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  1. Rose is a tough competitor for sure, she was the obvious favorite to win from day one. The next best was Randa and its not close, her spirit was always up for the challenge.. Plus her mental strengths were evident from day one. Something vital for competition in the TUF house.
  2. Carla will definitely lose vs Rose. Namajunes is just too strong. Would love to see Randa in the final here but good things come to those who wait. Some refining and defining in order. It's not who wins at the onset but who settles the score. I look to see Randa vs Rose in a championship some day. Rose has that Jon Jones spider approach, (what's coming next?) An all around game will nullify any glaring differences. Markos needs to work on her hands and make them deadly.
  3. that's just plain gross- who would listen to celine dion voluntarily?
  4. No wonder you're mad, listening to that sheet. You need some tunes bro to turn your head around. Here is what the Dr. prescribes: Black Keys - "Busted".
  5. I don't think you're trying to attack Randa. Easy dude.. I was trying to question whether the title... " 5 Stages of Grief" was a complimentary or reactionary title. I'm on your side.. I want Markos to succeed in all her competitions. And I hope she does, let's go Randa!!!!!
  6. why delete? Randa will show up in the future as the belt holder. you're just a couple fights off target
  7. I'd love to see the rematch with Rose. Top two P4P imo.
  8. I have to agree with 12er, I have no idea what this topic is about. I thought it was a misguided attack on Randa. I thought Markos was a great fighter on the recent TUF series. I hope she gets the chance to fight Carla in the near future. Would love to see (and am confident) Randa punish her into the mat.
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