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  1. And where did the guy asking the question go? He hasnt been active since he started this topic.
  2. We all knew this was going to happen..
  3. Did this happen when you bought ticket?
  4. Welcome to the jungle!
  5. Do you know that the tickets go on sale August 15? Why did you but tickets from a site that has tickets to an event that havent been released yet?
  6. Create an account on whatever site sells the tickets. Click on the ufc event, enter the presale code to get acces to the tickets.
  7. Try to logg in to axs.com whit your account. or create a new.
  8. Going to Hamburg this weekend.

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      ufcfighttonight.live - where you can watch UFC live streaming, get the latest UFC news, upcoming UFC schedule, view UFC fighter profiles and much more.

  9. Again? When did that happen? Jan is as white as Alex
  10. Gobbla

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  11. Gobbla

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    For once Jim got his tour locations right, always forgets Stockholm. Haha
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