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  1. Dude all 4 of my dead grandparents voted for Joe Biden at least 6 times each. Even though you're Canadian I would say that yours did as well. Joe Biden voted for himself FIVE THOUSAND TIMES! How the **** is that fair?! Don't worry once Agent Orange gets done suing all of the states that got him elected 4 years ago he will get to the bottom of this. You better believe that. The Biden crime family must be stopped at all costs!
  2. The 3 greatest terrorists against America. Osama Bin Laden, ISIS and.... WINDMILLS! The man thinks wind turbines do not work without wind and the biggest problem is that you wouldn't be able to watch TV. I can verify ALL of this **** with direct ****ing quotes off youtube. "I've never understood wind. I've studied windmills and know more about them than anybody." - The 45th President of the United States. What's not to understand about wind? It has different speeds. Maybe it's not windy at all. People use them to go sailing. I don't know clearly Donald Trump knows more than anybody on every goddamn subject in the entire world. The only exception is wind.
  3. Oh yeah and the windmills give you cancer folks. Rudy says Joe Biden voted for himself five thousand times and that votes came from the planet Mars. After that proceeds to say "Do you think we're fools?! Do you think we're stupid?!" Yes Rudy you are a goddamn idiot.
  4. BTW I have no hatred for Donald Trump as I am indfferent at best. I actually kinda like the guy because he entertains me. I laugh my **** off about how he's been ranting about wind turbines (he calls them windmills) killing birds and even bald eagles like they are flies. That's a direct quote. He says go visit one it's like a bird graveyard. You we see more birds than you've ever seen in your life. How many of these things has he visited? It's funny because it dates back well over 8 years ago! lol his favorite golf course in Scotland apparently had some windmills far to close to his favorite par 4. Word for word he said he never understood wind! But he's studied windmills and knows more about them than ANYBODY. Hilarious. The man doesn't even understand how tariffs work. That entertains me. He berates people during White House briefings and calls them 3rd rate reporters which also entertains me. The Chinese virus/Kung Flu **** is legendary! In honor of the 45th POTUS I'm going to start doing Trumpisms in my day to day life. I'm going to tell co workers that they are 3rd rate employees and nothing but fake news. I'm going to tell Christians that I know the Bible very well, I've studied it more than anybody. You know because I've never even actually read a single page of the Bible. Sleepy Joe won't last a year because his mind is shot. Pelosi (eww) becomes temp VP until Kamala names Michelle Obama as her VP. Just call me Mystic Clegg.
  5. The meltdown of Donald John Trump is going to be EPIC. Georgia just swung blue. Sleepy Joe is only 18k down in Pennsylvania. My Megasoup like buddy that tends bar was offering 2 free drinks to whoever could predict the closest electoral college vote. He actually picked Biden to win in the 290's but EVERYONE of these idiots in TN were saying Trump by a landslide. So since it's kinda like playing the Price is Right I flipped the switch and went Biden 320 Trump 218. Now in a matter of hours I'm calling my attornery and I'm going to sue that ****ing dump known as Florida. I want all of those votes recounted because we know from 20 years ago that they're a bunch of crooks. My buddy doesn't tend bar in some salsa club dump though. It's a high end seafood joint where he pulls on a Friday and Saturday damn near what Jeff is paying me for a 4 day week. This aggression against my free drinks will not stand, man.
  6. If this was on fight island Wonderman point fights with ease but it's not. Steve is stuck in the small cage at the APEX and you better believe Geoff hits a lot harder than fat Pettis.
  7. PlatinumClegg

    MTP is cringe

    If it wasn't for killing Gregor I'm almost positive he would be looking for a job.
  8. lol I can't believe this is even a thing.
  9. She's not taking a goddamn thing. She's not going to do ****. She was here to match kinda Donald Trump on being obnoxious and catch that white woman vote.
  10. No because Trump is even a bigger and creepier piece of ****. He wants to **** his own daughter. At least Sleepy Joe only wants to **** 9 year old Asian girls. I'm sure Zerk can relate to that... not sure why he's not a Biden fan.
  11. Sorry to bring football into the politics thread. Blame it on Cash for mentioning Philly
  12. Speaking of Philly and Nick Foles... he still doesn't suck as badly as Carson who should be in prison. 4 years 128 million dollars and 108 million guaranteed... LOL dude has more fumbles in 4 seasons of play than Joe Montana had in 17.
  13. I'm going to like the post because you're right. However Philadelphia is a dump full of ****ing idiots. You can be a back up QB and win a Super Bowl for them. The following season if you overthrow one pass security is restraining some dude from trying to storm the field and kneecap Nick Foles. I will NEVER watch another UFC fight card that is held in Philly. They start booing 12 seconds into a fight between two knockout artists. They might actually be the biggest scumbags on this planet.
  14. The democrats will hold the House and likely not the Senate. I think there's two senators that are independant or whatever the ****.
  15. Tennessee closed voting down at 8pm. Then again it's a state that doesn't matter whatsoever. The democrats will NEVER win this state, ever.
  16. It doesn't and California shouldn't even bother with it. The democrat nominee would win that state if half of his supporters showed up to vote.
  17. Very well said. The biggest issue with so many people not voting is because how many states out of 50 can actually swing? I felt like it was maybe 9 until this election and it was still only like 12? There's no goddamn chance I will ever go vote for Tennessee presidential election. We are a guaranteed lock to be red and it's never even close. I also don't support the democratic party. Al Gore was born in this state and Dubya whooped him.
  18. Goddamn Lamar Alexander is 80 years old and finally retired so Trump's fluffer can take his place. I'm not surprised mother****ers. He was sucking Jeb Bush off until he withdrew 4 years ago.
  19. Probably on winner but your math doesn't add up to 538 electoral votes. North Carolina is 15 for sure.
  20. But our elections are retarded. At least 2.3 (MINIMUM) million peoples votes will not matter whatsoever because Trump will once again lose the popular vote but win the electoral. I'll admit I thought Biden taking Florida was a lock and that would be the only swing that mattered. However that state is quite strange. The areas around the major cities that are very expensive to live in vote democrat. The ****ing swamp rats that live in dumps and can't even drive to a goddamn beach vote republican. My state seems to alternate democrat and republicans governors often. However we gotta be the most red state in the Union. I really don't give a **** or care to look it up but Republicans absolutely dominate the House and Senate in this state.
  21. Could you imagine being a politician since The War of 1812 and you still lose to Donald Trump? LOL at the democratic party and Joe Biden. He's finna eat that double barrel shotgun that he told his wife to fire into the sky if anyone is prowling around outside. Off the balcony of their master bedroom that's the size of my house. Polls are fake news. I don't think someone had been up this much in pre election polls since Bill Jeff thumped Bob Dole in 1996.
  22. If I had a thousand bucks everytime you got to use that one while responding to a Zerk post... well I'd have at least 206 thousand dollars, minimum.
  23. EWWWW! Even @-idyb- would have to glory hole those skanks.
  24. How is Israel jumping the line over the winner of Glover/Santos? Glover has won 4 in a row (3 stoppages) and he's 41. Santos knocked Jan the **** out just last year.
  25. I thought they were about to suck each other's d!cks before the butt sex started. I'm so sorry I had to knock your old **** out! Then Anderson tells him to go win the title... lol yeah that's not happening.
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