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  1. agtx

    GSP vs Masvidal

    GSP only takes title fights, and he only eats clean, no 3 piece & a soda.
  2. Dana says Jones is lying & he has texts to back it up 2:42, says Jones was asking for what Deontay Wilder was paid ($30 million). 4:20
  3. Conor says whatever it takes to get attention. He calls out everyone & claims hes active but is looking to only have maybe one other 1 fight this year in reality. He probably wont fight again this year, his "season" of 1 fight.
  4. ...bit of high stakes for McTapper, he couldnt really afford to lose to old man Silva & still be talking about wanting a title rematch or being a goat. Just a day in the life of Conor the attention ****.
  5. Conor filling the cringe vacuum left by Triple C
  6. agtx

    Jones vs Ngannou

    Jones dragged reyes the bum through 5 rounds, he couldnt ko him when he tried at the start of the fight and then failed to score well enough to win, Jones won a unanimous decision, reyes goes back to square one, fight wasnt even close, no one wants to see Jones school that guy again. Picogoat makes everyone cry
  7. agtx

    Jones vs Ngannou

    Crack head Jones would have done it for a few rocks. Cocaines a hell of a drug! Jones beat Gustaffson twice & Reyes sucks, bet he dies in his next fight.
  8. agtx


    He cant do it live on spotify & upload to youtube after?
  9. agtx


    Hope part of the deal was that he didnt have Brendan Scrub back on ever again. Brendan: I think its true. Joe: actually, i think its not true Brendan: Absolutely
  10. agtx

    Jones vs Ngannou

    I think jones is right, hes not that fast & weve seen francis beaten already, would be a fight id want to see & the Jones haters will get the chance to see him get stomped out. Although perhaps it would be a 5 round fight with Jones on his bike, ducking diving & winning a decision through Francis being exhausted by round 3, Jones doesnt have a habit of knocking people out.
  11. agtx

    Jones vs Ngannou

    Jones & Francis agree to fight on twitter. Will the ufc take them up on their offer & put up the big money?
  12. Head movement! Head movement!
  13. I bet on cerrone, Stephens, Fergusson & Cruz to win.
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