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  1. Aren't Russia doing pretty badly? Did they forget to inject the steroids?
  2. Its a win/win if she gets gold, so brave, if she doesn’t or falls off, so brave. So ****ing brave ffs
  3. agtx

    British have no humor

    In other countries genital mutilation is a terrible tradition that people in the West campaign against. Also in the West, people pay to have their junk mutilated & society expects everyone to think it’s normal & if a straight man wont **** a gay man with inside out abomination genetals, they are transphobic.
  4. Media - mental health is a serious concern & take a knee for those athletes with mental health problems. Also media - high expectations, all gold medal hopes for USA lay with this individual & super critical of sub par performances. Media will push a person off the cliff, then stand over the body virtue signalling. on a seperate thing. I love that the Olympics ****s all over the body shaming politics. I’d love to see countries enter fatties into things like gymnastics, pole vault or diving. #Cancel the Olympics 😂
  5. Canada should have just entered gsp Obama into the Olympics, he would absolutely incredibly win every event.
  6. Training for years for this moment & then folding at the last second shouldn't be applauded & celebrated, the brave smart thing to do would be speaking up sooner. Especially when it's a veteran of the Olympics who knew what to expect. Don't they have subs who can step up in her place?
  7. She's surrounded by gushing, asskissing media & team officials telling her she's a legend & the face of gymnastics. She hasn't done as well as was expected so far, weird that suddenly she's got mental issues & pulls out of competition. Anyway "c'mon maaan" t's hard for Muricans to win medals when they spend half their time taking a knee.
  8. He doesn’t only have brittle bones he also has weak trash talk game & a fragile ego. Look how hurt he gets by the comments & has nothing to say. He’ll do nuttin in the ufc, he’s done.
  9. He talked so much crap against legends like dj when he knew he was a cheat the whole time. The fact he was a juiced wcc & still lost is good fun though.
  10. McCripple will return to mma with a titanium rod in his leg. He will kick the **** out of all your favourite fighters.
  11. Considering the risks with the condition of his legs going into this fight & his supposed superior boxing skills/his history of getting a ko punch, you'd think his gameplan would have revolved around boxing & no kicks. I think it's bs, his coaches motto should change from "win or learn" to "win or make excuses".
  12. agtx


    Didn't he land 500 strikes on that guy in 15 minutes? I'm kind of not surprised, he's not exactly a chunky boy is he!
  13. Colin McCripple going to enter the paralympics in Japan.
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