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  1. Lol at you plebs looking past Joseph.
  2. Dana might sign Joseph after Joshua is knocked straight out.
  3. 1 hour to escape in NZ is plenty except for Auckland city maybe.
  4. honestly we don't want to feed the world,the world,can't afford to eat quality meat.We could feed it now if we really wanted to.
  5. the way Yoel turned that gluteus maximus into the upper cut gave Luke 0/10 chances to recover.
  6. Luke's confidence is severely rustled against good strikers,for good reason too. He should retire before he receives cte. That last uppercut might have already done lasting damage!
  7. Hunt suffered similarly Against Stipe so Ningo needs to see if his overhookcut can take out mark,if not I'd go back to Cameroon and mine iron ore.
  8. if trt Vitor was at his peak trt he would have pulled that elbow inside out!If he hadn't already caved his face in.
  9. you're usually a bit canly but this was a great post.
  10. Careful Shogun will overhook right Ovince to sleep this time.
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