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  1. As a tequila drinker, use whatever if mixing with cola or juice. If you were to drink straight forget shots and just pour a nice measure. Blanco are clear with a harsher edge Reposado are slightly pale and smooth Anjo are darker and smoky. Recommended to try at a bar first Herradura ultra Jose family reserve But patrdon or don Julio are good mid price
  2. 75% certain it will be Holly co-main, now that Colby/Usman is booked it rules out the last chance of double belts unless a rubbish 135 interim
  3. Lui Kang (MK) vs Prime Anderson Silva Goro (MK) vs Roid Brock Trying to think of a few for Wanderlei
  4. It is an absolute joke, Mayweather fight apparently won't be included on the broadcast and as of now he is running late and an hour intermission has been called. No idea if it is still on
  5. After getting halfway through the historical 'fire and blood' with the dance of dragons I'm getting keen on seeing a modern version
  6. In a warped way it makes some sense, both coming off a loss. Plus it gives Hunt a fight to finish his ufc run here. Since Hunt said about being done after it could almost be a loser gets cut
  7. Let's just say I'm going to have the worst hangover tomorrow
  8. Even if Goodwin goes and verbally 10-7s the team at half time it won't make any difference now
  9. Off to a disaster of a start but I'm hopeful we sink a few quick ones to get back to a goal margin by half time but honestly doubtful.
  10. Dees have to win today, half of family are Melbourne while the others are Collingwood. If we make it this will be the second time in my life we make the grand final.
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