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  1. Honestly I thought it was good. Cause at least RDA showed he could stand with Pettis instead of just taking him down unlike someone else we know.
  2. I wouldn't mind Carla if she actually had ability to strike and wasn't just takedown takedown takedown. But she's got no striking ability (doesn't mean she can't land a good shot) and is just takedown takedown takedown. Yeah I hope Carla loses.
  3. His takedown defense was great against robbie. Hendricks is just a different animal with wrestling.
  4. I think what it is for Johny, when he sees his power can't KTFO someone, he becomes a **** and starts taking people down.
  5. Yeah cause Hendricks spammed takedowns. Joe talked about 'new muay thai training' yeah, I didn't see any LOL!
  6. I mean I don't normally say people are afraid to stand with another, but I could clearly see Hendricks DID NOT want to engage with Brown on the feet. Every time Brown went for a big combo Hendricks- Left Hook, Takedown.
  7. Brown doesn't suck, your just ignorant. Anyone who can go to decision with Hendricks or Lawler doesn't suck, anyone who can eat punches from them doesn't suck, most people would be KTFO in 1-5 strikes by them.
  8. Name one welterweight fighter besides GSP or Matt Hughes who had the kind of winning streak Brown did at WW.
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