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  1. Oh **** this guy was a pro kickboxer before fighting MMA 31 times at age 28? lol RIP Reyes this guy beat Nemkov.
  2. Oh yeah that guy. ****ing covid and if that was his UFC debut I think it's the only fight I've seen. Volkan is a bit of a can. He lost to OSP or should've. Got a couple of quick knockouts and people thought he was knocking out DC... smh. Yeah I would prefer him to win. Man Torso Reyes got bodied by Jan we don't need to run that back yet. Hell 56 year old Glover is a goddamn killer when you put him on skates these days. If that fight hits the ground I got Glover all day.
  3. Who? This person fights in the UFC?
  4. He'll do anything to avoid getting smacked around by Wonderman. He'll keep ducking Colby as well. Fake nut shot, fake eye poke, fake stoppage. Ali better tell Marty Juiceman that the real BMF is coming. Nick is going to choke out Rat Lip and spark Marty.
  5. I think even a 40 year old Wonderman styles on him.
  6. No... the dude has never even spoke Wonderman's name. Marty says he beat everyone is just doing laps around them now. Never fought Wonderman and doesn't seem interested in that style match up. I'm a Jorge fan but he didn't choose him because he was the toughest challenge and he didn't like the stomping on his feet win. He chose him because Masvidal will sell more PPV's and is an easier fight than Colby and Steve. I think Jorge could beat Leon Scott who has a rubbish winning streak. He decisioned Cerrone over 5 rounds. Jorge knocked a younger Donald out twice in one fight. Jorge can't beat Marty or Steve. I wouldn't bet on him against Covington but he got dropped and stopped against Usman before Trevor Whitman was training him. He actually sits down on his punches now. I doubt anyone will agree with me but I think Jorge could hurt Colby early and put him away. Marty under Trevor Whitman had my attention before this brutal KO win. Getting matched up with his training partner and changing camps was the best thing for him. However that mother****er is on steroids. - Diaz brothers
  7. Shouldn't have tried to counter with that left hook. He looked slow to me.
  8. Goddamn that was worse than I remember. I rhink ir's the slow mo. I'm not even a fan and it hurt to watch. Then Jorge gets starched by a foot stomping crotch sniffer. It was a rough night.
  9. When Leon Scott beats Nate Diaz that fight only sells at best. I mean yeah they can run it back and Jorge will beat the **** out of Nate once again but no hardcore fan will care. His career as a top guy is over once he got straight slept by Marty. That knockout was brutal and yeah Marty is a steroid and EPO cheat but that right hand was clean and on the money. Colby will beat this cheater though.
  10. Oh yeah Dustin is also the top contender in that weight class. Friends and training partners. Jorge getting sparked by Marty is karma for coaching that dipchit Jake Paul for the Ben Askren boxing match.
  11. I don't think he can make the weight. In his late 20's really struggled with the last 4 pounds. He moved up when they banned IV's. He's one of those that a 160 or 165 division existed but it doesn't and unlike Kevin Lee he's never cried about the fact that the weight class doesn't exist. Literally for the last 4 years Kevin Lee has been begging for that division because he's too small for welterweight and can't make lightweight without dying. Father time is undefeated though. Jorge turned pro at age 18 and he will be 37 this year. That was his 50th pro fight where Weidman was in his 21st. The ONLY reason Masvidal isn't finished is because Nate Diaz is still fighting. Nick Diaz is getting into good shape and MAYBE Conor McGregor might actually speak his name if he can avoid getting starched by Dustin again. He can't beat Usman, Covington or Thompson and good luck making 155 at his age and being able to recover with a retarded IV ban.
  12. If Chael Sonnen was allowed in prediction leagues and only had to pick main events he would pick around 7%. Bet it all on Masvidal.
  13. Chael Sonnen is picking Usman to win. He NEVER picks a fight correctly. RIP Marty if you actually show up to fight.
  14. With a partial torn rotator cuff I would box this dummy for 500 bucks. I make way over 1000 gross and like 850 take home not really doing ****. He would have 30 pounds on me and I would spin his head around. This mother****er ain't ****. Ben took this for a check and the ref waived it off early. This idiot would get destroyed by my friend that went 3-0 on the amateur MMA circuit. He's 5'11" and 172 So a UFC champion loses to this bum? Are you serious?
