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  1. It's not easy being a juicy fat boy.
  2. Are they just ticking boxes by having X amount of wmma main events a year? Cause I really don't understand how they can have this shiddy main headlining fight when it's the main fight that's meant to sell the whole event.
  3. Lol training is probably one of the main things that he has to keep him out of trouble & they ban him.
  4. Paul Harris will grapple your foot clean off before you can blink.
  5. Jesus. They should forget this event & just draw the winners out of a hat
  6. Interesting take, I thought I saw nick refuse to get back up & throw in his own towel cause he’d had enough?
  7. They are both bums but santos will probably ko Johnny wanker
  8. Rofl @ Sterling in your list.
  9. Jon Johns is Jon Jones criminal alter ego.
  10. Wow, what a clear example of the difference between men’s & wimmins mma, volk Vs Ortega was great, Valentina vs who da fook is dat girl with the face? TITLE FIGHT was early prelim grade amateur material. Face ache was all jittery/flinchy & a rabbit in the headlights, the skill level is a vertical drop from Valentina down to 90% of the other Wimmins. Nick Diaz still has skills but he looked like he just got up from a sedentary life of smoking weed & drinking beers to fight for some reason. Got to wonder what condition he was in before he started training for the fight.
  11. Nick Diaz appears to have a belly bloat going on. I get the feeling he isn’t really “back” just here for some money. He’s the one selling wolf tickets now.
  12. Wow Some of the guys who love to inflict pain & damage on other people in general, that took up a career in bloody prize fighting for the love of it all aren’t the nicest & moral people. Who would have thought!
  13. agtx

    UFC 268

    Can't wait for the Colby circus show to start. Uzzy Usman beat him up for 5 rounds & broke his face but he will still be talking like he's the uncrowned champ.
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