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  1. Yo @cashfl0w is this where we bet it all on Stipe? Last hot take I spotted of yours was Conor killing Dustin.
  2. Two fiddy Jon Jones looks really slow. Dude is getting slept if Stipe can avoid decapitation against this ape.
  3. Hey we've always been cool but I never fought professionally. I never trained professionally we did a lot of coke and downers plus alcohol before backyard boxing. We had gloves that didn't even match in color or weight. Luckily I had heart issues and not lungs. I guess that's lucky even though things are not going my way. I still have minor issues and I'm small. This Khamzat kid has serious ****ing problems with his health and if you want to mock it I don't care. It's all people do so let's act like he wouldn't feed Magny to the canvas like Chiesa did. A bum subbed by bums like Kevin Lee and Fat Pettis. A straight bum that lost to these bums mopped the floor with Neil. The dude sucks... he can't even fight long with a 106 inch reach.
  4. Once again showing that you're an idiot. The company just flew him into Vegas so he could get world class treatment on issues with his lungs and heart. No wonder no one posts on this trash forum anymore. Retarded ****ing statements constantly.
  5. Yeah the flu... Jesus. Magny got smashed by Chiesa he's not a top contender. Oh yeah and Neil Magny said he would smack Chimaez if he saw him in person. He doesn't stand a chance.
  6. Why is the SW title headlining over the FLW title fight? Both challengers are former SW champs who are 1-1 against each other but Rose got slam KOed and then won a split decision where she got her face rearranged.
  7. Unless he's fighting Jorge with no training camp. Then he's terrified.
  8. Masvidal had to cut 20 pounds in 5 days and Marty wouldn't throw hands with him. Gilbert got knocked the **** out in 2 minutes by Dan Hooker. When he dropped Marty early he just started winging punches instead of picking his shots.
  9. Usman didn't put Masvidal away. He was afraid to actually fight so he hugged him and stomped on his foot.
  10. You left out that both were washed up.
  11. **** this stram is a mile behind.
  12. lol Gilbert Burns nearly sparked by Marty Snoozeman.
  13. Hernandez was 30-1 to submit Vieira.
  14. What are the strams that didn't get bodied. I only found one and it's worse than this card.
  15. No he wasn't. He was going to stuff takedowns and win an easy decision.
  16. Michael Chandler sucks. Jorge would feed him to the canvas early.
  17. Well the featherweight champ is Max Holloway so go **** yourself. Volkov would lose badly against Stipe or Francis.
  18. Oh yeah and nice guy, family man Conor needs to go away. What won him fights in the past was ****ing with his opponent mentally in the build up. They would come in emotional and get fed to the canvas fighting over aggressive. If he wants to be Mr Nice Guy he might as well ****ing retire. He is still a 2 round fighter. I don't think cocaine and bourbon is going to change that. Which brings me back to Khabib. He said this is what happens when you leave the people that made you a champion. Conor is not only still with the same head coach who is an absolute nobody without Conor but he's still with the same conditioning guys he brought in after he lost to Nate 5 years ago. If Khabib doesn't want to fight anymore the title should have been on the line. I don't know why Dana is sucking Khabib's d!ck because he's not a draw. If he says I'm retired after beating a dude that doesn't wrestle anymore then move on. Dustin is the champion of that division.
  19. He actually tends to be heavy on his lead leg but defensively he was full on boxing approach. He used to call guys stiff and he looked a little stiff himself. However he was still faster, he clearly won the 1st round and wobbled Dustin. Dustin admitted this but Conor didn't put the pressure on. I think the he has chit cardio thing got into his head and he was pacing himself well. He was landing the better distance shots and looked stronger in the clinch. His stance in this fight was nothing like the Eddie fight. Now granted Eddie is not as good or as long as Dustin he put a clinic on that man. A lot of that is because he matches up well with orthodox fighters. He controls their lead hand and gets them to overextend with a right that he pull counters. Before this he said he matched up great with southpaws.... what southpaws? Nate Diaz who you a 1-1 with and Dustin who you fought 6 and a half years ago in a different weight class? Dustin couldn't take a good shot down at featherweight because the man was cutting drastic amounts of weight. More than Conor who everyone said cut crazy weight for that class. I'm not a professional fighter and couldn't teach this man anything, Khabib is also a retard saying he changed camps. Conor trained under the same guys which is the problem. He's training with guys that are not on his level while Dustin is in there with Jorge Masvidal. A fighter that Conor has never even opened his mouth about because he knows even if the striking went his way he would get slammed around and dominated on the mat. I told all of my co workers asking how to win money on Conor that the plays were bad. Conor was -200 by knockout. Dustin was +1200 by submission. I haven't gambled much during the covid era of fighting but that Dustin by submission prop was what I laid a nickel and a few dimes on. Clearly it didn't hit but was still a better bet than anything you could on McGregor. Stomp rant over.
  20. In his defense Charlie Olives doesn't react that well to getting smacked in the mouth. Dustin will smack him proper.
  21. Dude he's like an inch taller than me and looks a foot taller than her. She's a spinner m8
  22. Seriously why wouldn't you switch stances? His lead leg was chewed up and Conor could fight orthodox if needed. I just rewatched the fight. He should have switched stances before the 1st round was even over. He is trained and coached by bums. Total ****ing bums.
  23. You got a picture with Mike Perry?!
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