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  1. Getting back to REALITY and stepping off the Conor hype train for a second = Rafael Dos Anjos would destroy Conor, absolutely wreck him! Anything Conor can do, he can do better including hitting a heck of a lot harder! Bear in mind too Conor isn't exactly hard to hit - look how many times did Chad land cleanly on him standing & on the ground. Conor should stay at Featherweight UNLESS he is really struggling badly to make the weight & looking at him at weigh ins that could be the case, compared to how he looks normally walking around. At Featherweight he has much easier fights than Dos Anjos, & can earn a lot of money! Edgar has skills but hits like a girl, Aldo rematch, Urijah 'The Washed Up Bum' Faber, etc = Conor can make serious money from them. Conor has a decent rear hand, his kicks are nothing = Dos Anjos would wreck him!!!! Stay at Featherweight earn a ton of cash then retire or move up & fight Dos Anjos as your final fight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHmw74Vm-yE
  2. That video (did not endure it all!) is kindergarten stuff aimed at the audience who read toilet paper books e.g. 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins, 'God No! by Penn (from Penn & Teller) etc. For the braindead ignorant masses (like Chons) books like those or videos like that are a revelation and blow religion away with their profound reasoning; to others with Intelligence. objectivity, & who actually understand things, they are kindergarten level reasoning & logic. Renowned Professor Francesca Stavrakopulou has repeatedly said Richard Dawkins DOES NOT understand religion, Theology, etc & writes from sheer ignorance! Other serious academics have said Dawkins speaks from ignorance & his arguments are often very flawed on many things. He is just one example with toilet paper books that people like 'Brains' (Chons high school nickname, yes it was sarcastic) take every sentence as factual & his arguments or points groundbreaking revelations, that nobody can refute. There are many people who believe in Religion, Theologians, etc that could wipe the floor with Dawkins, Penn, etc in an I.Q. test! Now that doesn't necessitate they are true but rest assured they've heard all the kindergarten points from Ignoramuses like Dawkins & Penn, & can thoroughly refute them all! ^ Take That! - FART NOISE!
  3. No he won't! Rockhold was not 100% in that fight, he didn't make excuses & didn't need to but did say he'd been through a lot leading up to the fight = think what Rockhold operating at 100% would have done to that boring chump Weidman! Rockhold is by FAR the superior athlete & all round fighter. UFC Do Not want Weidman to ever get a Title again because that boring Bum is bad for business - he couldn't draw flies to sh**! Not only a poor draw but a painfully boring unexciting fighter to watch - not a fan favourite! In terms of marketing he is dull, dull, dull persona too, the last person you want on a prime time talk show representing UFC. Weidman got the arrogance knocked right out of him & serves him right! Just listen to his boasts before the Rockhold fight.
  4. Dos Anjos will play with the overhyped Conor! Conor has tickling power compared to Dos Anjos, his ''accuracy beats......'' well Dos Anjos is very accurate too with sharp timing. Conor should NOT move up whilst Dos Anjos is still there! Conor doesn't have a lot of real competition where he is - stay there, UFC will pay you a ton of money & you'll stay safe.
  5. EvolveWay7

    DIAZ vs CONOR...

    Both the Diaz brothers are washed up irrelevant BUMS! Of course he called out Conor = biggest pay cheque he can get!
  6. Where is this Poop eating video? Are you a man of your word or a complete porky telling Can? Post the video! You made the bet, now honor it. Weidman's career is effectively over, if he even gets to a title shot again - Rockhold will crush him worse than the first time.
  7. Rafael's advice to Conor not to move up to his division was compassionte, he would slaughter Conor! There is not a lot of serious competition for Conor were he is now but stay there & UFC will keep giving you bigger paydays - rematch with Aldo (if more of a fight then a Trilogy), Edgar, etc. Or wait to Rafael retires then move up.
  8. HH performed very poorly! Like Rogan was saying (over & over as he does) she was very predictable! I speak Polish in the corner Karolina's team were saying ''go for the biggest target - keep targeting her nose, you can't miss it!'' Someone such as e.g. Felice Herrig would be a nightmare opponent for Karolina or Joanna because she has elite level striking and all round skills, & great physical strength. HH (Huge Hooter) had very limited & predictable striking against Karolina.
