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  1. UFC_Noob

    Randa has evolved

    Evolve is a can
  2. UFC_Noob

    Poor Holly

    Who dat? Do you even WMMA?
  3. Joe Rogan was right all along - they really DO hurt
  4. I don't normally like rematches, but tbh honest it was a close fight, and RR doesn't deserve to just come straight back in and fight for a title after getting melted. Tate vs Holm RR vs Nunes for #1 contender
  5. If the BBC got it, they'd do exactly what they do with their NFL coverage. Basically any token Brit who has paid a modicum of interest in the sport will be given a platform to speak from. I like David James, but he don't know **** about the NFL, and neither does John Barnes. I believe Vernon Kay plays (or used to) for a UK team, so he's the exception to the rule. Leave it on BT Sport, if it goes onto Sky we'll end up forking out for the PPV (sorry Druncle_Polo!)
  6. Name a RB making as much as DeMarco Murray is due over the next four years... It is way too much money for an injury prone workhorse type back. There is a reason Philly are dumping him, because they bought (at that price) a dud. And in addition, he was a complete mismatch in that offense, anybody could see that if they looked hard enough. Anyway, i reckon the Titans will give up a 6th and end up with yet another slow RB. Sankey Andrews Cobb Murray That is a horrible backfield imho.
  7. Yeah i forgot about that 2nd rounder... Jeez, I give up haha. Hopefully the Titans are stupid enough to give you a 4th rounder or higher... plus whatever you get from the phins.
  8. Also, following these trades, what are the Iggles likely to prioritise in the draft? I guess they just go best player available, as they have holes pretty much everywhere (except ironically, at QB). Thinking about it, I can see them trading down and trying to aquire an extra second rounder.
  9. ^^ Not sure, he's gonna have to stay at the same kind of production as his past three seasons* for at least three more years, and even then he's still not quite up to Manning in completions, TDs, or passing yards. I make him about 25 completions (so around 3/4 of a game), 15 TDs, and about 1k yards short of Manning. The big questions are therefore - a - can he continue on at the same pace he has for the past three years, and b - will he play on into that fourth year. I think if he plays into that fourth year, he will be there or thereabouts, as i don't think he'll be able to keep up the same level of play - or at least i hope he won't! *the figures i've used are 385 completions per season 32 TD (9 INT) 4,300 passing yards
  10. Nobody wants to see you wear a daiper and punch yourself in the balls because it'll give them some sort of sexual gratification - people want to see you do it because YOU AGREED TO DO IT. If you weren't willing to do it, you should have said so at the beginning. Not after you lost. Whichever way you look at that, it's welching homie. Punch yo damn self already
  11. Thanks for explaining what has really happened here - troof
  12. Terrorists often wander your streets with AK-47's? You should probably leave town
  13. This quote shows where you have said you do not want law enforcement any longer. Sounds like you're gonna need a gun after all. Don't trip on your dress on the way to the gun store, m3
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