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  1. Went to that Irish pub I was talking about earlier. Had Irish Nachos and a guinness.
  2. rofl! Sorry GOATs. Been working longs hours everyday. I promise I'll get that update up soon. I should be free Monday. I even missed this matchup. Apologies to any GOATs who might have challenged me while I was gone. BubbaGOAT has been a Great GOAT champion. May the GOATs bless his reign (and those brave enough to challenge his GOATlyness) until our rematch. Btw, I am open for challenges for the Dec. 20 fight card. I'll be working through the weekend, so I'll this miss this next one.
  3. Holy GOAT ****! That's mad skillz GOAThomie! Thank you very much. You should be getting paid for this. I think the name goes well with this as well considering that Spartacus and the other GOATs will always be a significant part of history. Like a version of their own transcendence.
  4. I've been on a GOAT journey as GOAThobo thanks to CashGOAT and WedoGOAT. The experience has been very nice. You meet a lot of nice and GOAT people as a hobo.
  5. No Dews at my place homie. Just Beer, Tea, Coke, Coffee, and Milf for now.
  6. I'm in need for a place to set my balls. You ready homie? You're about #15 or so in my lustful (but lovely) heart. But I'll settle for you. I didn't have GOAT expectations. My GOAT legs get chapped. I have GOAT dong projection.
  7. A true GOAT loves Ice Cream You shouldn't call other people by my nickname GOAThomie lol! I believe I can fly...I believe I can **** the sky...Think about it every night and day...Meth gives a GOAT wood straight away! The ****?
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