  15. Just stop before you are even dumber than you look. Hey serious question do you think this kid could handle you at 6'5" 205 pounds? If you aren't putting him down you must be smoking crack. The dude has one punch.
  16. So Jake Paul is a legit boxer? 3 years of training and would be at a 50 pound weight disadvantage and he would outbox Daniel Cormier? UFC light heavy and heavyweight world champion. That's what you are saying, correct?
  17. Okay queef. If you think Jake would last 8 rounds with either Diaz brother you are an idiot. They would overwhelm him with half power volume. They would dig him to the body. They would roll with anything that he actually lands and they would finish him in 3 rounds or less.
  18. Threef. Triller is an absolute joke and will be the final nail in the coffin of boxing. The fact that Bob Arum and Top Rank let those idiots that have more so called musical acts take place than boxing matches outbid them for Teofimo Lopez to smack an Australian around.... Yeah boxing is done. No one is paying to see some ugly nagger bish twerk while not even actually live singing songs for 40 ****ing minutes straight.
  19. You also trash the Diaz brothers constantly and you KNOW that they would destroy this fool in a boxing match. Say some more dumb **** because that's about all you do these days. Whatever strain of weed you are smoking must be laced with dope.
  20. You were a Ben Askren fan and now you are a fan of some youtube clown that has never fought an actual boxer? Daniel Cormier would absolutely kill this kid. First off he was a two weight world champion in the UFC and if you want to knock the light heavy belt... well he did KO Stipe for the heavyweight title. Got stopped in the rematch and lost a decision in the trilogy. You don't believe for one second that Jake ****ing Paul would beat DC or Woodley in a boxing match. For the record those matches will never happen because Jake is just talking ****. Conor who is significantly smaller would smoke him. Either Diaz brother would smoke him and they are getting old. As for BJ Penn being old, smaller and washed he would box this kid up and make it look easy. Give him 3 weeks to lay off the booze and ride a bicycle twice a week and that's easy money. A 225 pound Lyoto Machida had to start wrestling a fat BJ Penn in order to manage a 2 to 1 round decision. You idiots are ****ing delusional if you think Jake Paul can actually box when he's never boxed anyone with boxing skills. I personally know people bigger than myself but smaller than Jake that are mid 30's and could roll off the couch and smack him around. Are we going to act like Ben Askren didn't just recently have hip surgery and never stood with people in his MMA career? Like I said I like Ben but he's a wrestler with an arm triangle choke. In the case of the Robbie Lawler fight he's someone who was knocked out 4 times and got a fake schoolyard choke victory. Didn't Robbie spike him on his head as well? Beat Penn and Cormier in the same night... LOL shut the **** up. Say whatever about Penn but you know Cormier would kill this kid.
  21. Conor McGregor would destroy this inbred idiot inside 1 round. In fact BJ Penn who is like 42 and got dropped street fighting would box him up. BJ hasn't won a fight since he Jon Fitch like 10 years ago. Beating Ben Askren in a boxing match doesn't mean **** and you know this.
  22. The ghost of Mike Perry went easy on this idiot who as you can see was gassed. ANYONE with decent hands in MMA would end this turd. Look I like Ben Askren but he's a wrestler with an arm triangle choke. Did you see the video where he had 17 paid hype men in the locker room and only Tyron Woodley was in there with them? He didn't have **** to say to Tyron's face because even a washed Woodley would knock him the **** out. Owning MMA right now? lol so how many MMA fights does he have exactly?
  23. Snoop is 6'4" and weighs about 118 pounds. That nagga ain't fighting nobody. Oscar was in the booth for Mir vs Cunningham last night coked out of his mind. Tyron could sit him and Jake down in the same night.
  24. Let Marvin eat a d!ck. That idiot spammed record takedowns against Big Mouth. Costa would have him shooting for his life as soon as the ref says fight.
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