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  1. **** you.. you australian good for nothing ****..
  2. aldo ****s edgar.. edgar **** scared of aldo man.........
  3. u dont do that sort of **** when your his wrestling ground game coach fresh on the pay role..........
  4. way i see it no way edger should ever be given a fight against mcgregor infront of aldo after never beating aldo himself lol.. how the **** can you put yourself infront of a man you couldnt beat yourself lol.. absoloute dog **** isnt it..
  5. only way to find out boys.. mcgregor.. dos anjos lightweight.. aldo.. edgar in the meantime 2 fight mcgregor.. big **** reddies then on that outcome.. nate diaz want a raise send his wenchs **** my way.......... cant beat rimmin on a first date..
  6. if mcgregor cant beat edgar after that dos anjos fight mcgregor wants to retire.. frankie nothing more than a silly old usless ****.. 36 year old man against a man in his prime **** edgar that **** be filing for his funeral papers and costs.. aldo would **** edgar and thats the honest truth.. edgar never came anywhere near what aldo has and lost to him yet thinks a 13 second ko puts him infront of a man who ACTUALLY beat him lol.. frankies is nothing more than a tramp **** begging bum.. wouldnt even chuck that **** a doller.. aldo is better stock that edgar and thats the cold hard truth..
  7. edgar never beat the super champ.. harsh truth how the **** can you put a man infront of a man that man he cudnt beat himself.. **** your yank dream you cranks.. the crank handout edgar couldnt beat super champ aldo why the **** does he deserve a shot before him lol.. if anything let the ex super champ aldo take your care of your ****ehouse edgar first cos edgar thinks it deserves to be respected yank mouthpiece before it goes anywhere near mcgregor.. why the **** edgar thinks it deserves a fight against mcgregor beating people below aldo when he could beat the ex super champ aldo himself is beyond me.. edgar is ****.. id kill that ****.. hes a slow useless old **** yank has been man.......... king of dog ****e simple.. only thin edgar deserves is to lick the **** of my shoe.. hes never done anything in mma to touch aldo.. man got **** by him at the end of the day to claim it.......... jose aldo is 10 of frankie edgar.. let edgar proove it for that shot the yank bastard mother **** **** house against aldo.. bum life skid row aldo revitalised kills edgar stone dead!!!..........
  8. primed up aldo.. or primed up edgar.. barin in mind both ****s are useless nowadays.. primed up aldo or edgar.. who wins???..
  9. her fighting mcgregor makes more sense than **** edgar who lost 2 aldo and now demanding a fight infront of the super champ.. **** edgar he as good as a bum......... mcgregor deals with do anjos ill deal wih that preted yank new jersey for **** all wot ever the **** he is bum.. no joke them **** of jersey shore bigger than that man r way hahahahahahahahaahaha.. trust me that is **** shocking ba.. honest to god.. edgar a nobody and the cold harsh truth.. **** him.. respect my ringpiece you little lugged ****..
  10. **** money.. man chats a fight.. acts a fight.. i wanna see him through the toughest fight.. then take the novelty fights like diaz fair play.. be a **** super champion like the man he tuk that title off or just dont waste are money an be another bum like the rest.. if he aint got that in him his **** useless.. dunno how its money fight.. out of his 16 thousand people who travel i bet 14 thousand dont even kno nate diaz hahahahahahahahahaha.. if it aint ireland dont **** bother.. simple.. if it is ireland n e 209 ****s that come im carvin the **** up for being smack rat wanna be wigger bastards.......... simple.. we dont do white black over here so dont bring it.. ok?.. trust me it wont work..
  11. 14.4 when i came this time.. imagine 14.4 getin shoveled into your lass at 290 million mph.. shed have came out like a raw slice of liver on its last legs pal trust me..
  12. helmet lol.. first time i ever come across you im goin to slap you with my **** clean across your forehead and knock you spark out mate.. you be wishin you were wearing a helmet you useless ****..........
  13. cant bang.. if i banged you bro you be in a wheelchair for life bro?.......... arsehole b like john waynes bro..........
  14. everyday i rustlin your **** boy.. just like you wish gsp could!...........
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