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  1. Why did kebab ask to be promoted to #1 p4p anyway? Doesnt seem his style to care about that type of thing. Also a bit cringe to ask for it.
  2. he doesnt even sandblast hookers
  3. McTapper is rubbing his hands together right now.
  4. idyb actually met GSP backstage once & Georges was impressed by his performance.
  5. Stormfront was a man, in the showdown kimiko took his eye, then the boys kicked the **** out of him until he died. The deep is a black guy in an old fashioned diving bell helmet with a cape & is background member of the 7 transluscent isnt in the comic stillwell was a man The headbursting politician was a man starlight had to blow homelander, black noir & a-train, not the deep mothers milk has to drink breast milk reguarly or he dies lamplighter was handed over to the boys as a truce to stop the war between the 7 & the boys, frenchie & kimiko kill him but vaught resurrect him as a zombie or something.
  6. Also it was established in the “universe” that Stormfront was Homelanders girlfriend, kissing in public & everything. Would the public believe he didnt know she was a nazi when he was close to her, its the worst pr. They just sweep that away along with Homelander killing a civillian in a previous episode that had the public & media against Homelander & everything is fine. Also Stormfront had Homelander laser her tits for fun and she fully healed. Ryan is half human half Homelander, wouldnt he be a watered down homelander or at most only as powerful as him? I appreciate that they are doing it different to the comics but i get the feeling they are just winging it a bit with the writing, the basics are the same & they include a lot of key events from the comics but it seems like they didnt expect the success they got with season 1, so theres no story arc in place from the first episode through to the final episode of the final season, its just quickly being written on the fly, they write themselves into corners too much & season 1 was better than 2, still good but not as good. If you take away the stuff they didnt go with from the comics and the major points they did use, they dont have that much base material left to draw from.
  7. Maybe Kebob will move up a weight class after a couple more defences & make it more of a possibility but GSPeas isnt getting any younger. They could always face off in a bjj/wrestling event outside the ufc.
  8. I wanted to see Noir in hospital & see what they did with Stormfront. Thought they would show her locked up in a padded cell at that asylum place with her arms & legs missing. Disappointed with the Black Noir thing, he is weaker than Queen Maeve, she restrained him easily & forced a snickers bar into his mouth. In the comic version “the boys” take compound v to be able to take on the supers and be able to take a beating, but in the tv show they dont, they could die easily & cant hurt the supers at all. Butcher was hitting Stormfront with a massive crowbar with zero effect, They escaped death at Noirs hands by luck, especially in the stormfront boss fight, she could have easily killed them all but it was a bit badly written, she just knocked them over, she also could have just crushed Beccas neck. Also if they were going to wreck stormfront, they could have gone a lot further with the nazi racism. So, homelander didnt kill butchers wife, wheres his motivation to take him down now? He cant hurt the kid, he promised. Starlight just went back to “the seven” even though her & Maeve tried to kill Black Noir & blackmailed homelander to get back in. Vaught & Homelander see them both as traitors, they know about all the stuff they did against them returning to the 7 building would be a death sentence, how does it all work as a story going forward? Theres been a worrying ramp up of sjw & strong female-ness about this season & i wonder if the success of the first season will be its downfall as execs & co force agendas on the show. Just look at Joe Rogans podcast, Spotify took Joe onto their platform because hes popular, he interviews controversial people & says controversial things....its what he does but now the execs are censoring him, trying to change what he does & make him do apology videos for things he said that they didnt like. Buy something popular & then immediately change it, genius. Basically i think the next season will not be good.They may even water down the content, have more filler etc to make more seasons.
  9. Covid? its ok! He only has aids.
  10. If you dubbed benny hill music over the courtroom scene it would be pretty funny.
  11. Breaking news - China poisoned Trump with covid but nobody deals with covid the way Trumps body does, his body is doing a great job, hes currently on a Bleach drip in a uv lamp room & is taking all the hydroxychloroquine.
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