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  1. Mike looked like absolute ****. Wtf was he doing in the southpaw stance? He showed up with a white belt in hands.
  2. He did it to Gall. He slammed Felder.
  3. Mike's done. Hurt him with the right hand and trapped against the fence and he shot a TD. SMH
  4. Curtis Blaydes should be free money but I don't trust that guy. I loaded up on him in the Francis rematch and he didn't set the takedowns up at all.
  5. I think Mike is finna wrasslefook Tim.
  6. Mike can lose but I need Fig to beat this contender series ****er.
  7. Thank god that **** is over. Gimme my money later after Val wrecks this idiot. Perry can lose and it won't matter he's only in 1 of 7 live parlays. Ran 8 only lost my entire card dollar bet on the first fight. Need two low risk Perez hedge parlays to miss.
  8. I penny pushed Chook Chook with Valentina. lol at Joe Rogan and DC saying they gotta turn down their headphones because Chook is so loud.
  9. lol what's to re watch? Royval did NOTHING.
  10. What the **** are you talking about? He was in complete control.
  11. Shogun should've retired after that gift decision against a 44 year old Rogerio. This is embarrassing. I didn't want to bet against him but I should have.
  12. Needed that. I stopped doubting Moreno. I don't know why Perez got the title shot over him.
  13. No these guys and the title fight would all need to be in there. 4v1 to make it fair.
  14. Buckley needs to drop a little mass and fight at welterweight. He's fought there before and he weighs in well under the 186 limit.
  15. One must ask... just how good is Kevin Holland? The Joker finna catch a fade.
  16. Goddamn Conor has commercials going during Bellator events and Proper Trash is sponsored by the UFC. Goddamn I thought Buckley had that wrapped up. He better not **** this up for me.
  17. lol Antonina is beating this can up on the ground. Thanks @cashfl0w
  18. Dead on the first fight. The judge that scored that **** 30-27 Dalby should be taken out back and shot in the face.
  19. That big dog stopped him. I ran a $1 entire card parlay that died right out of the gate!
  20. lol yes! Do you not remember his mental breakdown where his wife left him temporarily? He was throwing holy water on her and claimed the government put a chip in his leg.
  21. Mike Perry has never thrown holy water on people and claimed some government agency put a chip in his leg.
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