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  1. Irene had a rough showing. Grasso is better. Not "she's gonna beat Joanna" good anytime soon, but she should be a good match up for a few SWs

  2. Only way you can do it in one order is if the map shows up and you can select the tickets directly from the map.
  3. Nothing like that for this event... Certain perks are available and announced on the UFC official accounts on social media, but they seem available to any fan.
  4. You know a third one is coming...
  5. You'll be fine. You can attend and stay at the hotels in Vegas, no problem.
  6. Move to Mexico and buy UFC Network...
  7. Julian vs Artem is a fight where I wish they both would lose... I agree, Saul should win the whole thing.
  8. adrianmv2

    Rockhold believes

    Rogan loves everybody with a UFC logo on their shorts...
  9. adrianmv2

    Rockhold believes

    Two words: Mighty Mouse...
  10. If I hear again "this is the best fight in blah blah history...", I'm gonna break my tv...
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