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  1. third time mate, did ufc 189 and boxing canelo vs ggg
  2. thank you. I know it will I love July heat?
  3. yes definitely makes for a good trip, i'm going to 239 in July so i'm looking forward to that?
  4. it doesn't do much for me haha,I like to plan my trip around an event aswell and vegas gets good events ?
  5. Europe doesn't do much for me tbh couple of things I would like to see but that's it haha
  6. for me I would rather do vegas over Europe any day ?
  7. but all the travel is worth it when you get to vegas ? I actually enjoy travelling to vegas from the uk.
  8. doesn't matter what the ufc do, someone will always complain?
  9. what sort of event you expecting, 239 is stacked?
  10. if you go to London you want to be in the Knightsbridge area especially if you like shopping?
  11. haha fair enough, I can tell you its a lot better waking up in vegas rather than England ?
  12. haha, I'm flying from the uk for 239, what section you sat in?
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