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  1. It was easy for his ego to be off the charts when he was on his winning streak feeling unstoppable but he's been tea bagged too many times since to be like that anymore.
  2. I like when mctapper quits in the fight, its funny. Hope Dustbin avenges the ko Colin got against him but knowing him the best we can expect will just be a war ending in a decision cause Poorier can't finish anyone.
  3. Ubereem vs Lesnar wasnt a fluke, it was just 2 roid heads facing off but one of them was a k1 champion & the other had gut rott.
  4. Keboobs needs to come back & continue his mma career to be a goat contender. If going undefeated is all that counts, **** Jones has had a lot more ufc fights & a most of them championship fights against the best in his division.
  5. Good event apart from Dern vs the “woman” that looked like a CAF from a ufc game.
  6. Watt Miman! Was jack cheating, he scratched the hell out of Vittoris face. Did he have a long finger nail to try to create a cut?
  7. ‘t yorkshire ripper. Ees dead. You may remember him from such things as killing prostitutes.
  8. Is Trump childish & salty enough to sabotage Murica as much as he can between now & January? probably gonna sabotage the white house for Biden, take upper deckers in every white house toilet before he leaves.
  9. Trump knows hes lost the election but his ego cant take it, so he will throw as much **** as he can right now to forever stain the whole election by claiming foul play even with no evidence just to allow himself to save face, flip the situation in his orange head so he can go on pretending he won and was robbed of a second term for the rest of his life. If this was a third world country, Bidens head would have mysteriously & acidentally, brutally fallen off by now. Bad sport & narcissist.
  10. I have a feeling the election was rigged from the start so that you end up with a shiddy president whoever wins. Trump was a idiotic bully but at least he didnt pander to the sjws & take the knee etc, tried to address islamist terror without caring if sjw call him racist. biden just wants to get to be president & sniff a few more kids before he dies & he will go along with any old crap to get there.
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