat Gunnar Nelson by split decision? That's a true story. I had no ****ing clue he ever fought Marty because I had seen Marty fight once .
  2. Goddamn Bubba are you trying to say Leon doesn't suck? Do you also believe that a UFO flew up on Diego Sanchez as he was doing his "energy workout" on the patio? That it was a mere couple of hundred of feet from him and IT WAS CLEARLY WATCHING HIM? Dana should force him into retirement if Anderson is getting that treatment. Diego is going to have the worst case of CTE ever if they study his brain. He also should only be allowed supervised visitations with his daughter. I'm dead serious if he's serious that he was calling for his daughter to come witness to UFO that was clearly watching him. USADA needs to tests Diego for all of the drugs and I'm not talking PED's because he's clearly not taking performance enhancing drugs. I can't believe the mother even allows him any sort of visitation and once again I am very serious. The court system would easily back her that Diego is not fit to be alone with their child. It's ****ing disturbing at this point.
  3. Edwards was forced to take this fight. BTW @Bubba_Sparks isn't this a 5 round main event at welterweight? Leon goes full Marty and cuts from like 2 hundo. I think for once he's actually fighting someone the same size as him. lol boring British stalling can isn't going to work against those Chechnya/Dagestan gang of mother****ers. Do I think Leon loses in the 1st round? Not at all I think he can make it competitive in the 1st and even 2nd round. However how long ago did he fight? Wasn't it against a 5'8? 70" lightweight off the sauce in Dos Nachos way over a year ago? Let's make a bet. These terrorists can outwrestle some Americans who actually do this ****. What high level wrestler has Leon Scott even fought let alone defeated? Oh yeah he fought Marty and lost. Khabib could move up and make Leon his woman for the entire fight. I've give you a handicap. If Leon manages a boring decision win I'll sport the AV of your choice for twice as long as the duration of the bet.
  4. Islam would've already handed RDA a 30-27 L if he would've shown up. He's not ducking this 36 year old bum. RDA is much better off against Michael Chandler because Chandler actually sucks. With such short notice and with both guys cutting so much weight for lightweight they should book it at 160 or even 165... **** it make it a real weight class at welterweight! I know Chandler is also like 5'8" and like Dos Angus he's on steroids and walking like 190. Chandler said on twitter when a welterweight fight needed a replacement that he weighed 190. Then they have this idiot as a backup for Khabib/Gaethje when he should've just fought Islam... ON THAT CARD! They let Khabib miss weight by a pound anyway for ****s sake. He has no business being in the title picture and he never will be. Islam would have bullied him and anyone with half a brain knows it. This chump got smoked by Will Brooks twice and finished in one of those fights. That dude barely beat Ross Pearson, got raped in 2 fights and cut. The good Pitbull brother is a bantamweight in the UFC and he fed Chandler to the canvas. Conor McGregor could party and not even train for this bum and spark him in under half a round. I don't know why they aren't pushing that fight. Let Poirier fight Ferguson. You get your superstar embarrassing the juicehead from Bellator which would make sense. It''s almost like they want Chandler to be successful even though he's mid 30's and sucks.
  5. Different weight class and Till got dropped by Woodley who was a champion. The Joker will never even fight for a title. Darrell was going to give him the hands. Kevin is going to put some starch in his diet.
  6. That's if you buy used. I've looked at them. Never considered buying one they range up to like ten grand. Inb4 Cash reminds us that this is the politics thread and Trump was cheated out of the election.
  7. Hey @-idyb- in all seriousness enduro's are the cream of the crop. However you are going to be selling the other bikes to drop at least 4 grand on one of those dope mother****ers
  8. Didn't that bike miss weight by like 15 pounds? When you get old and are on the liquor you shouldn't be riding tanks. Then there's your marijuana addiction. It was a death waiting to happen.
  9. **** that noise m8. I'll fly you down first class to the states. I gotta a Rocky Mountain small frame Fusion 10 on 29's. I would say woman but my girl has an extra small frame Specialized on 27.5's and I ride that. It actually cost slightly more and I like riding it because I grew up on BMX bikes. She likes riding me more than the bike. She could lose 8-10 pounds but honestly has that proper amount of chub.
  10. For you Agent Orange idiots I can pull a half decent Trumpism on the fly. "It's incredible, I know all about it, I've spoken to the best people, we have them all. They're very focused and the numbers are fantastic." - Donald John Trump the 45th President of the United States.
  11. You do have like 7 bikes with front suspension alone that costs more than these jokers claim to bet every fight card. You actually posted picture proof.
  12. Twitter keeps shutting his tweets down. I wish they wouldn't because you know it would be entertaining.
  13. Till was going to keep it standing and absolutely piece him up. All while making it look easy. The dude sucks he just grabs ankles and Kelvin is an idiot for not making him stand up when he got out of the first leg lock attempt. Kelvin... a fat welterweight threw him to the ground like he was a child.
  14. He's going to serve this white chump the hands. Believe it. He might even slam KO this bum.
  15. There's some dude outside of the White House with a giant "YOU'RE FIRED!" sign.
  16. Damn son you busted that nut quick.
  17. I wonder what Zerk's doing right now. I hope he didn't set himself on fire. We need him for the event threads and his strange obsession with posting pictures of the fighters for the first 15 replies.
  18. Someone put Trump in a straight jacket. He's finna eat 300 mg of adderall and do some wild chit.
  19. PlatinumClegg

    MTP is cringe

    I also think Leon is being set up for release. No one cares about him or his 8 fight winning streak. Only one of those 8 is a legit WW contender in Luque. He's a decision machine that's not marketable. Absolutely no one would know who he is if didn't get served backstage by a lightweight that had to bump up because banning IV's was a genius idea.
  20. Donald accidentally took a mega dose of adderall.
  21. Kevin sleeps this white piece of **** in about 2 minutes.
  22. I didn't even catch this one. Brutal! Cash and I will see you bums in Tunica on fight night. I think I might drive the 227,000 miles 1999 CRV just to see if it will make it. It's fully tuned up and I like those old dogs.
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