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  1. No, but were you throwing a shrimp on the barby when Alves was getting brutalized?
  2. Twerk4Trayvon


    Suck it Patster.
  3. lol at this thread, op should be banned
  4. Conor is going to be the first death in the Octogon.
  5. He doesn't drink. Never trust a man that doesn't drink.
  6. Its possible, hopefully he gets out of shape cause he's partying to much and binging on coke but he needs to fight to support his habit and pay child support
  7. Hendricks should retire. Worst champion of all time.
  8. Condit is the GOAT and he punked Diaz and humiliated his fan boys.
  9. I dont care what he does with the flag, I don't consider a nations flag sacred.
  10. I was honestly surprised that vitor made it out of the first minute.
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