  9. JDS is past his best, possibly isn't training as hard as he once was - & certainly hasn't got the Fire he once had. His chin seems to have deteriorated too, & I don't mean in size. Overreem lost to Ben Rothwell for goodness sake! And to Travis Browne & Bigfoot Silva = shows he is very inconsistent, & past his prime. JDS should have been less cautious & really gone for it with his Boxing from the start of the fight! The brief times he did throw combinations he did alright but pottering around like that increases the chances that sooner or later the much bigger built dude is going to smack you with a shot & daze or KO you. MOST DISAPPOINTING THING ABOUT OVEREEM : After the fight he never called out Conor McGregor! He should have done as everyone else was doing so (Diaz, Rafael) - ''Conor I challenge you punk, I dare you to move up to Heavyweight and face me! Stop training for a few months eat a ton of junk food to add weight then get back to training & don't lose all you've gained. Face me if you're so good!''
  10. Generally a can would be e.g. a random example - someone that starts a thread pushing Gay propaganda nonsense & the thread gets locked or deleted. Nothing wrong with threads on anything but when they push propaganda e.g. if someone came on and seriously pushed ISIS propaganda & tried to recruit people = that person would be the very definition of a Can & their threads rightly should be locked/deleted.
  11. ReTardo Tubs, ^ He's cracked it & is on the way to becoming a hot shot mega paid liar, I mean Lawyer. ''They didn't have to sign it!'' will become the benchmark that will win him any case - divorce, prenuptial agreements, fighters contracts..........you name it! Don king was scum, doesn't mean people didn't sign with him knowing as much. < ReTardo in action! Then why did so many sign with him? Knowing his reputation - just go to another promoter, etc as you said. Probably because when someone wields great power & has strong connections there aren't many other options & they have the power to ruin your career or get you blacklisted. Like I said go look at the lengths someone like King went to get people to sign! And you think in MMA all promoters are all honest Saints? Urijah Faber against Chris Weidman who has achieved more? Who won the Title & defended it in UFC? Yet he is on more than Chris Weidman a champion! Or the #1 challenger (now champion) Rockhold. Cat Zingano at UFC 178 only $9000 (+ $9 for win) and she was on the main card! But in her next fight suddenly $100K to fight Ronda Rousey.
  12. Dear ReTardo Tubbs (MoZZez), You're right Don King in Boxing was the most honest man ever in the Fight Sport! The Pope is going to make Mother Teresa a Saint, well he better consider Don King in the future! Promoters have you over a barrel as they say, they hold all the cards! If you think Dana, etc don't do some dodgy things & deals behind the scenes, again you are very naive indeed! You've no idea the lengths Don King would go to get people to sign that were reluctant to do so! If a promoter was 100% honest, offering the absolute fairest contracts they would be unlikely to be hugely successful e.g. Don King : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85yB7_53NPw The 'well they don't have to sign' nonsense doesn't cut it! Not signing when you need to earn, have a family, that may well be your only chance to sign, & when a promoter can basically get you blacklisted................................. Take Irene Cara she would have been major star in music but in the early 80's she had dispute with her record co. over royalties = resulting in blacklisted! Her career or dreams of mega stardom were over. She is still known (due to Fame Flashdance songs, etc) but nowhere near as well known as she could have been. You argue too much BEFORE signing in UFC, or threaten to go to another organisation = not good for your career! You sign a contract then AFTER it aren't happy and air your views a lot publicly = not good for your career!
  13. ^ Dumbest post of 2015! Not much left of the year to even attempt to beat it, & it is so dumb I'd say your efforts would be futile anyway. Many people in Fighting Sports, Hollywood, etc get pressured or duped into signing contracts - when e.g. you have a family to support, & you get a deadline to sign - not signing isn't always a viable option, especially if it is your one big chance. Many in Music signed contracts especially at the start of their career were they retain little control over what they recorded & released then, even when they have subsequently gone onto much bigger things. If you think everyone signing a UFC contract is 100% happy with it or they are all happy with the pay structure at events, you're very naive - just look at disputes fighters have had over the years with UFC. Not signing when you cannot possibly negotiate anything better + you have a family to support + you might not ever get the chance again = few would say STFU and lose out. e.g. Urijah Faber a washed up fighter well past his prime & going nowhere > zero chance of getting the Title in the futurel = getting more (especially when he is fighting on the undercard) than 2 fighters in their prime competing for the Title on the Main Card - Weidman & Rockhold is RIDICULOUS!
  14. You're right Urijah Faber on the undercard getting more than Luke Rockhold (fighting for Title) or Chris Weidman (Champion fighting to retain the Title) makes perfect sense! Also taking into account the Prelim card had less people in the audience watching. Can you confirm you are in fact The Scarecrow before he met the Wizard?
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