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  1. UFC528

    Ronda Browne?

    Seriously wasting time with this stupid post? Nobody gives a ****!
  2. No way Conor beats Floyd!!
  3. That's not the official poster
  4. The holder isn't for oversized tickets. The commemorative tickets actually don't fit in them. I took the toplaoder off my 205 and applied ticket directly to plaque. I use black construction paper to put behind ticket and it looks nice
  5. I hate Conor, but he would kill Duffy in a rematch. To say he is ducking him is just plain retarded.
  6. UFC528

    So if Jacare loses...

    He won't even be close to being unranked. Would still be in top 10 for sure
  7. Lewis sucks and would be too easy of a fight for Ngannou
  8. UFC528

    Ufc 208 sucks

    Pretty sure they don't give a **** you're not going, but agree it's not a very good PPV. Of course 206 looked awful on paper and turned out incredible.
  9. Thoughts? It's brothers goofing off what's there to think about?
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