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  1. Wow, I hope Nate will be okay with all that CTE. That wasn't a legendary interview, he's showing signs of head trauma.
  2. Wait, why didn't Pettis throw the other leg over? He's good in full guard.
  3. Just for the record, we've seen Pettis: land the best cage kick in the history of the sport, stop Cerrone with one side kick to the liver, armbar Henderson in a minute who had to verbally tap, and knock Wonderboy out a with Superman punch off the cage that he was losing. Bound to be a good fight, both BJJ black belts.
  4. Let's go, Pettis! I am going to take some hometown pride in this one.
  5. If you subscribe to Fight Pass, and didn't receive the email with the code for points, you can email them. I received mine in a just a few days. I personally really like some of the collectibles that are available for what seems to me just doing what I do anyway!
  6. All good points, no doubt. I admit I don't know much about PEDs, so I'll go do some research. I'll still give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise, but it does sound suspicious. Is there a larger discussion about PEDs in the UFC elsewhere that anyone cares to link? I think a nice remedial thread on the subject for dummies like me might be in order.
  7. I hope it's a five round slugfest. Will Aldo's experience be enough to stop the pressure of McGregor?
  8. I'm (obviously) a Pettis fan, and it looked to me like a superior game plan. Constant pressure, close distance. As others have mentioned, the same style Guida used to beat Pettis. I'll reserve judgement until something conclusive comes through. I'm more intererested to see how Pettis comes back from the loss.
  9. I respect Vitor's pedigree, but I'm surprised he got a title shot.
  10. I'll say again, I admire your passion. Completely disagree nonetheless. You must have a website or museum for these guys, right?
  11. In my view of the link, it didn't give credit to the author, HiTeMnSuBmiTem, from the free UFC forums. Check it out, great work!
  12. Nicely done! I love statistics, but usually fast forward to the end of the TUF episodes just to see the fights. "The Real World: UFC" isn't my thing, but I love the fights and the coaches. Thanks for taking the time, you should get this stickied in a TUF forum!
  13. While I will draw a distinction between sports entertainment and combat sports, I respect the guys that "wrassle". I was a big fan as a kid, and it was at least adjacent to my martial arts obsession. I still enjoy the video games, which I think is the perfect venue for it. I always liked the "technical" wrestlers, and Bret Hart was probably my all time favorite. I can't blame the guys for taking the money, but it's interesting to think how it might have been different.
  14. I've no doubt most people are, until there's better testing. If it's cheating, make it against the rules and enforce it. It's not my style, of course, but I can see the lure. If it's not cheating, make it legal and let everyone do it. That way, it's removed from the equation. People are always going to try to cheat, particularly when there's a bunch of money involved. I tend to view competition from sort of a "purist" viewpoint; that is, I compete for the sheer love of competing. If you beat me, I've got work to do. If you cheated to do it, I'll find a way to come back better, without stooping to that level. Naive, of course, but that's my worldview. The question becomes, "If someone else cheats, will you?"
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